The Cursed Prince - Chapter 764 - How To Break The Oath Bound By Magic?

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Harlow looked at Julian unimpressed. "I know that we made a decision to become partners… but why would I do that? I want to get out of here as soon as possible, not rubbing shoulders with the demon king."

Julian rubbed his chin. "The reason you're here is because of some stupid oath right?"

"Yes." Harlow nodded slowly.

"Well, I've heard some stuff like that in the past. The Demon King and people who owed him stuff? Well, they managed to get away and actually boasted about it to others and learned how to trick the tricksters."

"What you mean to say is…" Harlow pursed her lips and looked at Julian unsurely. "I could find a way to save myself? Are you sure of that?"

"There's countless evidence supporting it." Julian nodded to confirm it. "I'll help you find a way to save yourself and break that oath."

Harlow shook her head and looked at him with a serious expression. She knew how much Julian wanted to get home and return to his mother but the same went for the princess.

"I need more explanation. I'm about to meet with him tonight to make new terms. So, if I'm going to risk myself just to help you… I really need a way that guarantees I can break free without any harm to my family." 

"Oaths are binding and with a powerful being like the Demon King, they incorporate magic," Julian explained as he checked his bag and suddenly pulled out a pouch. He opened it up to reveal some silver and sparkling dust. "Look, this is the evidence."

"What's that?" Harlow looked at the bag of dust with a hint of suspicion. 

"I got this from the Faerie Realm awhile back, it's to detect magic… usually for traps, but it also works for oaths bound with magic." Julian scooped some out and blew some of them on Harlow.

The princess sneezed but then right before she knew it, something started to burn in her hand and she quickly checked it out. Harlow found a strange rune design incorporated on the back of her hand.

"Uh huh…" Julian gently took her hand and inspected it. He started to trace it with his finger much to the embarrassment of Harlow but then he let go and looked at the girl with a strange expression. "So you're the object huh?"

"What?" Harlow glared at him.

"Well, part of the object of the oath," Julian clarified and raised three fingers. "There are three things. First is consent and you can easily deceive someone into consenting. The second thing is the cause which is the reason for the oath. Did you need vast amounts of wealth or need to obtain a priceless object?"

Harlow remembered her grandmother's situation and how Raphael exchanged a magical scarf with her mother for Emmelyn's most valuable possession.

Harlow looked at her hand with a frown and started to try to erase it without much success. Her voice was hoarse when she replied reluctantly. "Yeah…"

"The third is the object which is partly you and something else." Julian grinned. "Excellent job, right?"

"I get it. You're brilliant so help me get this thing off." Harlow looked up to Julian with a pout.

Harlow had to admit that she was impressed with Julian for being so knowledgeable about all of these things. He was well-versed in magic for someone who couldn't even cast it himself. 

So, if there was anyone else who could help her? It would be none other than Julian himself. She reached out her hand and repeated her request. "Come on. Take this thing off of me."

"Oh, I can't help you get that off," Julian said.

Harlow looked at him shocked. "You just said that you would help me!"

"I did say that, yes, but I can't do that in a snap." Julian chuckled at her and then cleared his throat. "Other people have accomplished it through a method that involves going to a place where the center of magic exists."


"This oath was bound through magic and words. So, it is also through magic that we can break the oath without actually fulfilling anything." Julian's eyes twinkled in mischief. "Use magic against magic."

Harlow's eyes widened and she suddenly smiled at how it made sense. However, she suddenly looked at Julian and frowned. "Why did you tell me this right away? What if I chose to betray you and find this place by myself?"

Julian chuckled and shook his head. "I think you'll be in need of a very dependable man and who else can bring you there except me? Actually, I think a powerful magic user can also forcefully break the contract, but they need to be more powerful than the Demon King.."

"So it really all comes down to power in the end." Harlow sighed inwardly but then her expression steeled and she looked at Julian. She was pleased to know that there was another way out.

"Yes. So, do you know anyone who is more  powerful than the demon king?" Julian asked her.

Harlow tried to think and analyze all the powerful witches and wizards she had encountered. King Alexander was a very powerful wizard, but even he needed Raphael's help to cure him when he was severely injured.

Fuck. If Raphael was also 'a god' since many people called him the god of healing, then… wouldn't it take another god, more powerful than him to beat him? Shit. Harlow didn't know any gods.

What about demons? Hmm… not gonna work.

Since Raphael was also the demon king, that means, there were no other demons who were stronger than him. Harlow really didn't have much choice.




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