The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 54 - Keep Playing

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Chapter 54 Keep Playing

Qin Haodong’s entrance brought in a ray of sunshine, but later the room was occupied by the killing rage given out by him. Dongfang Liang could not help but tremble in that chill.

“You… how can you make it here? That’s impossible!”

He thought Qin Haodong must be bumping around on the road like ants on a hot pan. It was out of his wildest expectation that Qin Haodong made his way here.

“Don’t you like to play games? I am here to play it with you!”

Qin Haodong said as he smiled. But the killing range in his smile made Dongfang Liang chilled.

“He is here! He made it here!”

Seeing the figure she had been hoping for showing up at the door, Lin Momo couldn’t help but let tears rolling down from her cheeks. But she was bot overwhelmed by the happiness, and she hurriedly shouted, “Watch out, they have guns!”

“Papa! Papa’s here! Papa’s here to save Tang Tang!” The little fellow screamed excitedly.

At the same time, Dongfang Liang woke up and tried to grab the gun on the table.

Before he could reach it, Qin Haodong kicked on the table. The table flew in pieces and the gun had nowhere to be found.

“How about that? My Soldier King. Isn’t this fun?” Qin Haodong looked at Dongfang Liang coldly.

Dongfang Liang didn’t feel too much panic even though he didn’t get the gun, on the contrary, he was calmer than he was just now.

“Well, you are indeed stronger than I thought. But don’t you even imagine that you can beat me like this. I was called Soldier King because I earned it!”

After he said that, all his bones started cracking. Then his level was raised all of a sudden, reaching the sixth realm of the Overt Power which was very close to those from the Divine Mercenaries.

Qin Haodong’s expression changed slightly, and he sneered. “I didn’t expect that you have that card in your sleeves.”

“How about that, uh? I’ve been hiding my strength in order to fool you stupid people so that I can kill Lin Momo and finish my mission.”

“That’s my strategy. In your Huaxia language, it’s called ‘acting like a pig to lure the tiger’. I am the Soldier King and you are no more than a young doctor, why do you think that I would hesitate to beat you?”

Dongfang Liang grew prouder as he spoke, as if he had taken full control of the situation. He said, “Just give me my 15 million yuan if you know what’s going to happen, and pay me an extra 10 million to buy your own life, and then I’ll spare you.”

Qin Haodong looked at Dongfang Liang and suddenly laughed.

The sudden laugh made Dongfang Liang’s hair stand. He yelled angrily, “What are you laughing at? What’s funny?”

Qin Haodong said, “I am laughing at you; you don’t have to act like a pig because you’re a real pig. Just give up lure the tiger and jump on your own sh*t!”

“Go to hell!”

Dongfang Liang roared and rushed to Qin Haodong. He had hidden his actual power in a special way ever since he arrived in Huaxia.

In his view, he could easily take down Qin Haodong as long as he revealed his real cultivation level which was at the six realm of the Overt Power, however; he had never expected that Qin Haodong was just playing with him last time, and he hadn’t used 1/10 of his real power.

Therefore, even though he had reached the sixth realm of the Overt Power, it was nothing when compared to Qin Haodong’s real power.

Before Dongfang Liang waved out his first punch and reached Qin Haodong’s clothing corner, he felt his face ached. He was slammed on the face and flew away.

“This, this is impossible!”

Dongliang Liang struggled to pick himself up from the floor and got completely stunned. He had made his full effort, and the opponent should be on the floor looking for his broken teeth right now. Why was he beating him like a father beating his son? And why couldn’t he take even one strike of his?

Qin Haodong said coldly, “I said you’re a pig because you’re stupid like one. You might be a Soldier King or whatever you’re abroad, but you’re nobody here in Huaxia.”

“Boy, it’s too early for you to be proud of yourself? However powerful you are, you can never be more powerful than a gun,” said Dongfang Liang as he put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. That was the secret code among him and his fellows.

In his view, Qin Haodong must’ve been sneaking upstairs. The young man would be flesh on his cutting board after his fellows rushed in with guns, and he would chop him in every way he liked.

Qin Haodong did not react, instead, and he was looking at Dongfang Liang like looking at a fool.

Dongfang Liang whistled again and again until he felt sore on his cheeks, but the outside world remained silent.

“Don’t bother. It won’t work even if you keep whistling till it’s dark. All of your fellows are now resigning at Satan’s in hell, and they’re waiting for you there.”

“What? You killed them all?”

Dongfang Liang couldn’t believe that this was true.

“I’ll kill you!” He yelled and rushed to Qin Haodong, but on the half way, he changed his direction and rushed to the door.

Dongfang Liang was no fool. He knew he had no chance to win today, and he would be killed if he insisted on fighting. Therefore, he escaped.

However, Qin Haodong would never let go of him. His fingers flipped and two silver needles were shot into Dongfang Liang’s legs.

Dongfang Liang lost the ability to walk immediately, face hitting the ground.

Qin Haodong strode over and kicked him directly to the ceiling. He hit the ceiling, and fell hard on the floor, mouth puking blood.

Seeing that Dongfang Liang could no longer escape with half of his life, Qin Haodong went over and ripped off the robes on Lin Momo and the little fellow.

“Haodong!” Lin Momo jumped into Qin Haodong’s arms. She was so excited that she even cried. She was just trapped in despair, and she could barely control her emotion after she was rescued. It was the only way to make her feel safe to be hugged in the arms of a man.

“Mommy, mommy. I want to hug papa, too!”

The yelling of the little woke up Lin Momo from his sentiments. She pushed Qin Haodong away with her rosy cheeks.

“Papa, huggy!” The little fellow yelled and reached out with her two chubby hands. Then Qin Haodong held her up.

“Papa, this is so great. I knew you would come to save mommy and me!” the little girl said as she kissed on his face.

“Papa. That bad guy bullied me and mommy. You have to get him for us!”

Qin Haodong rescued Lin Momo and Tang Tang, and he felt such a relief. He gave the little fellow to Lin Momo and said, “Take her to the door and wait for me.”

He would never let this go since Dongfang Liang had fooled him around for so long, but he didn’t want the little fellow to see the bloodshed, so he let Lin Momo take her out first.

Lin Momo understood what he was going to do and said, “OK, we’ll wait for you outside.”

After the mother and daughter went out, Qin Haodong stepped forward to Dongfang Liang. He squatted and asked him, “How do you feel? Isn’t that nice?”

“You… what are you going to do?”

As panic and helpless as Dongfang Liang was, and as much as he had tried to keep away from Qin Haodong, his leg had lost all abilities to walk. He could barely move one inch no matter how hard he struggled.

“You know what I want to do,” Qin Haodong said coldly, “I’ve already told you, I’ll let you wish you were never born if you dare to pull a hair of hers!”

“But I really didn’t touch her hair!” Dongfang Liang answered with his trembling voice.

“Oh, yes, that’s smart!”

Qin Haodong said while smiling at him.

Dongfang Liang tried to flatter him with the same smile, but his smile looked even uglier than a sad face.

“Since you are smart and like playing games, then let’s keep playing,” said Qin Haodong as he grabbed one of Dongfang Liang’s hand. He smiled and said, “Guess which finger I would like to crush first.”

Dongfang Liang’s face changed sharply, and he immediately pleaded, “No, no, please let me go. I won’t do that again.”

“What an uncoordinated player you are. I’ll play by myself then.”

Qin Haodong said as he grabbed Dongfang Liang’s index finger and squeezed it hard. A horrible sound of bone breaking came out, followed by Dongfang Liang’s miserable screaming. Fingers are of human being’s most vulnerable parts, and few people could suffer pain like that. Dongfang Liang fainted.

However, when he was in the charge of Emperor Green Wood, death would be a luxury.

Legend told it that dragons had forbidden scales, and those who touched it shall die.

The reckless Dongfang Liang had touched two of the scales once, therefore, he had to bear the fury of Emperor Green Wood.

He flipped his finger and woke up Dongfang Liang. He watched Qin Haodong like looking at a demon, and he yelled in terror, “Please, I am begging you! Please let me die!”

“Let you die? That won’t be easy. Don’t you like playing games? We just started and I am not done yet.”

Said Qin Haodong as he squeezed Dongfang Liang’s thumb. He used Green Wood Genuine Qi to protect Dongfang Liang’s heart and brain, which made it impossible for him to faint.

He had also clicked Dongfang Liang’s vital point to mute him so as not to scare the little fellow.

After all the measures being taken, Dongfang Liang was twitching with a twisted face, but he could barely make any sound, and finally he knew what was called “wish you were never born”.

Soon, Qin Haodong crushed all the ten fingers, and the fury in his chest dissipated a little.

He raised his hand and clicked on Dongfang Liang’s mute points to unmute him. Then he smiled and said, “How about that? Isn’t funny?”

“Demon, you’re a demon. Just kill me!”

Dongfang Liang was totally worn out this time, and begged listlessly.

“You are really boring. Didn’t you enjoy the game with me so much just now?” said Qin Haodong, “Now that you don’t like to play, just answer my question. Who hired you to kidnap Momo?”

He felt so uneasy, like a throne in throat, and he wouldn’t even get to sleep if he didn’t find the evil backstage manipulator.

“I, I don’t know!”

“Oh, you’ve got a tough mouth, aren’t you? Looks like you didn’t have enough fun yet.”

“No, that’s true!” Dongfang Liang explained in panic, “The man hire me on deep web, and we kept in touch by phone. We’ve never met and I don’t know who he is!”

“And the guy was very cautious. He used software to change his voice every time he called, and I don’t even know it’s a he or a she!”

Qin Haodong could tell that Dongfang Liang wasn’t lying. He stopped asking and said, “In that case, we have to keep playing.”

He raised his right hand, and asked, “Guess how many of your teeth would fell off after this punch?”

“No, please don’t do that. Please! Please kill me or call the police!”

Dongfang Liang was totally freaked out.

However, Qin Haodong didn’t stop. He slapped on Dongfang Liang’s face. His blood splashed and his teeth flew everywhere.

“Idiot, the punch will indeed knock off all your teeth!”

Qin Haodong seemed to be unsatisfied with Dongfang Liang’s reaction, and then he said, “Now that you’ve lost all your teeth, what should we play with next?”

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