The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 420 - [Bonus chapter]The Four Sacred Beasts New Masters (2)(unedited)

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Chapter 420 - [Bonus chapter]The Four Sacred Beasts New Masters (2)(unedited)

Back at the palace, the ?du?ts had gathered together in one of the big reception rooms in the palace. The children were told to be at their rooms. But they insisted on staying at the twin's room until they wake up.

The door opened and the couple Satiana and Jack came rushing in with an anxious expression.

"We have heard of what happened." Satiana said with a concerned tone. "How are the imperial children?"

"We let our son Henry join the other children." Jack said. "I am sure that he is also worried for his cousins."

"Thank you for your concern, Satiana and Jack." Alicia welcomed them with a hug. "The children are fine, thank goodness."

"They are brave young children, so I will not worry to much about them." Jack smirked. "They got their bravery from their parents."

"Thank you for the compliment and welcome back." Regaleon also welcomed the couple with a hugged. "You have come at a bad timing, but I am happy that you are here."

"We are sorry for being late as such a crucial hour." Satiana apologized.

"What are your initial findings on this abduction?" Jack asked. "Maybe I can be of help."

"William and Dimitri are still conducting the preliminary investigation." Regaleon said. "But maybe you can help me with this." He gave a piece of paper to Jack.

Jack inspected the paper with full focus. He had his eyebrows squinted until his face gave out a bright look.

"I know these symbols." Jack said. "You can see these symbols from Xing foreigners. I remember seeing some of these symbols written on their documents and some are on their clothes."

"So those men are from Xing country." Regaleon had his face darkened. "They will pay for what they have done in our own country, more importantly to my children."

"Let us wait for William and Dimitri's initial findings first." Alicia calmed her husband who was visibly boiling in anger from within. "We would not want to destroy our diplomatic relations based on little evidence."

"Her majesty is right, your majesty." Gladiolus interjected. "We have worked hard to have good diplomatic connections with Xing in the past years. But if ever the evidence points to them, then I will personally lead this matter and ask them for answers. I will not let them off if their people have done such atrocities here." He said with pure conviction.

"Then I will ?ssign this to you, Gladiolus." Regaleon ordered. "I expect a clear and concise investigation. I will not tolerate any mistakes."

"Thank you, your majesty." Gladiolus bowed his head. "I will not fail you."

"But other than that, what else have you called for us here, your majesty?" It was Anatalia who asked. "I can feel that this issue is not the only thing you would like to talk about, your majesty."

"Yes, there is another issue at hand." Regaleon sighed. "Please, take a seat first before I explain another thing at hand."

The ?du?ts all took their seats and looked at Regaleon with curious faces. Regaleon looked one by one at the people on attendance and started to speak.

"This is regarding the sacred beasts." Regaleon said.

"speaking of them, I have not seen them since they arrived at the palace." Gladiolus replied.

"Our familiars or what they called the sacred beasts in ancient times, were found with my twins unconscious." Regaleon started. "They recently have woken up, and they came to me and told me of something that I was also surprised to hear."

"What is it?" Angel asked out of curiosity. She had been living with Carrick who was Dimitri's side for a while now and had considered him as a friend.

"It would be better I guess if they told you themselves." Regaleon replied.

After Regaleon's words the door opened, and four people came inside. Three males and one female. They looked at the people who were seating with bright faces, as if they were old acquaintances.

"Hello everyone." The female said with a cheerful voice. She had white hair and blue eyes.

"You may not recognize at in this appearance." A man with black hair and eyes said.

"But this appearance is just temporary." A man with fiery red hair and amber eyes said.

"We will revert back to our original state after we have finished the tasks given to us." A man with blue hair and sky blue eyes said.

The people seating down were at a confused state. Those who only knew who they were are the people closest to them.

"V-Virgil… is that you?" Gladiolus pointed to the blue haired man with fascination.

"Yes master." Virgil replied with a soft smile. "It is I, Virgil."

"Then does that mean the other three are the royals familiars?" Jack stood up in surprise and astonishment. "I cannot believe it! First they can converse to us using human speech and now these beings could also take human form! My father would be thrilled to learn of this. He could write another book about the royals familiars." He said in wonder and amazement.

"Hold your horses, honey." Satiana giggled. "I believe there is still something they need to tell us."

"Go on." Regaleon ordered.

"Then let me be the spokesperson." Carrick was the one to take the lead. "The chosen one was partially awakened from the incident earlier."

The ?du?ts gasped after hearing Carrick's words. Hearing the name 'The Chosen One' put shivers on their skin.

"No need to worry because he has come back to his slumber because the time is not right yet." Carrick quickly calmed the racing hearts of the ?du?ts. "But with his awaking, we awakened as well. And because of that we found our calling and that is to aid the chosen one in his journey."

"Does that mean that Prince Alphonse is now your master?" Gladiolus asked.

"Not quite." Carrick replied. "It is true that our master to whom we serve has changed, but is we still have different masters from one another."

"What do you mean?" Angel asked with a confused face.

"Our new masters are the ones that will aid the chosen one in his journey." Tempest replied.

"We have been given these temporary bodies to aid them in growing up." Snow said.

"We will teach them of what they need to learn, and we will be their guardians in growing up." Virgil said.

"D-Do not tell me that…" Anatalia got the sacred beasts' message in the words they have just uttered.

"Yes." Carrick nodded. "Our new masters are your children."

The mothers gasped after hearing Carrick's words while the fathers were quite shocked.

"So, you are telling me that my child… my little Thalia will be a master of a sacred beast?" Gladiolus broke the silence.

"That is correct." Virgil was the one to reply. "And I am happy to serve the little lady. I have been by her side while she was growing up." He smiled.

"And I will surely love being with Aerith." Snow said with a smile. "I have always like her from all of your children Alicia." Alicia giggled hearing Snow's words. She knew that Snow had her favorite since the beginning.

"I will be serving young master Deimos." Carrick told Angel, who is the representative parent while Dimitri is away. "I am sure be part to him my knowledge and wisdom."

"Does that mean my Henry will be exempted from this?" Jack was the first to ask because he knew Satiana was also concerned about this and was not able to voice it out. "I mean, none of us, his parents, have had a familiar like you."

"I am afraid I will be the one serving young master Henry." Tempest said. "My link was given to him."

"M-My little Henry?" Satiana was in disbelief. She had known that her son had high magic abilities unlike her. She just dismissed it as Jack being a pureblooded Atlantian and mixed with royal blood, Henry had strong fire magic. But now she was having the thought that her son was chosen as well from the new generation.

"Our children are the new generation of royal blooded Atlantians." Regaleon said. "They are direct ancestors of The Almighty One and are now given the task to help my son, who was prophesied as the chosen one."

The parents were silent in the room. They were having their own thoughts of the situation. But there is one thing they are certain about. Their children's fates are now woven with The Chosen One. It was a fate that cannot be broken. Their path will lead to the destruction or prosperity of the continent and the whole world.

"Then please guide my daughter well." Gladiolus was the one to break the silence. "Me and Ana will be there to stay by her side until her destiny calls her. Right, my wife?" He held his wife's hand and kissed it gently.

Anatalia sweetly smiled and nodded. "If that is her fate, then so be it."

"My son will also walk the path destined for him." Angel replied with a huge grin. "I never thought that little bookworm will be given such a burden to bear, but I am sure he can handle it. I know Aliyah will stay by her twin brother's side and will also help him with this burden."

"I am also sure that our Aerith had her destiny intertwined with her twin brother since they were in my w?mb." Alicia looked at Regaleon with a gentle smile. "They are quite inseparable, and it is not really a surprise that she will be there to ?ssist her brother." Regaleon was happy to hear Alicia's words and kissed her on the forehead.

"Honey?" Jack held his wife's hand and gave her comfort. Satiana was woken up from her reverie and smiled gently.

"I am okay, honey." Satiana replied. She looked at everyone and nodded. "I am sorry if I am late in giving my reply. Henry has been the apple of my eyes and has been my most dear sweet boy. Since he was little, I had seen his exceptional talent using his magic and have always brushed it away, not really looking at the possibility of his future path. But not that it has come to this, I have no other choice but to accept the path he has been given. Jack and I will be helping our son as well, for the path that he must walk through." Everyone breath a sigh of relief after hearing Satiana's words.

"Thank you everyone." Regaleon said. "We are all on the same boat. We do not know where this road will lead our children through. But I am sure that we as parents will guide them for the future ahead." All of the ?du?ts nodded in agreement.

The children had their fates intertwined this very day.. This was the start where their journey as a group will begin.

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