The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2034 - Why Are You Not In Heaven Yet?

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Chapter 2034: Why Are You Not In Heaven Yet?

Mo Fei ignored those women who looked at her with admiration in their eyes. These fence-sitters? Nothing would go wrong if she ignored them.

“Alright, stop being so wishy-washy. Let’s find a place to eat. I’ll bring the contract over.” Ye Yuwei laughed and scolded Mo Fei. “I bet you don’t know anything at all. I’m the one who made the contract. How about I show Qian Yikun first before letting you sign?”

“Ye Yuwei, who are you trying to make a point to? How can I not believe you?” Mo Fei said angrily as the elevator descended the building. Mo Fei looked at her reflection in the elevator. After mulling it over for a second, she took a picture and sent it to Qian Yikun. She was still on the phone with Ye Yuwei. “Let me tell you, that Vice President Liu is my lackey now. I don’t have to do anything.”

“That’s normal. He almost destroyed your father’s company. Do you think he’s free from making amends?” Ye Yuwei said with a smile.

Mo Fei took a few photos. The second she reached the basement carpark, Mo Fei said, “This little girl is so pretty.”

“Tsk tsk, send a picture over.” Ye Yuwei laughed.

Mo Fei sent Qian Yikun a photo and then, sent another photo to Ye Yuwei. “I think my dad’s company’s elevator is very useful as a mirror.”

Ye Yuwei walked out of the office with the documents and talked to her assistant for a while before entering the elevator. She stood in the elevator and looked at herself. Then, she looked at the photo Mo Fei sent. “Not bad, which elevator company have you hired? I’ll ask Gu Juexi to switch them out for me. I just realized how ugly the photos that are taken from my bank’s elevator looked.”

“Hahaha! Change them, change—”

The clueless Mr. Gu, “…”

Change elevators? Why were you not in heaven yet?

The both of them agreed on a place. Mo Fei said she was picking Ye Yuwei up, so she asked Ye Yuwei to wait for her downstairs.

After ending the call with Ye Yuwei, she saw the message his jailor sent her.

Jailor: [This elevator wall failed quality check?]

Queen Fei: [Say that again?]

Jailor: [My wife looks better in person than in her photos.]

Qian Yikun expressed that sometimes, survival instincts were very important. This was Exhibit A.

Queen Fei: [I can’t be bothered with you. I’m going to see Yuwei. I plan to dump you to spend time with Yuwei.]

She set down her phone and started the car to go see Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei came downstairs and found a place to sit down in the waiting area on the first floor.

The staff rushed over. “Manager, what are you—”

“Just waiting for someone. You should go about your business,” Ye Yuwei said as she noticed that there were still people entering the building for matters related to their accounts. The bank would always be the same as the hospital. It was always the busiest place, and Gu Juexi was involved in both places.

Therefore, the most sinister and cunning businessman in the world was Gu Juexi.

Mo Fei would never drive normally. Therefore, a journey that would usually take others half an hour, she could handle it in fifteen minutes. Therefore, Ye Yuwei had just finished reading her documents when the car stopped at the entrance.

“Hey, girl—” Mo Fei parked the car at the entrance of the bank. It was a limited edition sports car. It attracted stares from many people, especially at this little roguish attitude. It made people feel that this was another wastrel fuerdai!

Ye Yuwei snapped the document in her hand shut and got up to leave. It was a warm spring day.

Ye Yuwei put a hand on the car window and stared into the driver sitting in the car. “You’re done for again. You dare to speed with your jailor’s car. Your jailor has probably received his electronic ticket from the police by now.”

“I’m telling you, driving under the speed limit is meaningless.”

Ye Yuwei walked around the car and opened the door to the front passenger seat. “Let me tell you, when the King of Hell summons you, he won’t care if you find that meaningful or otherwise. Try not to speed in the future.”

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