The First Order - Chapter 982 - Liberated Serfs, Sing

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Chapter 982: Liberated Serfs, Sing

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Attempting to take over Luoyang City was a very complicated matter. However, Ren Xiaosu’s so-called takeover was not to occupy the entire city. He only sought to obtain the surveillance footage and then lock down the city.

The purpose of retrieving the surveillance footage was so Wang Yun could analyze it. As for how it should be analyzed, not even Ren Xiaosu had it fully figured out. However, he was sure Wang Yun would definitely surprise him.

Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu wanted to prevent any of the enemies who were still hiding in Luoyang City from escaping.

With the gates shut and Zhou Yingxue’s measures in place outside the city, anyone who dared to escape by going over the walls would definitely die.

This time, the move Ren Xiaosu made was probably the biggest one he had taken.

The 71 members of the Qing Consortium who were operating covertly in Luoyang City had already reported to Zhou Yingxue. After that, this group of people marched into the Public Order Division and took control of it.

The director of the Public Order Division in Luoyang City was a distant relative of the Xu clan. Initially, he did not think much of it when he received the news that a large group of people were heading towards the Public Order Division.

However, he discovered through the surveillance cameras several junctions away that these people were fucking carrying guns.

When he realized what Zhou Yingxue and the group were up to, he immediately got his men to draw their weapons from the armory.

Then, after they retrieved their weapons, they realized the opponents they were facing were eight armored beings.

When faced with the eight armored beings, the director of the Public Order Division felt a deep sense of powerlessness. Opponents their weapons were ineffective against was not something their Public Order Division could handle. No matter how many people they had, they could not defeat these eight armored beings.

After Wang Yuchi and the others took control of the situation, Zhou Yingxue swaggered in. She was dressed in an expensive qipao and jewelry, looking extremely pompous.

Wang Yuchi looked at Zhou Yingxue. “Big Sis, what do we do next?”

The eight students in the armor looked to Zhou Yingxue for further instructions. This made her very happy. It was as though she had become a mob boss, with her eight younger brothers serving as her fighters.

This sight immediately made Zhou Yingxue feel like she was the protagonist of the world.

Earlier at the entrance of Hope Media, when the maidservant saw Yang Xiaojin was also here in Luoyang City, she had quickly lowered her head and did not even dare mutter a word. Now that she was here to take on outsiders, she was finally able to hold her head high and sing like a liberated serf.

Zhou Yingxue looked at Wang Yuchi and the others and smiled. Her efforts in cooking for her younger brothers and taking care of their daily needs had not been in vain. In the future, if anyone dared to provoke her, she would just have Wang Yuchi and the others help her solve the problem.

Just like her master’s style, anyone who caused a problem would be taken care of!

Zhou Yingxue swaggered over and sat down in the Public Order Division, then said to the director, “We’ll be taking charge of the Public Order Division starting from now. Any objections?”

The director of the Public Order Division said with a wry smile, “I’m only an employee, so I don’t have the final say.”

“So I’ll kill you and look for someone who has the authority then?” Zhou Yingxue asked with a serious expression.

The Public Order Division director replied, “You have full command of the Public Order Division. You can have the men do whatever you want.”

Zhou Yingxue immediately gave a warm smile. “Alright, I’m also just serving my master. He just killed a lot of people in Luoyang City, and I think your Public Order Division should’ve watched it, right? Don’t try anything funny, or you’ll die. Have the Public Order Division retrieve all the surveillance footage of the city streets for me. We’re only here to avenge Elder Jiang. After we’re done with that, we’ll leave.”

With that, Zhou Yingxue left behind two students and 20 Qing Consortium members and turned around to head for the garrison troops’ base.

Unexpectedly, the garrison troops did not put up any resistance. Instead, they voluntarily welcomed Zhou Yingxue and the others in.

Zhou Yingxue looked curiously at the Luoyang City garrison commander. “Aren’t you guys gonna resist a little?”

The maid thought to herself, ‘I’m not even getting any sense of accomplishment here!‘

The Luoyang City garrison commander said with a wry smile, “The Qinghe Group sent us orders to give our full cooperation. To be honest, we also want to avenge Elder Jiang. If you can find out who did it, that’d be great.”

“Eh?” Zhou Yingxue found it a little strange. As the controller of Luoyang City, the Qinghe Group should be the first to come forward to protect their sovereignty. But from the look of things, why did it seem like the other party had willingly handed over their authority?

“Let’s go, we’ll head straight to the Qinghe Group’s HQ.” Zhou Yingxue did not even step past the gate of the garrison base. She only left behind two students and 20 Qing Consortium members to supervise the garrison troops in locking down the city before heading straight for the Qinghe Group’s headquarters.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Qinghe Building, all of the security personnel were already waiting downstairs. Zhou Yingxue glanced at them before walking in and taking the elevator to the top floor.

Xu Zhi was alone in the office on the top floor.

The leader of the Qinghe Group had always been the Rider Xu Ke. But after Xu Ke handed over the leadership to Xu Zhi, Xu Ke went and chased after his dream of being a Rider. It could be said that the current Qinghe Group was now controlled by this former president of the Qinghe University Student Council.

Xu Zhi stood in his office and watched quietly as the maidservant arrived. Now that he saw the lady he had missed so much, he did not know what to say.

Instead, it was Zhou Yingxue who casually sat down on the sofa in the office. “Where are the Riders of the Qinghe Group? Why did they not even show up after such a big incident?”

Xu Zhi thought for a moment and answered, “They don’t serve the Qinghe Group, so they’re free to do whatever they want. When Chief Editor Jiang Xu tragically passed, the Riders were helping the escapees and the Pyro Company’s troops retreat from the front line. The battle at the Great Wall was extremely tragic, and several of the Riders were also injured in the evacuation. Later on, when the Riders were organizing the escapees to retreat to the South, they were ambushed by the Experimentals. Fortunately, there weren’t any major incidents. They should’ve received the news and should be heading back.”

Zhou Yingxue said, “Oh, I see, so they went to help the escapees. I heard you ordered the garrison troops to give us their full cooperation? Why?”

“Because we all want to avenge Mr. Jiang Xu.” Xu Zhi said, “The Luoyang City garrison troops had gone to support the Northern battlefront and deployed too many of their troops there. Actually, what’s left of them here is only an empty shell, so they can’t stop you guys anyway.”

Zhou Yingxue nodded. “Smart, that’s really sensible of you. Alright, since you guys are so cooperative, there’s no need for me to take any action. You can just sit back while we handle things from here.”

After that, Zhou Yingxue headed downstairs. Xu Zhi hesitated for a long time before suddenly asking, “Can I talk with you after we find the culprit who killed Mr. Jiang Xu?”

Zhou Yingxue walked into the elevator. She turned around to look at Xu Zhi, who had chased after her and was standing outside the elevator. “Kid, I’ll have to check with my master regarding such matters. But I can’t be bothered to ask him since I don’t think there’s anything to talk to you about. You’re too weak.”

When the elevator door closed, Xu Zhi stood outside looking despondent.

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