The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1325 - Joint Siege (4)

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Chapter 1325: Joint Siege (4)

“I’ve long heard that Mu Huan’s character isn’t good. Previously, not only did she destroy the famous psychological specialist, John, but she also played with the well-known surgical specialist, Mason, in public. Now, such a thing has been exposed. It looks like her character is really bad!”

“From the looks of it, her persona might have been hyped up by Rui Hui. Actually, she doesn’t know anything!”

“That’s very possible! There are too many fake geniuses in this world!”

These were the voices of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. The evaluations of these professionals were still polite.

In the developed West, there were already people who looked down on the Orient. Once this matter was exposed, there would be overwhelming media news and the entire country would be ridiculed. That would be terrible!

The netizens’ evaluation of Mu Huan was also extremely difficult to hear. They all said that she had lost face overseas. If they were her, they would have long found a place to end their own lives and not embarrass their compatriots.

This early summer was burning hot! All of them were scolding Mu Huan!

No one wanted to verify anything. Just because of this piece of news, they were convinced that Mu Huan had taken over someone else’s achievements.

This was because she was too young and too outstanding. Most people would be jealous if they saw her like this. They wished that she could fall from the sky and into a mud pit. Then she would be worse off than them!

In this world, the most terrifying thing was jealousy. Hence, people often said that the human heart was scarier than a ghost.

In the Imperial Capital…

Mu Huan looked at the beautiful scenery outside the window and suddenly sighed. “Hubby, why do you think people are so lacking?”

Although the Liu father and son had indeed sacrificed a lot for Rui Hui, Rui Hui did not belong to them. Back then, it was Mr. Liu who had forced her great-grandfather to make such a will. She had ignored the past and gave him so many shares, making him the second-largest shareholder of Rui Hui. She had wanted to win with him.

But he…

Every step he took was worse than the last.

Didn’t he know that a man’s heart is insatiable?

“Some people’s hearts are like bottomless pits. No matter how much you give him, he feels that it’s not enough. He feels that the entire world should be his.” Bo Junyan stepped forward and reached out to pull her into his embrace.

“Sigh…” Mu Huan sighed. “Now, the rumors are saying that I’m a peerless bad person…”

“Don’t be sad…” Bo Junyan moved to comfort her.

But the corners of Mu Huan’s lips curved up slightly as she smiled sinisterly. “Since that’s the case, then I’ll let them see how evil I am! They didn’t say that about me in vain!”

Bo Junyan: “…”

“I’m the first person in history to be scolded by so many people!” Mu Huan said proudly.

Bo Junyan: “…”

“Hubby, do you think I’m awesome or not?!”

Bo Junyan: “…”

“Why aren’t you saying anything? You should praise me for being awesome! Praise me for being awesome!” Just a while ago, he was so good at talking, but now, he was silent again!

“You’re the best…”

This situation could even become her capital for narcissism.


“Of course!” Mu Huan became even more proud after receiving the praise.

Bo Junyan: “…”

Just then, Mu Huan’s secretary called.

“CEO Mu, it’s bad. We’ve received a lot of complaints for breach of contract…” The secretary was so anxious that he felt like he was about to explode.

Usually, things were fine, but the more critical things became, the more problems there were!

“Don’t worry,” Mu Huan said.

“CEO Mu, it’s not just these contracts. There’s also…” If it were just the contracts, he wouldn’t be like this. The most important thing was…

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