The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 40 - Warrior Classification

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Chapter 40 Warrior Classification

After the Sword Qi cleared, Qin Haodong took the second step to dispel the poison for Saber.

He asked the lame man to bring a basin and a dagger and place them on the bed. He retrieved the remaining silver needles on Dantian spot of Saber, and pulled out a Qi-nourishing Pill for him to eat.

The toxicity inside Saber was weak, despite belonging to a category of chronic poisons. But it circulated in his bone marrow for a year, so it proved difficult to remove the toxins by external force. Saber’s only hope was through the mobilization of his body’s Genuine Qi and expelling it through its center.

But now the Dantian of Saber dried up for some time, just like a water-starved well. To restore Genuine Qi, he must rely on the medicinal power of a Qi-nourishing Pill.

After Saber swallowed the pill, Qin Haodong injected a wisp of Green Wood Genuine Qi into the Dantian of Saber to help him recover the lost Genuine Qi.

Driven by Green Wood Genuine Qi, the medicinal power of the Qi-nourishing Pill slowly worked. The Genuine Qi rose like smoke fanned by flames of willpower. At last, it slowly turned into water droplets, condensing into a fluid stream as it flowed in Dantian.

As Genuine Qi grew stronger, Qin Haodong stimulated Genuine Qi to remove the internal toxins and isolate them to his feet.

Nalan Jie and others watched quietly beside him. They were surprised upon finding the feet of Saber darkening until eventually appearing blacker than ink.

Qin Haodong had been in charge of the process of detoxification. Seeing that it was almost complete, he grabbed the dagger at the head of the bed and cut two bloody gashes on Saber’s feet.

As his hands rose and fell, black blood splashed in the basin at the head of the bed, and a foul odor filled the air.

Color rushed back into Saber’s face, and his pitch-black complexion disappeared.

When the blood from his feet reddened, Qin stemmed the bleeding. He used Revival Acupuncture Method to help Saber repair the injured meridians.

About half an hour later, Qin Haodong took back all the silver needles and spat on Saber’s chest. “Get up!”

A surprising scene indeed. Saber, who barely escaped death, sat up with a jolt and got out of bed.

Both Nalan Jie and the men of The Divine Mercenaries opened their mouths in surprise. They knew the severity of Saber’s injuries well, but in less than an hour, he was completely cured by the young man.

Getting out of bed, Saber saluted Qin Haodong and said earnestly, “Magic Doctor, please save my brothers!”

“Don’t worry. Now that I’m here, I’ll cure them all.” Qin Haodong said, “Who’s next?”

“Come, Axe!”

Saber said to the lame man.

Without hesitation, Axe walked to Qin Haodong with his walking stick. “Little magic doctor, we’re counting on you!”

Qin Haodong glanced at Axe and said, “Your wound is serious, and it has lasted too long. It may hurt a little.”

Axe smiled. “You can feel at ease to do anything at me, even if it was picking my skin and cramping my muscles, I won’t say a word.”

Qin Haodong knew these men were tough. He let Axe throw away the stick and lie in bed.

There was also a Sword Qi in the Dantian of Axe. Compared with Saber, he was not poisoned, but his left arm and right leg had been broken by special maneuvers, and serious deformation remained.

Qin Haodong grasped the right leg of Axe and in a quick pivot click the broken bones which had tangled together completely separated.

As expected, Axe was tough. He just frowned slightly and said nothing.

Qin Haodong reconstructed the broken leg bone and repaired the necrotic tissues and meridians with Revival Acupuncture Method. After he cured his left leg, he reconnected his left arm the same way.

After healing the wound, Qin Haodong used a silver needle to defuse his Sword Qi in Dantian.

“Well, don’t fight anyone in these days and you will be back to normal in a week.”

This magical treatment amazed the people around him, and the remaining four members of The Divine Mercenaries’ sunken eyes rekindled in wide appreciation.

Originally, they lost hope and merely waited for death quietly. They never believed that they could be cured.

Qin Haodong did not rest, personally curing the remaining four men’s injuries.

He said, “Your injuries are all healed, and your dantians have accumulated Genuine Qi, which will return to their former level in a week.”

“Dr. Qin, from today on, you are a great benefactor of The Divine Mercenaries!”

Saber fell down on his knees in front of Qin Haodong, and the other five followed suit. At this time, they could only express their gratitude in this way.

“Get up, the reason I saved you today has nothing to do with other people. It’s that I respect you as men. We are all citizens of the same country, you needn’t be so polite.”

Qin Haodong waved his hand and a tremendous energy of Qi lifted the six men up.

A trace of amazement flashed through Saber and other people’s eyes. Just now they had felt the young man’s martial art, which they did not expect to be so strong. As mercenaries who danced on the tip of the knife, they naturally worshipped the strong. So they looked on at Qin Haodong with reverence.

“Boss, you saved the lives of all six of us, and for that, we will follow you from now on!”

Then the six men stood in a neat row, silently watching Qin Haodong, waiting for his answer.

Qin Haodong’s heart moved. Recently, Lin Momo was assassinated continuously. The behind-the-scenes manipulator hid in the shadows. He worried he couldn’t find a competent bodyguard, but now the six men stood before him, swearing their allegiance.

And it could be seen that Nalan Jie also bore tremendous pressure in taking care of these people. It also helped the Nalan family to lighten some of the burden if he took them.

He thought for a moment and then turned to Nalan Jie and said, “What do you think, sir?”

“Wushuang must have told you about them,” Nalan Jie said. “It would be best if you could take them with you.”

Qin Haodong looked back at the six men and said, “If you’d prefer, follow me in the future!”

“The Divine Mercenaries, Saber, Sword, Axe, Whip, Hammer… Swear to follow Dr. Qin to the death!”

The six men of The Divine Mercenaries spoke in unison.

Qin Haodong nodded satisfactorily. ‘Well, you can call me boss later!’

He was overjoyed to receive such powerful subordinates.

It was already noon, and Nalan Jie ordered the servants to prepare a table of drinks and dishes in the living room. He was also very happy the six men had a good result at last. He happily went forward and said, “Little magic doctor, let’s talk while eating.”

He let Qin Haodong take the seat of honor before Nalan Wushuang and the six men of The Divine Mercenaries also sat down.

After a few drinks, Qin Haodong asked, “Master Nalan, since you are all warriors. I would like to ask you how the warriors are classified now.”

As a cultivation artist, he needed to know about the strength of the warriors in modern society, so as to make a comparison with his own strength. Better to know one’s self through gauging his enemy’s.

All were surprised at his words. In their view, Qin Haodong’s youth went beyond his present cultivation. His family background was absolutely unusual. How could he possibly not understand the situation of the warriors?

After a little astonishment, Saber said, “Boss, today’s warriors are mainly divided into three levels: Overt Power, Covert Power and Supreme Power. Each level is divided into nine realms.”

“What level are you at?” Qin Haodong asked again.

“All six of us, if fully recovered, are at the level of 7 realm of Overt Power.”

“What is Covert Power?” Qin Haodong asked.

Nalan Jie answered, “Thanks to Dr. Qin and your pills, I had the privilege of breaking through the 9 realm of Overt Power and reaching the level of Covert Power.”

What made Covert Power different from Overt Power was that it released Genuine Qi and hurt the enemy imperceptibly!”

“What is supreme power?”

“It’s a legend. People with supreme power are rare in the country. Although I have never seen a man with supreme power, but heard that once a warrior reached the realm of supreme power, he can absorb the power of heaven and earth for his own use. A raise of hand contained infinite power, and he can travel anywhere in the world.”

Qin Haodong nodded. He now had a basic understanding of the present division of realms of warriors. Covert Power rivalled the foundation of a cultivation artist, and supreme power could be compared to a gold-pill artist in Cultivation World.

“Are there many warriors nowadays?”

“Very few,” Saber said, “The six of us were only at the level of 7 realm of Overt Power, but we managed to thrive in the mercenary circle. You can imagine how few the warriors there are.”

Nalan Jie said, “As time advancing, many inheritances of martial art have disappeared. The thermal weapons evolved so fast, hard work for decades cannot equal a bullet, so people’s enthusiasm for martial art is dampened, and the number of warriors naturally decreases.”

“Although it was said that a man with supreme power could resist bullets, it is only a legend. Nobody has ever seen it.”

Saber interrupted, “Even if he can resist bullets, what about artillery and even missiles? Now the decline of martial art is directly related to these weapons.”

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and asked, “I found that the Sword Qi left by someone in Dantian of six of you is very powerful. What about that?”

An expression of strong hatred flashed across Saber’s face. “We were trapped by the Japanese that year, the enemy sent out the priests and ninjas. The one who hurt us was an ultimate ninja who should have reached the level of Covert Power.”

“We used to have eight brothers. Because of this, Halberd and Arch died in the hands of the ninjas. Now there are only six of us left.”

“Ninja?” Qin Haodong sneered. He never liked the Japanese. “Don’t worry, just follow me. You will surely get revenge in three years.”

“But they reached the level of Covert Power, revenge is too difficult.”

A sense of loss appeared on the faces of the six men. After the war, they realized the horror of the warriors of Covert Power, which was unmatchable.

“Rest assured, I will do what I say!”

Qin Haodong did not put the warrior of Covert Power in his eyes at all. In Cultivation World, his servants who swept the floor were already gold-pill artists, equivalent to Supreme Power on Earth. Who cared about a small ninja anyways?

As long as he possessed enough time and resources, it was not difficult to train them into a generation of masters.

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