The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2033 - Divorce Gu Juexi

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Chapter 2033: Divorce Gu Juexi

Mo Fei gave Vice President Liu a wave of her hand, indicating that he should take his leave now. Then, she recalled what her father said in the morning.

“Feifei, I know all about the suffering in the company. Although Old Liu isn’t very smart sometimes, he’s very loyal to the company. This is why I’m asking you to let him stay.” Ding Haonan made up his mind this time. At least, he had decided to give up on his mother.

Mo Fei rolled her eyes. “I don’t like this.”

“If he’s gone, you’ll have to deal with the aftermath involving the company,” Ding Haonan reminded her.

Mo Fei, “…”

“Huh, you guys should leave.” Mo Fei pushed them through the boarding gate.

If it was not for how useful the man was, she would not have kept him around. That was what was the arrogant Mo Fei thought about.

Now that she sent two from Ding Haobei’s family to jail… Mo Fei contemplated as she supported her head on her hands. Should she find a chance to send Ding Jiaqi in too?

That would not do. Ding Jiaqi was too cowardly. She would not dare to do anything illegal although she would not be afraid of going around people’s backs on tiny matters. People like that were the hardest to deal with.


After the reporters left, the direction taken by the newspapers took a sharp turn. Mo Fei came out of this as a new overbearing CEO. Some reporters published the videos and sent a significant number of fans in Mo Fei’s way.

This was probably the most famous thing about the not very famous Ding Enterprise.

After Ye Yuwei saw the news, she called Mo Fei. “How does it feel, Queen Mo? Does it feel good to torture trash?”

“If I could stomp on them a few times, I’d feel even better. However, that bastard Qian Yikun kept glaring at me,” hissed Mo Fei through gritted teeth.

“Hahaha…” Ye Yuwei laughed. This was Mo Fei indeed. “His legs are already crippled anyway. I’m sure two kicks won’t make much of a difference.”

Mo Fei snorted and reluctantly admitted that she had Qian Yikun, the jailer, to thank for that.

“However, Ding Haobei won’t be able to get out this time. Nobody will ever tolerate toxic building materials, especially now that someone died.” Ye Yuwei said, “So, what are you planning to do next?”

“Wait—” Mo Fei answered as she looked up at the hanging lamp at the ceiling. Her lips curled up slightly.

Ye Yuwei replied with a small nod. “Lunch together?”

“That won’t do. I want to see my jailor,” Mo Fei said with a cheeky smile.

“Oh dear, what happened when I wasn’t around? You’ve actually taken the initiative to think about your jailor. I can’t help feeling like I got dumped.” Ye Yuwei exaggerated.

Mo Fe’s expression darkened in disbelief. “Can you stop being so fake?”

“Haha, it’s just too shocking.” Ye Yuwei continued, “Alright, since you’re not free, I can only discuss things with your Vice President Liu. My presence isn’t welcome anyway.”

“Wait, you mean work? I thought you’re coming here to treat me to a meal?”

Ye Yuwei snorted. “Your jailor is more important than me. Meanwhile, someone like me who’s in a hurry to give away money—”

“Wait for me. Wait for me. I’ll go pick you up now, ma’am. Where do you want to eat, ma’am? I’ll get the Jailor to book you a room.” Mo Fei started walking out.

Ye Yuwei laughed. “I’ve done some calculations. Ding Haobei almost emptied out Ding Enterprise’s accounts this time. Now that you’ve signed a few big deals, you won’t have enough liquidity to turn things around. I thought you may not know about this problem, so I’ve settled your loan for you.”

“I’m telling you, hurry up and divorce Gu Juexi. I’ll marry you right now,” announced Mo Fei in a domineering tone, scaring the young ladies outside the door.

Divorce… Gu Juexi?

Their CEO, Ms. Mo, was indeed courageous.

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