The Almighty Ring - Chapter 1747 - , Fourth Elder  

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Chapter 1747: Chapter 1747, Fourth Elder

“Kid, if you’re a man, Get Out Here!”Wu Fatian shouted at Jiang Fei.

“Sigh! If this guy wants to court his own death, no one can stop him!”Jiang Fei sighed. He was already unhappy with Wu Fatian, whom he had never met before. He did not expect this kid to come knocking on his door.

“Are you talking to me?”Jiang Fei used the corner of his eyes to pinch Wu Fatian. He did not even look at him. If he was talking about pretending to be thirteen, Jiang Fei was definitely an ancestor.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to Me Like That?”Wu Fatian’s heart was burning with anger, he had already been slapped in the face. He had embarrassed himself in front of the Valiant Martial Hall’s disciples. Now, Jiang Fei was not giving him face. This made Wu Fatian’s face burn.

“Is who you are very important to me?”Jiang Fei said calmly.

“Kid! You’re courting death!”Wu Fatian, who was used to being flattered by others, could no longer tolerate Jiang Fei’s contempt for him. In his rage, he did not want to say anything more to Jiang Fei.

“Hehe…”Jiang Fei laughed coldly and completely ignored Wu Fatian.

“Charge! Beat this kid to death! If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility!”Wu Fatian roared angrily and was the first to charge forward.

As a spoiled young master, Wu Fatian was clearly not a good person. Jiang Fei did not even need to put in much effort before he was completely enraged.

“Husband, do you need our help?”Bella asked eagerly.


“Don’t do anything!”Jiang Fei quickly stopped Bella. He could help because Jiang Fei had a new master. With GE Chunhong backing him up, even if the true immortal backing Wu Fatian came.., he did not dare to do anything to Jiang Fei.

However, it was different for Bella and the others. No matter how much Jiang Fei treasured them, Ge Chunhong might not fall out with a true immortal level master for the sake of these girls. Therefore, Jiang Fei asked Bella and the others not to attack, just in case…

Although Jiang Fei had to face the attacks of more than ten people alone, these people were nothing in front of Jiang Fei. Among them, Wu Fatian was slightly stronger. He was about at the fusion stage. The rest of his underlings were slightly weaker, they were only at the form synthesis stage.

“With just you guys? A bunch of trash!”Jiang Fei waved his sleeve and a wave of earth elemental energy swept out. He used GE Chunhong’s signature martial skill — Mountain Mist!

“Boom!”Wu Fatian and the others felt an overwhelming pressure sweep over them. Before they could react, they were swept away by an extremely strong spiritual energy.

“AH…”following a series of miserable screams, the brats who rushed forward did not understand what was going on before they were sent flying by Jiang Fei’s gang qi.

“PFFT!”Lying on the ground, Wu Fatian spat out a mouthful of blood. Although Jiang Fei’s move just now did not take their lives, it was still not light. If they did not have a good medicine to treat them in time.., it was estimated that these brats would have to lie on the bed for at least half a month.

“What? Aren’t you going to make a move?”Jiang Fei ignored Wu Fatian and the rest who were lying on the ground. Instead, he said to the back of the crowd.

“Hehe, you are very powerful. I know that I am not a match for you. Wouldn’t it be humiliating for me to force myself forward?”A middle-aged man answered from the back of the crowd. He was the bodyguard that the fourth elder had specially assigned to his grandson, his strength had reached the peak of the Mahayana stage. It was because of his care that Wu Fatian dared to do whatever he wanted among the disciples.

“Then, how do you want to deal with it?”Jiang Fei asked with a smile. He did not expect Wu Fatian, the bodyguard, to be so tactful.

“How to deal with it is not something that I can decide. In this situation, unless you silence me, you will definitely alert the fourth elder. When that time comes, the decision will be made by the adults. I am just a small bodyguard. Therefore, I will only do what I can.”The middle-aged man laughed.

“Hahahaha, interesting. Of course, I will not silence you. We are all disciples of the Valiant Martial Hall. Killing all the disciples here for such a small matter is a little too much!”Jiang Fei’s tone was very calm, however, everyone present could not help but break out in cold sweat.

That was because Jiang Fei’s tone just now was very obvious. He just did not want to make a big deal out of it. It was not that he did not dare to kill people to silence them. It seemed that killing so many people was not a big deal to him.

“F * CK, where did this killer come from?”

“Is he bragging?”

“Stop bullshitting! Look at how calm that Kid is. He is definitely a demon king who kills without batting an eye!”

“Then, what should we do?”


“Let’s find an opportunity to escape. Who knows if this kid will go back on his word later?”


The surrounding disciples were discussing animatedly. Many of them even quietly retreated and found an opportunity to escape. At this time, they no longer doubted Jiang Fei’s strength. This was because they all knew the strength of the bodyguard behind Wu Fatian, if this guy admitted that he was no match for him, then Jiang Fei’s strength could be imagined.

As the surrounding disciples dispersed, it was obvious that someone had gone to inform the fourth elder. Jiang Fei did not stop them. Anyway, their goal was to make the matter bigger. If the fourth elder did not come.., wouldn’t Jiang Fei’s plan fail?

After about ten minutes, the fourth elder rushed over with a large group of people.

“How is my grandson?”The first thing the fourth elder said when he arrived was to let Jiang Fei know that he was an indiscriminately protective person. It was precisely because of this kind of old man that he was able to raise someone as small as Wu Fatian.

“Fourth elder, I have already given Fatian a healing pill. Although he is still unconscious, he is not in any serious danger,”the middle-aged man said to the fourth elder.

“Scram! My grandson is injured so badly. Why are you fine?”The fourth elder said angrily.

“I did not have the time to attack him. He was beaten up so badly. I knew that I was no match for him, so I did not go forward. I only gave him some pills. Fortunately, he did not kill him,”the middle-aged man explained.

“This person is very straightforward.”Jiang Fei nodded to the middle-aged man. This person was able to tell the truth in front of the fourth elder and even put in a good word for Jiang Fei. This was enough to prove that he was not on the same side as Wu Fa Tian.

“Cut the crap. I’ll deal with You When I Get Back!”The fourth elder glared at the middle-aged man. Then, he turned around and asked Jiang Fei and the others, “Who hurt my grandson? !”

“I did it,”Jiang Fei said as he took two steps forward.

“Kid, you dared to hurt my grandson. I’m not going to waste my breath on you. I’ll cut off your arm wherever you hit it. Forget it!”The fourth elder said as he looked into Jiang Fei’s eyes.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I hit him?”Jiang Fei asked calmly.

“I don’t need to know that much. I just need to know that you were the one who hurt my grandson!”said the fourth elder as he stepped forward.

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