The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 939 - : Dilemma  

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Chapter 939: Dilemma

Florence endured her fear and said, “Although Lucas Gray is my son-in-law, if you’re thinking about using me to get him to come to the Howards’, you can forget about it!

“I abandoned my daughter soon after she was born. I haven’t even met her once in more than twenty years, and we don’t have any mother-daughter relationship!

“Now, she doesn’t even acknowledge me as her mother, and Lucas Gray won’t acknowledge me as his mother-in-law either. In fact… he even threatened me and warned me not to disrupt my daughter’s life. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be polite to me!

“Given our terrible relationship, do you still think he would willingly come here for the sake of my life?

“I’m actually of no use against Lucas!”

Florence spoke through gritted teeth. In order to escape this situation, she didn’t hesitate to reveal her true relationship with Lucas in front of the Howards.

It wasn’t an affectionate and caring relationship between a mother-in-law and son-in-law. Rather, they were no different from strangers. They even held animosity toward each other.

Florence could no longer care about whether revealing the truth would affect her gaining authority among the Howards or not. She knew that if she didn’t draw a clear line between her and Lucas now, Hades would probably really treat her as bait to lure Lucas into coming over. If Lucas didn’t come, she would be dead meat!

“Hah, I don’t care. No matter what, go inform him now!

“I don’t care what method you use. In short, if I don’t see Lucas Gray here within twenty minutes, I will immediately kill you!

“Also, you Howards are all his accomplices. No one will escape!”

Hades stared coldly at Florence and the surrounding Howards. “Remember, you only have twenty minutes!”

“How… how did this happen?”

The Howards were in a mess.

The man in front of them was named Hades because he was extremely ruthless.

Although the Howards were one of the top eight families of DC, Hades didn’t take them seriously at all.

In the eyes of many, the eight top families of DC were at the pinnacle of the country, and the massive and powerful Peerless Martial Association was probably slightly stronger than one of these families.

But in the eyes of the experts of the eight top families of DC and the Peerless Martial Association, they all knew that the eight top families would have to stand together to be a match for the Peerless Martial Association.

The Howards would never be able to resist a behemoth like the Peerless Martial Association alone!

At this moment, the Howards were completely panicked as they all turned to look at Felix and Florence.

Meanwhile, Lucas had already returned to the hotel room he had booked in DC. He was currently in a video call with Cheyenne and Amelia.

“Daddy, you’ve been away from home for days. I miss you so much!” Amelia placed her adorable little face in front of the camera and pouted while saying coquettishly, “Daddy, when can you come home?”

Looking at his daughter’s tender and cute face, as well as her glistening eyes full of affection, Lucas felt like his heart was about to melt.

“I’m coming home tomorrow. I’ll take you out for some good food then, okay?” Lucas said calmly.

Lucas had basically settled his matters in DC, so he didn’t plan to continue staying here. He decided to head home early tomorrow morning.

Amelia drew a large circle with her tender finger and asked with her bright eyes blinding in anticipation, “Hehe, really? There are lots of things I want to eat! I want fish and chips, meatballs, casserole, and ice cream! And lots of other delicious food!

“Daddy, will you really take me out to eat?”

Lucas chuckled and teased Amelia, “Amelia, you want to eat so many things, but can you finish everything? Why don’t you choose a favorite first?”

Amelia immediately scrunched her brows in thought, seemingly in a dilemma. “Uh… what should I do? Do I only get to pick one? In that case… I pick… I pick…”

Watching Lucas teasing Amelia, Cheyenne couldn’t hold back her laughter. “When you come home tomorrow, she might still be in a dilemma!”

Lucas smiled as he looked at his pretty wife and adorable daughter.

Suddenly, Cheyenne said, “Ah, I have an incoming call. I’ll talk to you later! Goodbye!”

“Alright, see you in Orange County tomorrow!” Lucas hung up with a smile.

After video chatting with his wife and daughter, Lucas was in a much better mood, and the gloomy feelings he had felt at the Howards’ previously were gone.

He didn’t want to bother about those matters about the Howards.

Lucas was annoyed with the people of the Peerless Martial Association too.

Once he returned to Orange County tomorrow, the matters in DC would come to an end for now.

But just as Lucas was getting ready to take a shower, his cell phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID on his phone showed that it was Cheyenne, who had just hung up.

Despite being slightly puzzled, Lucas quickly answered. “Hello, Cheyenne…”

Cheyenne’s fluttered voice immediately rang in his ears. “Lucas! Bad news, my… that woman just called me and said that someone from the Peerless Martial Association is at the Howards’ right now and that you have to be there within twenty minutes. Otherwise… he’ll kill her!”

Lucas frowned.

The woman that Cheyenne was referring to was undoubtedly Florence.

Lucas had also thought that the people of the Peerless Martial Association probably wouldn’t let the matter rest just like that and that they would soon come to him. But he didn’t expect the Peerless Martial Association to take action so quickly and even use Florence as a threat.

Although Lucas didn’t care about Florence’s life, she was Cheyenne’s mother after all, and there was no way he could ignore this.

“Lucas, what’s going on?!

“Aren’t the Howards one of the top eight families of DC? Why would the Peerless Martial Association threaten them?

“Also, why… why did that person from the Peerless Martial Association insist on having you go over?

“What’s going on?”

Cheyenne was incredibly flustered, and she sounded like she was sobbing.

She had no idea what was going on, and all she knew was that Lucas and Florence were in danger, so she was extremely anxious and nervous.

Although she had yet to reconcile with Florence, Florence was her mother and the woman who had given her life after all. How could Cheyenne possibly leave her alone after knowing that she was in danger?

Moreover, she was extremely worried about Lucas’s safety. Since the other party dared to use Florence’s life to threaten Lucas, he would definitely be in great danger if he went.

They were both people Cheyenne cared about greatly, making her feel extremely conflicted. She wanted Lucas to rescue Florence, but she didn’t want anything to happen to him.

Lucas could tell from Cheyenne’s voice that she was worried. He smiled and comforted, “Cheyenne, don’t worry. I’ll head to the Howards’ now. Rest assured. Nothing will happen to either of us!

“Don’t forget where I returned from.

“I was known as the invincible God of War. What can a mere Peerless Martial Association do to me?”

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