The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1236 - Who Is the Evil One (3)

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Chapter 1236: Who Is the Evil One (3)

“What? Mrs. Bo still wants to silence us?” The human rights organization member was shocked.

Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

Look, she only said one sentence and she was about to become a murderer. If she continued to speak, wouldn’t she become a heinous villain?

“Mrs. Bo, I don’t know what you’re doing elsewhere, but we’ll never allow such a thing to happen here!”

“We believe that Mr. Sen Tai will not allow you to do this!” As they spoke, everyone looked at Sen Tai.

Sen Tai: “…”

Initially, he had not planned to invite anyone else to the banquet. However, his wife could not bear to reject these people’s requests. She wanted to give them a chance to get close to Mu Huan so that they could get close to her and get the drug as soon as possible.

But what were they doing now?

She had offered her sincerity and compensated them with money, but they were already calling her a murderer.


He coughed lightly and said, “From what I know, Mrs. Bo has never done anything illegal no matter where she is. She has always been a good person who abides by the law.”

“Would a law-abiding person not stop Rui Hui from carrying out such an immoral act?”

Sen Tai: “Uh…”

His wife had said similar things to him before. With Mu Huan’s three years in NST, it was indeed impossible for her not to know.

“Who told you that I knew but didn’t stop them?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

“Do you dare to say that you really didn’t know?”

“I dare say that I really didn’t know.” Everyone thought that the people in NST should know about this matter, but the professors in the research institute, including her, really didn’t know. Although most of the drugs that were tested were from NST, they only received the test data. They never knew that the subjects didn’t know.

In NST, the researchers only cared about research and nothing else.

It was only after she found out that she was the heir of Rui Hui that she inadvertently found out about this matter. It was also because of this matter that she dispelled the thought of splitting the shares with the Liu family.

“Who would believe you?”

“It doesn’t matter if anyone believes me. What matters is that I’m telling the truth.”

“Ha…” A man sneered.

Mu Huan glanced at him silently.

“Mrs. Bo, you haven’t answered my question. How are you going to make up for the pain that the family has suffered? How are you going to make them leave this evening?” Ling Wei asked again.

“Mrs. Sen, how do you think I should compensate them for the pain they’ve suffered?” Mu Huan asked instead of answering. “Just now, I heard you say that you can’t sit back and do nothing. What kind of result do you want to get from this matter? You can say it. Everything can be discussed.”

Ling Wei was stunned. She did not expect her to say that.

Mu Huan continued, “I know. That kind of damage is for a lifetime. It’s something that money can’t make up for. Alright, I won’t pay. Tell me, how do you want me to compensate them? What kind of justice do you want me to give them?”

Ling Wei: “…”

Everyone who was filled with indignation just now: “…”

Money was not omnipotent. Money could not solve everything. Money could not buy health and could not buy a normal life. But if they did not compensate those people, what could they do?

How was she going to compensate them for the damage that had already been done?

With the compensation, those who were hurt could still live a good life.

Even if she didn’t compensate them, Mu Huan had broken no law. Those who had broken the law had already been arrested. Since justice had been given, what else could they do?

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