The First Order - Chapter 1137 - I wish you happiness

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Chapter 1137 I wish you happiness

“The Norman and the Tudor families have held onto their black Eyes of True Sight for too long.” Noticing Ren Xiaosu’s confusion, Chen Jingshu explained with a smile, “See, the allocation of resources in the entire Kingdom of Sorcerers is decided by them. Over time, it would naturally arouse the dissatisfaction of the other clans.”

Puzzled, Ren Xiaosu asked, “Possessing the black Eye of True Sight is nothing more than just having the ability to cast more powerful spells. So how is that related to the allocation of resources?”

Chen Jingshu shook her head. “You don’t own a black Eye of True Sight, so you don’t understand the mystery behind it. Only those who’ve possessed it before understand its secret. Why else do you think the Norman and the Tudor families can occupy the capital?”

Ren Xiaosu glanced at Chen Jingshu. “You’re speaking like your bounty hunter organization has a black Eye of True Sight.”

Sorry y’all don’t have one, but I do!

“Although we’ve never possessed a black Eye of True Sight before, we know what uses it has other than being a weapon,” Chen Jingshu rebuked. “We might not know what your motives are for coming here from the Central Plains, but I think it’s better that we work together as equals. We can provide you with a lot of information, and all you’ll need to do is to cooperate with some of our operations.”

“Sure,” Ren Xiaosu replied with a smile. “We can make use of each other.”

Perhaps the bounty hunters thought they would benefit more from this partnership with Ren Xiaosu. But in fact, the initiative had always been in Ren Xiaosu’s hands.

Ren Xiaosu rode his horse away. Before going, he told Chen Jingshu, “I’m leaving with Melgor tonight. No matter what Qian Weining’s plan is, I’m not interested in getting involved in this mess with him. So let’s part ways tonight and meet again in Ghent City!”

“Qian Weining will not let you leave. He needs a sorcerer to represent the trade caravan,” Chen Jingshu calmly analyzed.

“Oh.” Ren Xiaosu smiled and nodded. “That’s not up to him.”

Chen Jingshu was stunned when she heard that. More than half of the 1,000-strong trade caravan were Qian Weining’s people, so no matter how strong the young man before her might be, he should not be able to get past the encirclement of a few hundred people, right?

After Ren Xiaosu left, a guard who had been following him quietly went to look for Qian Weining. “Sir, the steward was just wandering around on his horse. He didn’t make any suspicious moves.”

“Wandering around?” Qian Weining frowned. “Could he really be just a normal person? What’s he been doing?”

“He was mainly chatting and flirting with a woman.” The guard whispered, “That woman is quite attractive. I think he has designs for her.”

Qian Weining sneered, “He’s in the mood to flirt at a time like this? We don’t have to worry about him then. Alright, you may go back. Remember, keep a close eye on Melgor.”

The guard nodded. “Yes, sir. Do we need to make any adjustments to the night watches? Is there a need for that? The bandits are rampant in this area, so I think it’s better to deploy more people.”

“Unnecessary.” Qian Weining glanced at the


The guard said, “That’s true. With your archery, no bandit can get near us.”

Qian Weining paused for a moment before saying, “You’re absolutely right.”

In the evening, the sheeple were sitting next to the campfire and diligently learning the language of the Magi. They hoped they could immediately become sorcerers after arriving in Ghent City and purchasing their Eyes of True Sight.

Ren Xiaosu was bored stiff as he waited for nightfall. He looked at the sheeple. “What spell incantation are you two learning now?”

“Liquefy Ground.” Li Chengguo continued practicing his pronunciation after replying to Ren Xiaosu. It was as though he wasn’t interested in talking to him.

Meanwhile, Melgor was meditating. He was probably busy increasing his spell proficiency in his inner world.

As a matter of fact, Melgor was really diligent. No matter what happened on the journey, he did not stop meditating for a day and would do so for at least six hours a day.

In Melgor’s words, since he did not have a higher grade of the Eye of True Sight, he would have to work harder. As the saying went, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” As long as he was diligent, he could still become an archmage someday.

Then Ren Xiaosu asked him if anyone in the history of the Kingdom of Sorcerers had become an archmage with a white Eye of True Sight.

Melgor’s answer was no.

After this question was raised, Melgor became dejected for most of the day. But fortunately, he quickly composed himself and vowed to become the first archmage wielding a white Eye of True Sight.

Ren Xiaosu had been thinking about whether he should give the orange Eye of True Sight to Melgor. But when he heard his vow, he temporarily dismissed the idea of giving it to Melgor.

After all, Ren Xiaosu could not let Melgor go back on his vow, right?

However, Ren Xiaosu felt that even though Melgor was a sweet idiot, his indomitable resilience and never-give-up attitude were consistent with the profile of a protagonist!

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu started wondering. Although he had developed some incantations in Chinese, the only incantations he could confirm at the moment were “haiya” and “may you be prosperous.” While he had cast a lot of spells against a sorcerer before, he was unable to determine which ones were effective and which were not during his pursuit.

“Haiya” was the incantation for opening up a three-meter deep pit below an enemy’s feet, while “may you be prosperous” was the incantation for the Liquefy Ground spell, which trapped people underground with quicksand.

Speaking of which, it was time for Ren Xiaosu to find the most suitable spell for himself. After all, he still had 90,000 unused Proficiency Stones.

Now that he possessed the black Eye of True Sight, even though he could successfully cast spells without needing to practice them thousands of times, the intensities of the “haiya” and “may you be prosperous” spells were still too weak.

If he were to return to the Northwest in the future and everyone asked, “Future Commander, what sorcery did you learn over there?”

n over

And he could only create a small pit with a random spell to show them, wouldn’t that be really embarrassing?

According to Melgor, spells would become more powerful with practice. But most sorcerers would only specialize in one or two spells in their entire lives.

Ren Xiaosu had to quickly find the spell he wanted to specialize in most, then raise the power of that spell with the Proficiency Stones!

Ren Xiaosu’s gaze swept over to the two servants. He was thinking of testing out his spells on them. But he somehow felt it was not very nice to keep torturing them. As such, he quietly took out his Eye of True Sight and turned his gaze to Qian Weining. “I wish you happiness.”


At this moment, Qian Weining was sitting at the campfire and whispering to his trusted aide, “Tonight, you’ll lead Mox to keep watch for the first half of the night before I take over for the second half with the others. You must be extremely careful. If a situation crops up, wake me up immediately.”

His trusted aide replied, “Yes, sir. By the way, you haven’t had a proper sleep recently. Why don’t you get some rest tonight? I’ll lead some people to keep watch for the first half of the night and let Mox take over with his men for the second half.”

Qian Weining shook his head. “No, I’m still full of energy. I’m happy that you’re so thoughtful though. I’m really touched.”

With that, tears rolled down Qian Weining’s cheeks!

His trusted aide was stunned right then and there. “Are you that touched?”

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