The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 66 - "Raid" Raw Gemstone

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Chapter 66 “Raid” Raw Gemstone

Lin Momo didn’t stand on ceremony. She said to An Biru, “Send this material to the semi-gambling area, just to raise the popularity of our side.”

The raw stones on their side were not from old pits, so the rate of jadeite production was relatively low. Such a kind of semi-gambling material of ice seed was the most precious.

Anbiru asked two workers to carry the jadeite stone to the semi-gambling area, and the little fellow happily followed.

Qin Haodong dragged Lin Momo to a nearby corner and whispered, “I can help you.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Momo was somewhat confused. She didn’t know what Qin Haodong was trying to express.

“I can help you defeat the Feng Group in the exhibition.”

“Are you kidding? How could that be possible? All their materials are from old pits, the quality is much better than ours.”

Lin Momo did not believe him at all. She couldn’t imagine how Qin Haodong could help her.

Qin Haodong said, “Of course I’m not kidding, as long as you trust me, I can help you.”

Seeing he was serious, Lin Momo said, “I believe you. Say, how can you help me?”

“Don’t ask me how to help you, but I need a lot of money. How much do you have in your private savings?”

“More than 100 million yuan.” Lin Mao asked, “Why use my private money? It’s for the business of our group, I can draw out the Lin’s Group funds.”

Qin Haodong’s way was very simple, that was to go to the Feng’s Group Exhibition and buy all the stones with rich Spiritual Qi, which were capable of earning money. This would not only strike at the Feng Group, but also bring a lot of money.

However, he also knew that Lin Momo was only the CEO of the Lin Group. She didn’t own too many shares. This kind of benefit naturally should be given to his own women, the unnecessary people of the Lin Group were not to take advantage of it.

“Don’t ask any more about it. If you trust me, give me your 100 million yuan, I’ll give you a surprise.”

“Well, all my money is in this card. The password is Tang Tang’s birthday.”

Lin Momo didn’t hesitate to take out a bank card. Her life was saved by Qin Haodong. Of course, she wouldn’t care about such amount of money.

Qin Haodong took the card and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.”

Although curious, since she chose to believe in Qin Haodong, she didn’t ask any more questions.

The evening was approaching, which was also the busiest time of the stone exhibition. It was midsummer and the weather south of the Yangtze River was too hot. Many people preferred a stroll in the evening and try their luck by buying some raw gemstones.

Among the crowd, a young man was particularly striking. Not only a very beautiful woman holding a pink little girl was beside him, but also two white snowball-like dogs running under his feet.

This man was Qin Haodong. In the afternoon, he returned to his Daddy Security Company and emptied a large warehouse. He took the little fellow, Damao and Ermao to the raw gemstone market at night. Nalan Wushuang got the news and came along with him.

Qin Haodong wandered around the jade stone market, and found that the marketing mode was basically the same as that of Lin Momo’s. The whole market was divided into four ABCD regions.

Among them, the jadeite stones in Area A had the highest value, and the price was generally over one million yuan. Those in Area B were priced between one hundred thousand and one million yuan. Those in Area C were priced between ten thousand and one hundred thousand yuan. Those in Area D were cheap goods, all of which are below ten thousand yuan, ranging from hundreds to thousands.

He calculated that Lin Momo’s 100 million fund was enough to buy all the stones that could double the bet value.

Just as he was calculating, a middle-aged man with gold glasses came over. He first looked at Damao and Ermao at Qin Haodong’s feet with great affection, and then said, “Brother, are you selling these two dogs?”

The little fellow now regarded Damao and Ermao as her partners. When hearing that someone wanted to buy them, she immediately said, “Not for sale! Not for sale! Damao and Ermao are my dogs, not for sale.”

Damao and Ermao seemed to feel the middle-aged man’s intentions, looking at him in a hostile manner, growling discontentedly at him.

The middle-aged man laughed at the little fellow and said, “Little cute, these two dogs can be exchanged for a lot of money, and then you can buy a lot of things you like.”

Then he turned to Qin Haodong and said, “Little brother, I have a lot of money. I have two hobbies in my life. First, I like jade and jewelry. Second, I like dogs, especially Tibetan mastiffs of pure breed.

I can tell these two dogs are very rare pure breed snow mastiffs. I will not let you lose money, one for 5 million yuan, two for 10 million yuan, how about it?”

What he said immediately attracted the attention of the people around him. Everyone thought Damao and Ermao were just two pet dogs. Unexpectedly, they were worth so much money. People immediately gathered around.

The little fellow became flustered; she held around Qin Haodong’s neck and shouted, “Papa, don’t sell Damao and Ermao, they are friends of mine.”

“Don’t worry, Papa won’t sell them.” Qin Haodong smiled at Qian Duoduo and said, “Mr. Qian, as you can see, my daughter disagrees with it. I won’t sell these two dogs.”

Qian Duoduo didn’t give up. He said, “I really like these two dogs, my little brother. How about that, I’ll pay ten million yuan for each dog, OK?”

After he finished speaking, there was a stir among the crowd. A normal person could become rich and live without worries with 20 million yuan.

“Sell it, young man, your two dogs can’t be worth more money…”

“Yes, young man, one for ten million, two would be 20 million, the price is not low…”

Qin Haodong was not to be swayed. First of all, he would never sell what his daughter liked whatever the price. Secondly, these two little snow mastiffs had been through marrow-cleansing and practically became mythical animals now. They couldn’t be measured by money at all.

“Sorry, I won’t sell…”

Qin Haodong said and he was about to leave with Damao and Ermao. Qian Duoduo said again, “Brother, thirty million for both of them!”

Qin Haodong turned around and smiled at him. “Mr. Qian, I won’t sell them even if you pay three hundred million yuan.”

Qian Duoduo was disappointed because the young man really didn’t want to sell his dogs. He took out a business card from his pocket and passed it to Qin Haodong. “Little brother, Lets become friends. If you have the idea of selling dogs in the future, you must contact me first.”

Although Qin Haodong would never think about selling Damao and Ermao, he took the business card out of courtesy and took a look at it, which said, “President of the Jiangnan Jade Association and chief jewelry appraiser of Huaxia — Qian Douduo”.

After the episode, Qin Haodong began to buy the raw gemstones, starting from Area A. He would buy all the gemstones that could rise in value.

Before coming here, he was well prepared. Immediately after payment, His men would load the stones in a truck and send them to the Daddy Security Company’s warehouse.

As he went shopping, soon all the high-quality jade stones in the three ABC areas were bought by him.

He was different from others in buying jade stones. He knew at a glance which one was full of Spiritual Qi, so there was no need to select at all. He just wrote down the code and directly bought them.

This kind of shopping as if buying cabbage immediately attracted the attention of the people present. Only then did they notice that this ordinary dressed young man was so generous that he spent almost 70 or 80 million yuan the twinkling of an eye. No wonder he was not moved by 30 million yuan just then.

Likewise, he attracted the attention of the exhibition’s organizers, but nobody cared since most of the stones he bought looked humble. They deemed the young man squandering money was a son of the rich.

Soon Qin Haodong went to Area D. Suddenly there were wrenching screams when he was recording the code of the raw gemstones he wanted to buy.

He looked around and saw two bodyguards in black suits covering their bloody wrists and looking at Damao and Ermao in horror.

Damao and Ermao grew so fast that they were almost as tall as a man’s knee. They glared at the two men angrily and growled from time to time.

“Damao and Ermao, come back!”

Qin Haodong called back the two snow mastiffs, a little surprised. They were quite spiritual and generally they would not attack people.

“Whose wretched dogs are these?” The two black bodyguards roared.

Nalan Wushuang took the initiative to hold Tang Tang so that Qin Haodong could record the jade stones codes. At this time the little fellow cried in her arms: “Papa, they wanted to snatch the dogs so the dogs bit them!”

Qin Haodong knew what was going on. They wanted to steal them away since they just knew Damao and Ermao’s value.

He stepped forward and said to the two bodyguards, “Say, why did you try to grab my dogs?”

“I ordered it.” An aggressive voice sounded outside the crowd, and then a woman with an arrogant look came in.

If Nalan Wushuang was beautiful and flawless as a fairy, then this woman was her antonym. She couldn’t be any unglier. She was 1.5 meter tall and weighed about 160 or 170 kilograms, plus her face was full of freckles.

To sum it up, if there were scores below 0 when grading people’s faces, it would be the most suitable for her.

The woman was quite arrogant although she was extremely ugly. She came to Qin Haodong conceitedly and said: “I took a fancy to these two dogs. Say, how much do you want?”

Qin Haodong didn’t want to lay his eyes on her again, and he didn’t bother to talk to such an ugly woman so he replied coldly, “Not for sale!”

The ugly woman’s face turned cold. She cried, “Boy, me, Zhou Cuicui already gave you face by offering money. Don’t you know how to appreciate favors?”

“Zhou Cuicui, this woman is Zhou Cuicui…”

“Who is Zhou Cuicui? Is she famous?”

“You may not know Chou Cuicui, but you must have heard her brother Chou Tianhu, the boss of the Burmese Jade Gang…”

“My God, the young man is in trouble, no one can afford to offend Zhou Tianhu’s sister…”

Hearing the talks of the people around her, Zhou Cuicui was proud. She was used to relying on the powers of the Jade Gang. She shouted, “Two dogs, one thousand yuan. I’ll keep them.”

Qin Haodong also heard the talks of the people around clearly. No wonder the woman was so arrogant. She was the sister of the Jade Gang’s boss, but she was still worthless in his eyes.

He glanced at Zhou Cuicui and said with a playful smile, “It’s not your fault to be ugly, but it’s not right to come out and scare people. What if my dogs are scared and bite you?”

As soon as he finished his words, Damao and Ermao pretended to be really frightened by Zhou Cuicui and pounced toward her.

The two black bodyguards tried to stop them, but Damao and Ermao were so agile that they whipped around and bit at Zhou Cuicui.

The two snow mastiffs had human intelligence so they normally wouldn’t hurt people. Instead, they tore Zhou Cuicui’s pants into pieces, leaving har with only a pair of underwear.

“Bastard, wait! You will pay for this.”

Zhou Cui screamed and fled, and her two bodyguards quickly followed her.

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