The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1318 - Talk Is Easy (5)

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Chapter 1318: Talk Is Easy (5)

When something did not happen to anyone, they could stand on the moral high ground and talk about others. Only once things have happened to them would they know that some things were unforgivable!

Mason’s face instantly turned green, red, and white. But after the embarrassment, he was even more sure that it wasn’t an accident that he had been pricked. Mu Huan had done it on purpose!

He pointed at Mu Huan angrily and said, “You vicious woman. It’s only that I can’t stand your vicious ways, so you ordered him to do this! You’ll go to hell!”

“Do you have evidence to prove that I asked him to do this?”

“It must be you!” Did he need evidence? She must have been so angry that she made Lu Zichen do this!

“Don’t spout nonsense without evidence,” Mu Huan said coldly.

However, although she said that, the way she looked at Mason was very obvious. So what if I asked someone to do it on purpose?

“Look at her! Look at her eyes! It’s her! She’s the one who made Lu Zichen do this on purpose!” Mason shouted angrily at Mu Huan’s gaze. Then, he looked at the people around him and said, “She dared to do such a vicious thing in public and even refused to admit it so arrogantly. It’s obvious how vicious she is! She deserves to die!”

Although no one had any evidence, looking at the situation, they felt that Mu Huan had deliberately gotten Lu Zichen to do that. After all, Lu Zichen was from Mu Huan’s research laboratory. It was impossible for him to have acted alone. He could not stand steadily and be careless, especially at such a time.

Also, Mu Huan’s gaze and expression were indeed too obvious!

So what if I did this? Too arrogant!

Her behavior was too vicious!

This made the people who were originally watching the gossip gather around Mu Huan.

“She’s so vicious that she dares to harm people so openly! I don’t think she’s fit to be a member of the International Medical Organization!”

“Not only is she not worthy, but she also has to pay the legal price!”

“That’s right!”

Mu Huan swept a glance at everyone and raised an eyebrow. She did not speak and only smiled sarcastically.

Just then, Lu Zichen’s assistant squeezed in. “Mr. Lu, I’m sorry. I took the wrong specimen for you just now. The needle I gave you didn’t have the AZ virus on it. This is why…”

To put it simply, the needle that Lu Zichen had poked into Mason’s body did not contain the AZ virus, so Mason would not have gotten an AZ.

When Mason heard this, he, who was about to stand up, instantly fell down again. He suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, and his legs went weak as he fell.

Those who had surrounded Mu Huan and said that Mu Huan was vicious and wanted Mu Huan to pay the legal price instantly didn’t know what to say.

There was an awkward silence.

At first, Mason did not know what to say. However, he quickly understood that Mu Huan was playing with him on purpose! “You’re playing with me on purpose, aren’t you?!”

Mu Huan smiled and did not speak. However, her attitude clearly said, “That’s right. I’m playing with you on purpose. What do you think?”

Those who could attend this meeting were all people with status. Naturally, Mason was the same. He, who had been in the limelight since he was young, had never suffered such humiliation! “I’m telling you, Mu Huan, you’re finished!”

The International Medical Organization was their territory. She was an Asian, and he wouldn’t even take a fancy to her even if she tried to please him. Yet she still dared to play with and humiliate him! He wanted her to have nowhere to go in the medical world!

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