The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 938 - Bait  

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Chapter 938: Bait

“Ahhh!” Ezra shrieked in misery.

Although Hades didn’t exert his full strength, even 1% of the strength from a terrifying person like him was still far from what a scion like Ezra could resist.

At this moment, Ezra only felt that the bones in his chest were being crushed by Hades, and the pain made him turn pale in horror.

“I… Everything I said is true! Don’t kill me! Master Dwayne… Master Dwayne was really killed by Lucas Gray. My subordinate saw it with his own eyes! This can’t be wrong!” Ezra frantically said with horror written all over his face.

“How did your subordinate manage to witness it?” Hades asked doubtfully, his eyes narrowed.

“Because… because…” Ezra’s eyeballs rolled around as he tried to find a reason to get out of this.

But he was overwhelmed with fear, so his thoughts were much slower than usual. After a while, he still couldn’t find a reasonable excuse.

But Hades wasn’t a fool. As soon as he saw Ezra’s eyes moving around, he immediately knew what he was thinking.

“Hmph! Don’t play any tricks in front of me. Hurry up and tell me the truth!

“If you dare to lie to me, I’ll stomp you to death immediately!”

Hades’s foot pressed down harder on Ezra’s chest.

“Ugh! I… I’ll speak up!” Ezra was in so much pain that he didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. He frantically said, “I… I informed Master Dwayne that Master Julian’s murderer is Lucas Gray and that he just left the Howard residence!

“It’s absolutely true that Lucas Gray killed Master Julian! I saw it with my own eyes back at the martial arts competition in California!

“This matter isn’t a secret in California and Oregon. It’s easy to find out about it! I’m definitely not lying!

“And when Master Dwayne looked for Lucas Gray to take revenge, he… he was despicably shot dead!”

Ezra didn’t dare to hide anything as he hurriedly told everything he knew and had done.

After Felix heard this, the veins on his forehead throbbed violently, and his face was full of anger.

He had already said publicly that no Howard was allowed to cause trouble for Lucas again!

But Ezra, his grandson who had always been obedient, had completely disregarded his orders and even defied them. He had deliberately revealed Lucas’s whereabouts to the Peerless Martial Association so that they could hunt Lucas down!

Although the relationship between him and Lucas was strained, and Lucas didn’t hold much affection for the Howards, he was unquestionably strong. If he could get Lucas’s power and use it for the Howards, it would definitely help the Howards go further.

This was why Felix had issued the order to make Florence think of a way to ease their relationship with Lucas.

But he didn’t expect his grandson to play tricks behind his back and try to get Lucas killed!

Moreover, Lucas didn’t die. Instead, it was Dwayne, an expert of the Peerless Martial Association, who died. And now, he had even provoked Hades of the Peerless Martial Association.

If he didn’t handle it well, even the Howards would be implicated!

At the thought of this, Felix wished he could kill his stupid grandson immediately!

Florence was just as horrified and angry.

She didn’t expect that Ezra had actually followed them to California and witnessed Lucas killing Julian.

Moreover, Ezra had tried to use the Peerless Martial Association to get rid of Lucas in order to become the successor of the Howards!

That would be terrible!

Florence felt that things were going awry. If Lucas became an eyesore to the Peerless Martial Association, he would probably have no way out except death!

She didn’t think that Lucas alone would be able to deal with the massive and terrifying Peerless Martial Association.

Suddenly, Ezra pointed at Florence and said loudly, “This woman was at the competition too. She witnessed it with her own eyes!

“She’s also Lucas Gray’s mother-in-law. His wife is this woman’s illegitimate daughter!

“If you want to deal with Lucas and make him show up, you can use this woman to force him to comply!”

Ezra’s words immediately shocked all the Howards!

In particular, Felix and Florence felt a chilling wave surge up from the bottom of their feet!

The first of the Howards’ rules was that the members of the family were not to turn against each other.

But Ezra was now guiding an outsider to kill a Howard!

This was way too overboard!

Hades’ gaze followed the direction of Ezra’s finger. When it landed on Florence’s pale face, his lips curled into a bloodthirsty smile.

“It turns out that the Howards are so close to Lucas Gray… Hah, what a great surprise!

“In that case, I will give you a chance. Call Lucas Gray right now and tell him to come to the Howard residence within twenty minutes. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing his mother-in-law here!”

Everyone suddenly turned to look at Florence.

Florence even turned paler and stumbled backward a few steps.

The expressions on the Howards’ faces were rather interesting when they saw this scene.

Some people expressed sympathy for Florence, while others seemed to be gloating.

After all, Florence was merely a woman, yet the helmsman had agreed an hour ago to let her become the next helmsman of the Howards. This made many of them indignant.

Meanwhile, Ezra was the most excited one.

He was certain that as long as Florence was used as bait to lure Lucas to the Howard residence, Hades would definitely kill him!

Once Lucas died, Florence’s plan to succeed as the helmsman would be foiled completely.

At that time, he would be the successor of the Howards!

Florence took several steps backward until her back was against the wall. Then she leaned against the wall to stabilize her body.

But Florence’s expression was extremely bad, and her heart was in a panic.

She could indeed ignore Lucas’s wellbeing, but he was the key to whether she could become the helmsman. If Lucas died, then all her plans would be in vain, and it would be difficult for her to have a good future!

Moreover, Lucas didn’t acknowledge her as his mother-in-law, nor did he care about her wellbeing. Even if she begged him to save her, he would never do so since he would know how dangerous it was!

If… if Lucas refused to come, what would happen to her?

Would she be killed by the terrifying Hades?

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