The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1326 - It’s Great to Have a Hubby (1)

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Chapter 1326: It’s Great to Have a Hubby (1)

After hearing the secretary’s words, Mu Huan frowned slightly.

She knew that Mr. Liu had secretly transferred and emptied Rui Hui’s assets. She also had other plans, but she hadn’t known about these things that didn’t conform to the rules at all. Naturally, she wasn’t prepared.

These investigations were indeed a big problem. If this continued, Rui Hui might go bankrupt.

“CEO Mu, what do we do now?” The secretary felt that there was nothing she could do now.

“You first…” After a moment of silence, Mu Huan arranged for him to do something first. “I’ll fly over later. I’ll be there tonight.”

“Alright, CEO Mu.”

After hanging up, Mu Huan frowned and said, “I completely missed all these problems. I didn’t expect that if this goes on, Rui Hui will probably go bankrupt…”

In the end, she had underestimated Mr. Liu’s ruthlessness. Previously, she’d thought that Mr. Liu had always been the one managing Rui Hui. If anything happened to Rui Hui, he would not be able to escape responsibility. Hence, not only did she not have the time to investigate, but she also did not think in this direction.

She didn’t expect him to destroy her even if it meant breaking his own limbs!

Mu Huan was still a newbie in the business world. Even though she had done very well under Bo Junyan’s guidance, there were still times when she made mistakes.

“I’ve already gotten someone to prepare things. Nothing will happen.” Bo Junyan smiled and caressed her head.

Mu Huan hadn’t been prepared. She hadn’t known about those practices that didn’t conform to the rules, but Bo Junyan, this old fox in the business world, had long been prepared.

Having been in the business world for so many years, while Mu Huan was bent on winning against the Liu family, he had already expected that Mr. Liu would take this step in the future. Hence, he had long been preparing.

“What?” Mu Huan was stunned. Then, she said, “Hubby, why would you be prepared? I didn’t even have the time to find out about these unconventional things!”

How did her husband know?!

“When I found out that you were going to inherit Rui Hui, I got someone to investigate these hidden dangers,” Bo Junyan said.

Mu Huan: “…”

So early? How did he think of this?

“It’s just like how it’s easy to go from being frugal to being extravagant but it’s difficult to go from being extravagant to being frugal, a person who has climbed up to a high position would not be able to come down and be put in a lower position. Furthermore, he has always treated Rui Hui as his. This is a case where he won’t be satisfied with anything no matter how much you give him. If he’s not satisfied, he’ll definitely do something. If he does it, he’ll naturally be afraid that you’ll take revenge. This way, he’ll have to go all out and destroy it directly.” This was a business habit.

“Hubby, you’re really thoughtful and far-sighted!” Mu Huan said with admiration.

“You’re just young and don’t see much.” Although the time of their separation had been years, she was still a young lady in her early twenties. Although she was smart, she had too little experience in the human world. Whenever she thought about things, she would always want to get along with others and make money. If she really couldn’t take it anymore, she would deal with them.

However, sometimes, if one really couldn’t take it anymore after the other party had gone overboard again and again, it would be too late to deal with them by then. One had to plan and prepare earlier.

Mu Huan threw herself into his embrace and hugged his neck happily. “Hubby, I love you!”

Such a worrisome matter was resolved without any effort. It was really great to have a hubby!

“Hubby, did I ever say that I’d leave Rui Hui to you to manage?”


“Then, after we get through this difficulty together, I’ll leave Rui Hui to you. I’ll relax my body and mind and go play. Then, we can prepare for pregnancy!” Once pregnant, there would be many things that couldn’t be eaten, drank, or played.

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