The Divine Martial Stars - Chapter 710 - Blood Bats in Heavenly Fox Secret Realm

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Chapter 710 Blood Bats in Heavenly Fox Secret Realm

They seemed to be the Heavenly Legends of the Star River who had entered this world.

Li Mu ran his eyes over the sky and saw three men and two women. All of them were young and looked unfamiliar to him.

They were fleeing in panic. Behind them was a blood-red sea of clouds rolling and chasing wildly after them. Upon closer inspection, Li Mu found that the blood-red sea was made up of tens of thousands of blood bats that were frantically chasing after the five Heavenly Legends.

Each blood bat was about the size of a washbasin. They were just creatures in the Mortal Realm, but they had sharp fangs that could break down the defense of a master in the General Realm. When tens of thousands of them gathered, they blotted out the sky and the earth like a sea of blood, which was frightening.

After thinking for a while, Li Mu decided to take action.

“Come over here.”

He soared into the sky, hovered in the air, and shouted loudly.

The five Heavenly Legends were already in despair. When they heard the shout and looked over, they suddenly recognized Li Mu.

“It’s Li Yidao.”

“Mr. Li, save us!”

“Hero Li, please help us.”

Overjoyed, they rushed toward Li Mu.

Without saying anything, Li Mu patted the scabbard on his back, and the Samsara Knife turned into twenty-four blades. The blades whizzed out like rainbow rays and ripped through the sea of blood bats in the distance. Suddenly, the broken pieces of countless bats fell from the sky like raindrops.

It was a blood rain.

The five Heavenly Legends came over to Li Mu, still in shock.

“Feng Fei, what… what are you doing?” One of the women suddenly looked into the distance in surprise.

It turned out that when the three men of the five Heavenly Legends moved past Li Mu, they did not stop at all, but instead they continued fleeing.

The male Heavenly Legend named Feng Fei shouted from the distance. “Ha-ha, there are so many demonic blood bats behind us. We humans can’t stop them! Hurry up and run! Let Li Yidao block them for us!”

“Yuanyuan, why are you not leaving? Even though Li Yidao is very powerful, he can’t kill all those bats.”

Another man shouted loudly.

When the two men shouted, they did not slow down at all.

The female Heavenly Legend named Yuanyuan and another woman in red light armor looked surprised and bewildered.

“No. Mr. Li is doing this to save us. Bi’ting, let’s fight alongside with him.” Yuanyuan gritted her teeth and made up her mind. A streak of red lightning shot out from beneath her wrist. It was a strange snake whip that was thousands of meters long.

The snake whip in her hand was like a swimming dragon. It was moving as flexibly as a flying bird and shining with runes, as if it were a living being. It wriggled its way into the sea of blood bats in the distance and slashed the blood bats wildly.

The female Heavenly Legend named Bi’ting raised her hands and threw out twenty bright pearls. The pearls were shining brightly like the stars, forming a Small Circulatory Cycle protective shield around the three of them. She said, “I’ll defend. My Circulatory Cycle Wind-stabilizing Pearls can resist the enemy for a while.”

While she was speaking, the light around them suddenly dimmed.

Countless blood bats engulfed the three of them like a vast sea of blood.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”

Shrill squeaks rang out at a weird frequency and wildly hit the Small Circulatory Cycle protective shield.

Bats could produce ultrasonic sound waves. When these sound waves added together, they could generate a very strong attacking power.

“What should we do? I can’t hold on for long.” Bi’ting looked anxious.

At this moment, she suddenly felt a bit regretful. She thought that she should have followed Feng Fei and the others to escape.

A streak of red light flew back into Yuanyuan’s hand. Her snake whip had lost its power, and the runes had been broken and destroyed.

“Mr. Li, it’s our fault…” Yuanyuan looked at Li Mu apologetically.

Li Mu did not say a word. He immediately activated the Broadsword Pellet that Bi Yan, the Green Fox God, gave him. A long, strangely shaped broadsword glowing with blue light appeared. He activated the power of his white-bone right arm and thrust the broadsword.

The broadsword flashed.

The space in front of him suddenly became open and clear.

The broadsword cut the vast “sea of blood” in half.

Those ferocious blood bats didn’t expect to encounter such a strong power. They immediately slowed down the pace of attacking.

However, in the next moment, a strange sound rang out, and the bats seemed to have gone mad and began to attack again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Small Circulatory Cycle protective shield formed by twenty-four pearls made crisp sounds of glass breaking.

“No, I can’t hold on any longer,” Bi’ting exclaimed. Her face turned ashy.

Just then, Li Mu moved swiftly and disappeared in a flash.

“Ah…” Yuanyuan was shocked.

Bi’ting said, “He has escaped… He has given up on us and used us as bait. We’re finished. Yuanyuan, we’re finished…” This female Heavenly Legend’s face was pale, and she was trembling. On the verge of death, she couldn’t help screaming.

Yuanyuan felt a little upset, but she smiled bitterly and said, “There is no other way. At least he has tried his best.”

Before her voice faded away, a sudden change took place.

Several strange sounds rang out.

Then the “sea of blood” dispersed like smoke being blown away by strong gusts of wind.

The blood bats all over the sky began to scream shrilly, as if they had encountered something terrifying. Their previous compact organization broke down, and they stopped attacking the two women and fled desperately in all directions.

“What’s going on?”

The two female Heavenly Legends were dumbfounded by this incredible change.

At this time, Li Yidao flew through the air towards them.

He was holding a huge blood bat that was about two meters long. The bat was still struggling desperately. Its wings were covered in blood-red bony barbs and shining with scarlet runic light, and its claws and fangs were frightening. However, Li Mu was holding it by the neck, and it couldn’t free itself from Li Mu’s hand. It soon stopped struggling after Li Mu patted it twice with the back of his Samsara Knife.

“Mr. Li, you are…”

Li Yidao had returned. The two female Heavenly Legends looked at him, feeling a little embarrassed. They wronged Li Yidao just now.

“This is a blood bat king that controls the entire flock of bats. Now that I have captured it, the flock of bats has been dissolved,” Li Mu said.

This flock of bats was no threat to Li Mu. Even if he stood there and let them bite him, they still could not damage his body that had been tempered by “Zhenwu Boxing”, and they would never be able to suck his blood. It was just that there were too many bats, so he could not kill all of them in several days. Even if he could do that, it would be a pure waste of time. He saw five bat kings hiding in the flock with his Third Eye. He killed four of them and caught one alive. In this way, the flock of blood bats was completely dissolved.

“Mr. Li, just now…” Yuanyuan looked embarrassed and apologized to Li Mu. “I’m Ying Yuanyuan, the second Heavenly Legend in the Snow Star Region. Thank you for saving my life.”

Bi’ting also felt ashamed. She said, “I’m Liao Bi’ting, the fourth Heavenly Legend in Bright Moon Star Region. I wronged you just now. Please forgive me. Thank you for saving my life, but I can only repay you…”

Before she could finish her words, a smile flashed across Li Mu’s face.

Liao Bi’ting and Ying Yuanyuan looked at Li Mu in confusion.

Li Mu thought of a very famous joke on the Earth.

In ancient times, when an elegant and handsome hero saved a woman and the woman took a fancy to him, she would always say, “Thank you for saving my life, but I can only repay you with my body.” However, if the hero was not good-looking enough, she would say, “Thank you for saving my life, but I can only repay you by being your servant in the next life.” Li Mu was curious about what Liao Bi’ting was going to say next.

However, when Liao Bi’ting saw Li Mu smiling, she did not know if she had said something wrong and dared not continue.

“Mr. Li, we should get out of this place as soon as possible, right? It is highly likely that those bats will come back again,” Ying Yuanyuan reminded.

The two beautiful girls were very popular, but they still felt a little stressed in the face of Li Yidao, who ranked fourth on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions.

After all, in the recent period, there had been various legends about Li Yidao’s formidable power, decisiveness, love for the Lady of the Clouds, and romantic affairs… For the very first time, they doubted their attractiveness to men.

“There’s no rush.”

Li Mu had no intention of leaving.

He began to tame the blood bat king in his hand.

After a while, the two beautiful women were shocked to see that the huge bat king suddenly became as tame as a well-behaved baby. It obeyed all the orders given by Li Yidao. In the end, it became his mount, let him stand on its back, and carried him to fly.

“You look so ugly, but you’re somewhat useful.”

Li Mu patted the bat king on the head.

It was a creature in the General Realm and had some innate magical power. Most importantly, it could control thousands of bats. Those bats could be of great use and help Li Mu find the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb.

“Go now. Command your subjects to help me find the magic herb. As long as you can find it, I will remove the runic incantation in your body and fulfill my promise to help you break the bloodline shackles and evolve your vision. It’s a good deal.”

Li Mu transmitted the order with his mind.

The blood bat king cried out excitedly, rubbed itself against Li Mu’s feet very tamely, flapped its wings, and flew away.

“Ah? How can you let it go just like that? What if it summons the bats and comes back for revenge? In that case…” Liao Bi’ting felt a little worried.

Li Mu shook his head and said, “It won’t.”

The bat kings at such a cultivation level had spiritual intelligence and could analyze the pros and cons. They wouldn’t do anything meaningless.

Drawing on advantages and avoiding disadvantages was an instinct of all living creatures.

There were tens of thousands of blood bats under the command of the bat king. They were much more efficient than Li Mu was in searching for the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb.

Of course, he could not give up on looking for it himself.

“Mr. Li, where are you going next?” Ying Yuanyuan gazed at Li Mu and gingerly asked, “I don’t know if we two can follow you.”

Abandoned by the three male companions, they felt a little scared now.

The Heavenly Fox Secret Realm was much more dangerous than they had imagined. They might die at any time. The true situation was different from what they heard before they entered the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm.

For some unknown reason, they clearly felt that some bad changes had taken place in the secret realm.

Women had keen intuitions, so they wanted to follow Li Mu and seek his protection.

Li Mu thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

He was not a cold-blooded person. He wouldn’t refuse to save the people in great danger.

The three of them walked together.

Two hours later, they saw a corpse on the side of a valley.

“Feng Fei? Is he dead?” Ying Yuanyuan’s face changed abruptly.

It was the body of the male Heavenly Legend named Feng Fei, one of the three men who had tried to escape.

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