The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 50 - Team

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Chapter 50 Team

Lin also ate lunch in the dining hall at noon. The only difference was that the top managers of the company had a separate private room which was not for ordinary employees.

When she finished her lunch and came out, she saw Qin Haodong surrounded by beautiful women. Her face contorted and said to An Biru, “I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Ask Dr. Qin to come to my office later.”

Qin Haodong felt so awkward that he ate a quick and simple lunch and ran away from the beauties. As soon as he came out of the dining hall, he saw An Biru standing at the door looking at him with a smile.

“Sister An, what’s up?” Qin Haodong asked.

“President Lin said she was a little uncomfortable. She wanted you in her office and had a look!”

“Oh!” Qin Haodong responded and followed An Biru to Lin Momo’s office. He thought to himself that Lin Momo was fine in the morning. Why did she suddenly feel uncomfortable?

After arriving at her office, An Biru went back to her room. Qin Haodong looked at Lin Momo and saw nothing wrong with her body.

“Momo, what’s wrong with you?” Qin Haodong asked.

Lin Momo kept staring at Qin Haodong and made her feel a bit apprehensive. After a moment, she said, “I can’t see you if I’m not sick, can I? Did it bother you?”

Standing slightly astonished for a while, Qin Haodong immediately understood what occured and laughed. “I see, you are unhappy.”

Knowing Lin’s jealousy and unhappiness because of him, Qin Haodong held her in his arms. As soon as he went to seize the chance to flirt with Lin Momo, his cell phone rang in his pocket.

“Who is calling at this time?” Qin Haodong took a look at his Dami phone. It was Nalan Wushuang’s telephone number.

As he pressed the answer button, he heard, “Doctor Qin, Grandpa has gathered the first batch of soldiers who were discharged due to injury. They have all arrived at Saber’s place. When will you come and look at them?”

“Oh! It’s so fast.” Qin Haodong was slightly surprised.

“These men were all excellent soldiers, some even the king of soldiers in a region. They had to leave the army because of their injuries. So when they heard someone could cure their injuries, they rushed here immediately. Considering they were in a hurry, naturally it was quick.”

“Well, come and pick me up. We’ll go now.” Qin Haodong said.

After he hung up the phone, Lin Momo asked, “What’s up?”

“I’m doing one thing. I’ll give you a surprise in a few days! I’ll go out in the afternoon, so I can’t pick up the little fellow with you in the evening.” Then Qin Haodong kissed Lin Momo on her cheek and went out.

When he reached the door, he turned back and said, “I don’t think Dongfang Liang and his men are very reliable. You should be careful when you go out.”

“Don’t worry,” Lin Momo said. “They are just a little amateurish. But I am in the city. It should be alright.”

Qin Haodong said nothing more. He decided to cure the Divine Mercenaries as soon as possible and replace Dongfang Liang.

When he came downstairs at the Lin’s Group, Nalan Wushuang waited in her Maserati.

“You’re so fast!”

Qin Haodong opened the car door and sat up.

“I am just in the city and run affairs for you.”

She threw two red little booklets to Qin Haodong. Qin Haodong took them and paged through. They were the dog certificates of two little snow mastiffs.

“You’re very efficient!” he said, putting the little booklets in his pocket.

“How dare I not do what Great Magic Doctor Qin ordered me to do?”

Then Nalan Wushuang started the car and headed for the military sanatorium.

The house where the Divine Mercenaries lived was already crowded with people. Some of them carried crutches, some sat in wheelchairs, and some even lay on stretchers. However, the expressions on their faces were sharp, and their whole bodies emanated strong evil spirit.

“Our big brother, can the man you said truly heal me?”

A middle-aged man lying on a stretcher asked Nalan Jie, his name was Chen Fugui. He used to be a famous soldier king in the Jiangnan Military Force. However, during a mission, he was injured by explosive shrapnel, which caused paralysis.

Because the shrapnel was embedded in his spine, it was too close to the nerve. He visited many experts, but no one was unable to remove the shrapnel. So he had no choice but to remain bedridden.

Nalan Jie laughed and pointed to Saber who was busy working beside him. “How could I lie to you? You see him. At first his condition was much worse than yours, but he was saved by the little magic doctor. Now he is very energetic!”

Hope flashed in Chen Fugui’s eyes. The pain from a soldier King to a trash that could only lie in bed was understood by himself.

So when he received Nalan Jie’s phone call which told him someone can cure his injury, his family immeadiately sent him here overnight. His heart filled with the desire to return to the battlefield.

At that moment, a motor roared outside the room, and the Saber said, “Miss Nalan has brought the boss with her.”

The six members of the Divine Mercenaries were now full of gratitude and admiration for Qin Haodong and immediately went out of their way to welcome him.

The wounded soldiers in the room also looked over to see what kind of person the doctor who was said could cure their wounds was.

But when Qin Haodong walked into the room surrounded by Nalan Jie and the Divine Mercenaries, they all showed disappointment on their faces. The doctor was too young.

Such a young person, whether he was a doctor of traditional Chinese medical science or Western’s, It was very difficult to get everyone’s recognition. If the convenor wasn’t Nalan Jie, some people may already leave.

Chen Fugui was somewhat disappointed, but out of his trust in Nalan Jie, he said nothing.

“Little Magic Doctor, this is Chen Fugui, a famous soldier in Jiangnan Military Force at that time. He once accidentally stepped on the enemy’s landmine during a mission. Although the other shrapnel was taken out, a piece of remained stuck in the crevice of his spine, and nobody dared to remove it.”

Nalan Jie introduced Chen Fugui’s condition to Qin Haodong.

“Let me see.”

Qin Haodong sat down at Chen Fugui’s bedside, reaching out his hand to feel Chen Fugui’s pulse. At the same time, a wisp of Green Wood Genuine Qi entered Chen Fugui’s body and felt the details of the shrapnel lodged in his spine.

The position of the shrapnel was really special. It was stuck right in the middle of the fourth and fifth segments of the spine. Although it did not hurt the spinal cord, it was too close together. No wonder the ordinary doctors dared not take it out.

Seeing Qin Haodong retrieve his right hand, Nalan Jie hastily asked, “Little Magic Doctor, how about the situation? Could it be cured?”

“No problem, just a bit of trouble.”

Then Qin Haodong asked Saber and several people to help him, lifting Chen Fugui up from bed and sat cross-legged. He took off his coat. Then he took out the silver needles and pierced nine at the position where the shrapnel was in succession. The purpose of doing this served to protect the spine and tissues around from further injury.

After everything was done, Qin Haodong took a deep breath and suddenly clapped his hands on Chen Fugui’s chest.

As he clapped Chen Fugui’s chest, a piece of shrapnel covered with blood suddenly popped out from Chen Fugui’s back and hit the wall behind.

Everyone stood shocked. Nobody had seen such a way of removing shrapnel.

Qin Haodong took out some prepared wound medicine and smeared it on Chen Fugui’s back. “Okay, now you can simply get up and walk, but you can’t exercise vigorously. After three days of rest, everything will return to normal.”

Chen Fugui blankly sat on bed. He couldn’t believe that he had been paralyzed for three years and how possible could it be all right now?

Then he tried to get out of bed with the help of Saber. He adapted to it for a few minutes, and found that he really recovered his mobility. A strong fellow like him swelled with tears in this moment.

“Thank you, Doctor Qin! You gave me my life back! From now on, if you let me go east, I will never go west!”

Then Chen Fugui was about to kneel down, but Qin Haodong held him up.

“Brother Chen, I saved you because you are respectful. No matter what choices you will make, I respect you and don’t charge a penny for the treatment.”

Then Qin Haodong let Chen Fugui lie down and rest and began treating the next wounded person.

The vast majority of the people here knew the Soldier King Chen Fugui, as well as how seriously his injury was. Seeing Chen Fugui cured by Qin Haodong in the blink of an eye, hope rose immediately in the eyes of these people.

No one wanted to be disabled, no one wanted to be trash. Besides, they were all excellent soldiers who had distinguished themselves.

Although these people’s eyes showed desires, there was no competition for medical treatment. The order of who would be treated first and who would be treated later was entirely controlled by Nalan Jie. The strong discipline let Qin Haodong secretly admire.

In the next two hours, Qin Haodong cured each of the 30 wounded soldiers. Some of these people had been injured for a long time and maintained serious conditions. After treatment, they needed to recover for a period of time. Those with minor injuries fully recovered after treatment.

These people had been injured for a long time. When they came, they habored less hope to be cured because of their trust in Nalan Jie. However, it was unexpected that Qin Haodong’s medical skills were so magical that they could be completely cured so quickly.

They were all excellent soldiers and all had their own pride. Who let them stand up again also meant who gave a second life to them.


On behalf of Chen Fugui, all of the wounded soldiers saluted Qin Haodong to express their gratitude.

Qin Haodong said, “You guys, Mr. Nalan may already tell you that the security company I founded, but I would like to emphasize that my treatment is entirely due to your contribution to China and my respect for you. It has nothing to do with the security company things.”

“Anyone unwilling to stay can leave at any time. For these who are willing to stay I will warmly welcome you. The salary standard is three times that of other similar occupations. And whether you go or stay, I wouldn’t charge a penny for the treatment.”

“We will stay!” These veterans spoke in unison.

First, they really appreciated Qin Haodong. Second, As they already left the army, it was difficult to find such well-paid jobs elsewhere.

Since everyone was willing to stay, Qin Haodong smiled from ear to ear. These people will become a team of his in the future. Qin Haodong handed over the 15 million yuan he won from Dongfang Liang to Saber, so that he could quickly prepare for the establishment of the security company.

After everything was arranged, Qin Haodong got in Nalan Wushuang’s car again.

“Where are we going to?” Nalan Wushuang asked.

“Go to the wholesale market of medicinal materials, I have to buy some medicinal materials.” Qin Haodong said.

He now felt that a week’s recovery time was too slow for Saber and other people, while an urgent need for personnel lingered in Lin Momo’s group. So he decided to make some small Spirit-nourishing Pill to speed up the recovery of the Divine Mercenaries. But also to upgrade his own cultivation incidentally

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