The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 1953 - Planned Everything

Chapter 1953: Planned Everything

Mo Fei was only responsible for the kitchen while Qian Yikun was in charge of everywhere else.

After Mo Fei was done cleaning up the kitchen, the living room was cleaned too. She lay down on the sofa immediately while Qian Yikun continued cleaning up the bedroom.

“Qian Yikun, can I sue someone for invading other people’s privacy?” Mo Fei asked while playing with her phone.

Qian Yikun did not reply to her.

Mo Fei snorted and continued chatting on her phone.

Qian Yikun was in a tough spot. After all, he was the one who was not being upright in this case.

“So, what are you planning to do?” Qian Yikun came out of the bedroom, threw the bedsheets and blankets into the washing machine before exiting the bathroom.

Mo Fei raised her eyes to look at him before returning her gaze to her phone.

Qian Yikun reached out and snatched the phone away from her hand. “So, what’s your plan? Hire a few famous designers from overseas. Then, sign a few major contracts. Do you think you can patch things up just like that?”

“Who says I’m patching things up?” Mo Fei glanced at him. “They don’t have to choose. I’ll help them make the choice.”

Qian Yikun sat down beside her. “Having these ideas is good, but how are you going to find these people?”

“The ideas are yours. Is it really okay for you to claim that your ideas are good so blatantly?” Mo Fei laughed coldly and snatched her phone away with a fling of her hand.

Qian Yikun raised his eyebrows a little and allowed Mo Fei to take her phone. Then, he said, “Aside from the question of whether those international personages will agree to help you, do you think you have the ability to convince the developers to work for you? Furthermore, Ding Haobei is eyeing you like a tiger watching its prey. He doesn’t have the ability to do business, but he’s quite adept at underhanded methods.”

Mo Fei was playing games while listening to Qian Yikun. “I’ll just try.”

Qian Yikun heard the confidence in Mo Fei’s words. She had always been this confident. Simultaneously, Qian Yikun had always questioned where her confidence came from.

After cleaning up the apartment, Mo Fei looked at the clean apartment and suddenly asked, “Why are you cleaning up this place?”

Qian Yikun went to the kitchen and boiled some water. “I’m free.”

He just wanted to see what the document in Mo Fei’s hand was. He did not intend for it to mean anything else. However, since they had already cleaned the place, Qian Yikun returned to the living room and placed his hands on each side of the sofa. “Why don’t we move in here?”

Mo Fei scoffed and pushed his hands away. “That’s against the law, okay?”

“It’s normal to move in together before marriage nowadays. If it’s considered illegal, the police station will probably have to build a prison the size of half of the city.” Qian Yikun sat down on the sofa, took the remote control, and turned on the television.

“I’ve interacted with the few developers that you’ve found. I’ll help you make an appointment when the time comes,” Qian Yikun said. He had been in the business world for so many years to have retained some connections.

Mo Fei nodded and placed her legs on his lap. She leaned against the pillow and played games. “You don’t have to worry about those designers. I can handle them.”

Qian Yikun lowered his head to look at Mo Fei who was completely immersed in her game.

“Go and help me arrest Ding Junchi tomorrow. I’ll do the rest myself.” Mo Fei continued to use a commanding tone as she spoke to Qian Yikun.

Qian Yikun held her ankle and rubbed it gently for her all because her ankle felt cold to the touch.

If Mo Fei could say all these now, it meant that she had everything planned out. When he reprimanded her, she already had everything planned out.

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