The Amber Sword - Chapter 793 - v4c161 Blazing Wing Ambassadors

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Chapter 793 v4c161

Blazing Wing Ambassadors

Brendel was naturally overjoyed about the sudden appearance of Char and Hipamila, but Dim Korfa might not be. In fact, the scene was now very unpromising for her, in addition to Brendel, Mephisto and Veronica were extremely good at that kind of large-scale damaging sword art. With them, even if the tubes under the platform were enchanted with magical protection, they could only hold out for a while more. In just a moment, a third was decreased.

At this moment came Char and Hipamila, who were both legitimate spell caster, and spell casters – whether an Elemental, Law Mage, Witch, or even a Summoner, were masters of ranged combat. Even spell casters like the priests and bishops were much more professional than warriors.

After a series of battles, especially after sharing the huge experience of the battle between Mayne and Mel, Ciel and Hipamila had reached level 39 at this time, in fact, could already be considered a Gold beginner. Although far from their heyday, cutting some tube would be nothing to them.

In addition to Lenarette who was the real Gold holder, plus the other half-spell caster Shido, even if they could only help from a distance, the Dim Korfa’s defense would also quickly become precarious.

The situation wasn’t optimistic. She became anxious and shouted, “Little sister, are you going to watch the outsiders deal with me?”

Everyone was aghast, especially Shido, who hurriedly turned back to look at Korfa. But the latter frowned and shook her head, replying, “I am not going to participate in the battle, that is not what I aspire to. Sister, give up the unrealistic wish, the gods no longer belong to this world, I know you want to take the opportunity to let Twilight arrive earlier, but Twilight is Twilight after all, it represents the eternity of the Sea of Chaos. It doesn’t matter whether it’s earlier or later, this itself is an unchanging truth.”

“Let me be resurrected, whose choice was it?”

“Mortals are always presumptuous, I am merely carrying on the will of Milos to teach them a lesson.” The two voices replied, and the Dim Korfa herself sneered through clenched teeth, “Of course, I am happy to see this as well, Milos is going to follow his agreement with the crystal and the Darkness Dragon. When the gods are resurrected, they are going to make the world repeat in classical Order. I, on the other hand, am simply tasting the destruction of it. We each get what we want, and that is not contradictory.”

“But there are more people here who don’t want to see the gods resurrect, and you can’t make them choose just one or the other,” Korfa replied.

Dim Korfa was short of words. “Forget it, I won’t argue with you about these pointless matters, I don’t expect you to stand with me anyway. Just watch and see how I take care of these idiots.”

Brendel landed steadily on one of the tubes. He had known that Korfa would have a plan B. Fighting with a BOSS couldn’t be that simple, not to mention that she was a hidden BOSS. Also, according to the game, they hadn’t even passed the first stage of the BOSS yet. The tip of the Halran Gaia stood between his legs as he pressed his hands down steadily on it. He then lifted his head and looked at the newborn ‘goddess’ at the center of the platform.

“Teacher Brendel, watch your head!”

Haruz’s childish voice came from above. Lenarette asked him to help monitor the movement around, not expecting it to come in handy at this moment. But what he saw was not the black-robed knight of All For One, but dozens of heavy constructs falling from the sky. The light over the platform was almost faintly dimmed as 32 heavily armored constructs with double-headed swords and a pair of wings made of six light feathers behind their armor slowly descended in a circle with no particular order.

Blazing Wing Ambassadors.

So it’s this kind of thing-

“Drive them away!” Dim Korfa’s voice echoed through the hall, “But don’t kill them, I want them to witness how the Order of this one era is ending!”

The red light under the helmets of the 32 constructs flashed, and the wings on their backs blazed out at the same time. As soon as their formation moved, the perfect arc in mid-air collapsed, and all the Blazing Wing Ambassadors flew in four directions at the same time, and countless interwoven spirals appeared in mid-air.

These divine weapons from ancient times whistled and swooped down on every person in the hall.

The first to bear the brunt was naturally Mephisto who was in the uppermost airspace of the hall. seven Blazing Wing Ambassadors fixed their eyes on him, but the Ash Sword Saint, who had already crossed into the Ultimate Realm was unconcerned about these artificial creations, because even the most cutting-edge magical statues designed by the Haizaiers, who were the greatest master of magic craftsmanship on the continent of Vaunte, were only at the rank of Elemental Activation.

The Haizaiers could use numbers to defeat the Holy Cathedral of Fire, but seven Elemental Activated constructs were just flies that could be waved away by the Ash Sword Saint at this time.

He calmly looked up, and all the seven Blazing Wing Ambassadors came into view. From this moment on, in all directions with him in the center, they were all within his attack range. He raised his sword straight, with the blade between him and the Blazing Wing Ambassadors, it was as if two worlds were divided – one was still, and the other was moving.

The Ash Sword Saint didn’t move, then he gently slashed the sword against one of the Blazing Wing Ambassadors in the air.

With a sound of metal shattering, the Blazing Wing Ambassador disintegrated in mid-air without leaving a trace behind. In fact, it wasn’t entirely correct to say no trace was left behind, because a thin gray line that first appeared on the armor of this structure was visible, and then along that thin line, it split into two at first, then four, and then eight before turning into gray ash and dissipating in the air.

Upon seeing this scene, Even Brendel couldn’t help but secretly admire the most famous fantasy sword art in the Amber Sword, each of which has an intoxicating beauty when it is performed.

It’s just a pity that this sword art needed the gray element as foundation, so he couldn’t learn it even if he wanted to.

At this time, Mephisto slashed at the second Blazing Wing Ambassador, but this time, he missed the bullseye. The two-handed sword-holding body suddenly lurched in mid-air, rolled horizontally, and a gray ripple cut straight through its left arm and shoulder armor, starting from the shoulder blade.

The entire left half of the Blazing Wing Ambassador turned into ash, and even the double-headed sword was unstable and fell into the abyss.

Mephisto was also slightly surprised.

But this was a divine creature trait, the same class of creatures would share memories and EXP, they could often grow quickly on the battlefield, and sometimes even become more fearsome than skilled combatants. Brendel didn’t plan on reminding Mephisto anything, as he was his teacher after all, not to mention that the seven Blazing Wing Ambassadors were nothing to Mephisto. The main point was that, at the corner of his eye, he saw another seven Blazing Wing Ambassadors flying towards Veronica at the same time, while on the other side, a full twelve Blazing Wing Ambassadors were flying towards him.

Dim Korfa’s hatred for him was evident and obvious.

Brendel could only shake his head and laugh bitterly.

“Teacher, be careful!” Overhead, the little prince couldn’t help but remind loudly. He was so nervous that he could barely breathe when he saw that there were as many as twelve Blazing Wing Ambassadors surrounding Brendel from all sides. His hands were clasped tightly around the scabbard of the Lion’s Fang, and his little face turned pale.

Lenarette also looked in that direction. He thought a bit and got up with the white longbow in his hand. The bow was called the Far Tranquility, which was a famous fantasy weapon in the royal collection of Kirrlutz. The eldest son of the emperor opened his bow without an arrow on the bowstring, but the airflow automatically converged to form a beam of arrows in his hand.

He aimed in the direction where Brendel was, ready to pick one or two constructs to deal with.

But Korfa seemed to be able to read the minds of all present. And before Lenarette could even release the string, the hole he was looking through slightly darkened and a Blazing Wing Ambassador appeared in front of him.

That thing let out a soft sound similar to a buzzing sound, and raised its two-handed giant sword and stabbed at them.

Shido was so frightened that she held her head in her hands, while Lenarette thought nothing of it, squinted his eyes and released the bowstring. An arrow penetrated into the black face under the helmet of the Blazing Wing Ambassador.

In the platform around the battlefield, three Blazing Wing Ambassadors headed for Ciel and two blocked Hipamila’s pathway. A chaotic battle was about to start. Brendel looked at the twelve Blazing Wing Ambassadors that were swooping down on him from all sides. He felt a little nervous as it had been so long since he came to an encounter with these things. But the Blazing Wing Ambassadors of this era were incomparable to those in the other era. Excitement arose within him, and he felt as if his blood was flowing through his arteries like rushing water.

Come on! Brendel revealed his snow-white teeth, like a predator.

The first Blazing Wing Ambassador arrived in a flash, flattening out one side of its two-headed sword, determined to use its swooping speed to swipe past Brendel. But in its spherical vision, its target suddenly disappeared. The reaction speed of the Blazing Wing Ambassador wasn’t fast, and although he continued forward under the effect of inertia, he had already turned around in mid-air, and the double-headed sword in his hand slashed backwards. But unfortunately, it missed.

A red light was seen flashing under its helmet, as if very it looked up in surprise. In its spherical field of vision, a black and heavy blade came to meet its face.

With a crash like the sound of shattering glass, the Halran Gaia sliced along the helmet of the Blazing Wing Ambassador, destroying it from up to down, splitting its head in half and a bright glow of escaping magic exploded out. The blade then continued down, cutting into the torso and splitting it in half with the spine in the center.

All the other Blazing Wing Ambassadors saw this scene with their very own eyes. At the moment right after Brendel’s descended from the sky and cut their kind into half, the remaining eleven reoriented themselves and came around with a humming sound. While at the same time, a blood-red ray suddenly shot out from under their helmets that went straight for Brendel.

Three of the rays missed their target while the remaining eight rays pierced through Brendel’s head. Fuck. Brendel was pierced through his thigh and left arm, but unfortunately for the Ambassadors, these attacks were meaningless. Brendel’s sword had yet to be withdrawn from the body of the first Blazing Wing Ambassador, but at the same time, a second, then third, and fourth Blazing Wing Ambassador appeared right behind him.

The second Blazing Wing Ambassador was pierced through its heart by a sword before it could even react and fell into the abyss; the third one only had time to turn his head before Brendel stretched out his left hand, pressed his helmet, and a flame burst from Bahamut’s Grip, causing the other party to tremble. Brendel then took the opportunity to thrust a sword into its throat and turned the hilt 180 degrees. This unlucky Blazing Wing Ambassador’s head immediately separated from its body which Brendel then threw it to the side and hit the other Blazing Wing Ambassador with a loud bang.

The Blazing Wing Ambassador immediately gave Brendel his full attention and raised his sword in mid-air, swinging it in a full circle, and slashed it down at Brendel. The blade sliced through Brendel’s shoulder and Brendel’s figure then distorted before he vanished.

This was Brendel’s fourth Blazing Wing Ambassador already, but this time the opponent dodged his first sneak attack, causing him to miss. However, Brendel found his opponent’s evasive maneuvers exciting. These divine creatures had gradually started to become more powerful, and at this time there were still 23 of them left. Brendel and Mephisto took three down, Veronica took two, and Ciel took one. Brendel knew that the ones left were more powerful than those he had just encountered.

But this wasn’t a difficult task for Brendel.

This time, if the Blazing Wing Ambassadors still had the ability to think, they would have noticed that Brendel seemed to know their attack pattern very well. The fourth Blazing Wing Ambassadors turned to counterattack, but it noticed that Brendel seemed to have expected it to do so, and he managed to dodge it easily. In its eyes, all he could see was Brendel’s mockery. Suddenly, it also saw a palm in metal gloves that came and grab its wrist.

Before the Blazing Wing Ambassador had time to react, it was lifted into the air and then crashed heavily into something.

Brendel slammed the two Blazing Wing Ambassadors together, reached for his sword with a backhand and killed them all together.

At the same moment, Mephisto killed another Blazing Wing Ambassador, which meant that at this moment Brendel’s killing speed was ahead of everyone else present.

Lenarette was wearing a stiff expression and panting when he finally finished up their only opponent with the help of Shido’s spell. Shido looked at the odd piece of machinery that had stumbled and fallen through the hole, gasping for breath and then at the notebook she was holding that had a deep cut on it. If it wasn’t for this thick notebook, Shido might already be lying in a pool of blood. But compared to that, Miss Scholar would actually rather be lying in a pool of blood. She looked at her hard-earned notes, trying to hold her tears back.

Haruz, who was covered in ice slag, was more nervous than both of them. He rushed to his feet and ran to the cave, as if afraid that his teacher would be killed by those monsters. He saw how powerful those monsters were with his own eyes as it took Lenarette, Shido and him to kill just one of them.

He looked down to the platform, but was surprised to find that the battle below was going on differently than what he imagined.

Brendel was also injured.

But the injury was an exchange for three Blazing Wing Ambassadors. His right hand was drenched in blood, and blood was still dripping down the hilt of his sword, around his gauntlet, and down the blackened blade of the Halran Gaia. But around him, the original twelve Blazing Wing Ambassadors had fallen to pieces, leaving five floating wobbly in mid-air, occasionally launching themselves from all directions.

But this time Brendel has been fully integrated into the memories of past battles. A player’s instincts, it seemed, had returned to him. He was no longer a Planeswalker Mage, but a true warrior veteran. His attacks were then not limited to swordplay, and the player’s attacks consistently sought results without focusing on the process. Haruz was dumbfounded, his jaw dropped as he saw his teacher completely abandoning defense, rushing towards one of the Blazing Wing Ambassadors like a meteor. The Blazing Wing Ambassador immediately stabbed his teacher with its double-headed sword, the speed of both was so fast that even the young prince thought his teacher was going to be injured, but it was as if Brendel had anticipated it and so the attack fell short completely. Brendel plunged his sword into the creature’s chest, emitting a crunching sound as if a gear had broken.

And this time the rest of the Blazing Wing Ambassadors came up and surrounded him. Not only did Haruz see his teacher not even turn his head back, but lashed out a backhand punch, which surpassed everyone’s expectations, directly hitting the side of the helmet of the Blazing Wing Ambassador. That was, its cheek, with such force that its entire head was almost dented. The young prince saw the strange machinery flying out. The punch must have hurt, he couldn’t help but squint a little as he saw the head of the odd machine twist excessively, as if even the parts and gears inside had been put out of place.

Haruz himself also knew sword art, he estimated the reaction of the odd machine, and thought that the other party might have been paying attention to Brendel’s sword only and didn’t expect Brendel to attack him with his bare hands.

“Teacher …… is really ……”

Haruz, dumbfounded, swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Although Brendel was the one who taught him swordplay, he had never seen his teacher fuming like this. He had heard one or two things from his sister before that Lord Count seemed to be a highly skilled summoner, but he did not expect such swordplay from him.

This king of Aouine laid stunned at the entrance of the cave, feeling a little overwhelmed for a moment, but at the same time feeling his heart pumping in excitement. This was the kind of battle I anticipated.

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