The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 883 - Director Luo Wanted a Favor

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Chapter 883 Director Luo Wanted a Favor

After leaving Hu Mei’er’s dormitory, the Little Witch immediately laughed and said, “Little brother, your idea is really good. It’s so fun. Let’s do it again sometime.”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s enough to do this once. If they hadn’t wanted to hurt us, we wouldn’t have resorted to this method. We can’t do it again in the future.”

“Well, it’s up to you.” The Little Witch threw herself into Qin Haodong’s arms and hung herself around his neck like a koala bear. She said with a smile, “Little brother, how was my performance today?”

“Not bad! I give you 100 marks.”

The Little Witch said, “Are there any rewards?”

“Of course! All the 2,000 top-level Spirit Stones I got today will belong to you,” Qin Haodong said generously.

Unexpectedly, the Little Witch pouted and said, “I don’t know what that thing can do but it can’t be eaten.”

“Then I have the Voidbreaker Pills and Cultivation Pills that I just refined. You may use them as you please.”

The Little Witch said, “My grandpa has already tried this method for me. With my constitution, no matter what kind of pills I take, my cultivation still can’t be upgraded. Therefore, I don’t want them.”

Qin Haodong said, “Then what do you want?”

The Little Witch giggled and said, “Don’t you know already? I certainly want something delicious. Get me something delicious quickly.”

Zhao Xingyue had been standing quietly at the side. Every time Qin Haodong gave the Little Witch delicious food, she would get some, too.

Although she was not a complete foodie like the Little Witch, she also liked delicious food. After all, Qin Haodong’s food was so delicious that it was irresistible.

“Well, this is for you!”

Qin Haodong said as he took out two bags of rice crackers from his Storage Ring and gave one each to the two girls.

Fortunately, he had prepared enough snacks of different varieties for Tang Tang. Otherwise, he would not be able to satisfy this foodie Little Witch.

“Thank you, little brother. If you encounter such problems later, come to me again. I promise to satisfy you.”

The Little Witch took the bag of rice crackers. Then, she took out a piece of rice cracker, put it into her mouth, and ate it happily.

She ate very quickly. When they strolled back to the dormitory, she had already eaten almost the whole bag of rice crackers.

“Little brother, why do you have so much delicious food? I love you so much.”

The Little Witch then jumped onto the bed. “From today on, I’ll be officially staying here. No one can drive me away.”

This house was originally a single dormitory. But now, the two beauties were staying together. One was timid and dared not to leave and the other was greedy for delicious food and did not want to leave.

Qin Haodong smiled bitterly. He didn’t know how long he would have to sleep on the floor.

He said, “You want to live here. Have you spoken to your grandpa?”

The Little Witch said, “I don’t have to tell him. I’m free to live wherever I want.”

“Is that appropriate?”

“Yes, definitely. Anyway, you can’t drive me away.”

After saying that, the Little Witch hopped into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Then, she came out in her sexy pajamas.

“Little brother, do you think I am beautiful?”

She grabbed Qin Haodong’s arm and jumped up again.

Qin Haodong quickly held her shoulders down and said, “Stop jumping. I’m dizzy!”

This girl had a beautiful and lovely baby face but she had a devil-like figure. This huge contrast could make any man’s heart accelerate. In addition, her big bosoms would make any man dizzy when she kept jumping up and down.

“Okay, got it. I’m going to sleep.”

The Little Witch and Zhao Xingyue climbed onto the bed together. The three of them were ready to go to bed. However, suddenly the Little Witch stuck her little head out and said, “Little brother, are you lonely sleeping on the floor all by yourself?

“Why don’t you get on the bed? Anyway, this bed is big enough, so the three of us can sleep in it.”

“Uh… I’m fine here. Go to sleep.”

It sounded tempting to sleep in the same bed with two beautiful women but Qin Haodong knew the pain.

That was because he could not do anything to these two beautiful women. It was definitely crueler than the Ten Torture Ones. Thus, it was better for him to sleep on the floor.

The next morning, the two girls went to class as usual after breakfast. Qin Haodong went to the medicine sales hall of the Alchemist Association by himself. He took out the pills he refined yesterday and sold them. Then he bought a large number of medicinal materials.

Last time, he used a total of 6000 top-level Spirit Stones to break through to the middle stage of the Voiding Realm. When his cultivation reached this level, he needed huge amounts of Spiritual Qi for upgrading. Therefore, he needed to prepare enough Spirit Stones before he dared to break through to the late stage of the Voiding Realm.

After purchasing the medicinal materials, he left the entrance of the Alchemist Association. A figure suddenly appeared in front of him. It was the Associate Director of the Tortoise Academy, Luo Dongqing.

When he saw Qin Haodong, he shouted, “Don’t go, boy. I need to talk to you!”

“Director Luo, you didn’t drink up that box of wine so soon, did you?”

Although there was a lot of wine stored in Qin Haodong’s Storage Ring, it was not enough for the geezer if he continued to drink at this rate.

“No, no, I can’t drink that fast,” Luo Dongqing said, “I came for something else.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Just say it. I’m a nice person. As long as you give me enough Spirit Stones, I can do anything.”

“You brat, you are tempted by money.” Luo Dongqing seemed a bit embarrassed as he said, “It’s inconvenient to talk here. Come to my office to talk.”

After that, he took Qin Haodong to the Director’s Office. This time, he set up a restriction in the room and seemed to be very cautious.

Qin Haodong asked in surprise, “Director Luo, what are you doing? Are you going to kill me and rob my wine?”

Luo Dongqing glared fiercely at him. “Do you think I am a robber? Besides, that wicked girl Hongying will fight desperately with me if I dare touch even one of your fingers.”

Qin Haodong asked, “Then what are you going to do?”

Luo Dongqing didn’t reply to his question. Instead, he asked, “I’ve heard about what happened last night. You had Hongying dress up as you and extorted money from He Kaishan. Is that true?”

“Yes.” Qin Haodong had been prepared for this for a long time. He was very clear that Wu Tiecheng would report to Luo Dongqing the next day.

He added, “Don’t worry! At that time, I made sure no one hurt her because I kept following Hongying.”

Luo Dongqing said, “Hurt her? It’s not like I’m worried about that. In the Tortoise Academy, I’d be relieved if she didn’t hurt anyone else.”

Qin Haodong asked in confusion, “Then what do you mean by bringing this up?”

He originally thought that Luo Dongqing was criticizing him but now it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

“I… I…”

Luo Dongqing hesitated for a long time. Finally, as if he made up his mind with determination, he suddenly looked pitiful. He took Qin Haodong’s hand and said, “I want to ask you for a favor.

“As long as you can help me with this, I will do anything you want me to do in the future.”

Qin Haodong inexplicably asked, “Director Luo, I am just a new student and you are the Associate Director of the Tortoise Academy.”

“In terms of cultivation, you are the Stronger at the final stage and I have just entered the Voiding Stage. There is such a big gap between us. What can I help you with?”

“Alas! Little Qin, although I am the Associate Director on the surface and looked glorious, in fact, I have been suffering for so many years.”

Luo Dongqing sighed and said, “Although family shame can’t be made public, I have to tell you about this matter. I have been kicked out by my wife for ten years. Until now, not only am I not allowed to go to her bed, but I’m also not allowed to step into the house.”

When Qin Haodong heard this, he couldn’t help laughing. “Geezer, I already know about this thing. Hongying told me about it yesterday.”

No wonder the geezer had sealed off the entire room. It turned out that he was afraid others would hear about his dirty deeds.

Luo Dongqing’s face reddened. “This wicked girl actually told you everything.”

“In fact, it was really not my fault. Although the female teacher had always been interested in me, I had never done anything against my wife.”

“It’s just that I drank too much that day. Somehow I was brought to her house by her and was caught red-handed by my wife.”

Qin Haodong said, “Director Luo, if there’s anything I can help you with, just tell me.”

Luo Dongqing said, “Little Qin, my wife’s personality is a little strange. She is usually so stubborn that I can’t do anything about it.”

“The personality of that wicked girl Hongying is very similar to that of my old lady. The two of them are very alike. In recent years, Hongying has created a lot of chaos in the Tortoise Academy and no one could control her.”

“But yesterday, I found that the girl listens only to you. She would do whatever you said. Tell me if there’s any trick to it.”

“As long as you can let me go home, I will take you as my master.”

Qin Haodong suddenly realized that the geezer wanted to learn from him how to deal with women, so as to conquer his shrewish wife.

He said, “Director Luo, it’s not that I don’t want to help you but I rely completely on my personal charm. You can’t learn it.”

“Uh…” Luo Dongqing grabbed Qin Haodong’s hand. “Little Qin, I’m begging you. You must help me today. You don’t know that my old lady looks like a fairy. There are countless men chasing after her all day long.”

“I’m afraid that if too much time passes, we will really be alienated. At that time, we won’t be able to make up for it.”

Qin Haodong was secretly amused. The geezer said it in such a euphemistic way. In the final analysis, he was afraid of being cuckolded.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Luo Hongying’s grandma must be an old lady in her seventies or eighties. How beautiful could she be?

“Well, for the sake of the little girl, I’ll help you this time.”

The geezer was really pitiful. Qin Haodong decided to help him.

Seeing that he had agreed, Luo Dongqing immediately said with a smile, “Thank you, Little Qin. Thank you so much. I won’t object when you marry Luo Hongying in the future.”

“Geezer, I never said I would marry your granddaughter.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re happy.”

Luo Dongqing served Qin Haodong like a Bodhisattva. With a flattering face, he poured a glass of water and put it in front of him. “Little Qin, have some water.”

Qin Haodong said, “In fact, it’s easy to get your wife back. There are two main ways. The first is to please her and make her happy. The second is to change your image and let her see you in a different light.”

Luo Dongqing was like a primary school student who was being taught. He nodded repeatedly and said, “Little Qin, I understand the logic. However, I’ve thought of many ways to make her happy but she still hasn’t forgiven me.”

Qin Haodong asked, “How did you do it?”

“What else can I do? I just have to chase after her and apologize every day, and explain the truth over and over again.”

Qin Haodong said with a shocked face, “It’s been ten years. This is all you’ve done? Nothing else?”

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