The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss - Chapter 1188 - Test (4)

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Chapter 1188: Test (4)

However, Shen Yanxiao could absorb the power in the test liquid in such a short time. That was simply unbelievable.

Due to the increase in concentration of the test liquid in white-level cities, the water content of the test liquid was much lesser. Therefore, it was unlikely for it to create a pervasive light similar to the scene back in Fragrant Night City that could cover the sights of all the elves.

As a result, Mo Yu and the other elves could only look on helplessly as the sap extracted from the test liquid seeped into Shen Yanxiao’s skin bit by bit.

In a few minutes, the entire pot of test liquid had been evaporated and absorbed.

The entire crystal basin was extremely dry without leaving any remnants.

For a moment, with the exception of Mo Yu, the other four elves had all shut their mouths.

It was hard for them to find any words to describe their shock.

They finally understood why Mo Yu took such a huge risk and insisted on sending this little elf into the advanced training camp!

That was because she had the qualifications and the potential.

Her speed in absorbing the power of the Tree of Life was much faster than anything that they had witnessed.

Without a doubt, this little elf was the one they were looking for!

“Are there any other tests?” Shen Yanxiao took out her hand from the empty crystal apparatus and looked at the elves with a calm expression.

“There’s no need,” Mo Yan spoke with great difficulty.

This little girl could even absorb the Tree of Life’s sap in the test liquid with impurities so quickly and perfectly. They could basically give up on the tests they had prepared earlier on.

Right now, the happiest person in the room would be Mo Yu. He looked at his four good friends, who were deeply shocked, and crossed his arms in front of his chest proudly. It was almost as if he was asking for a beating.

“What do you think? I’ve already said that she has the qualifications to enter the advanced training camp. Now all of you should know that I have good foresight, right? Hahaha…” Mo Yu did not conceal his complacency in the slightest.

She could advance from a cyan elf to a yellow elf in a few days. Who could have such heaven-defying speed of advancement?

Mo Feng and the rest speechlessly looked at Mo Yu, who was extremely cocky, and felt embarrassed. It was not because of their previous doubts, but…

It was because Mo Yu was acting so embarrassingly. They really did not want to acknowledge that they were working with an idiot!

“Cough, Yan Xiao, your talent is indeed shocking. We have never seen such a talented elf before. Since you have the heart to join the Silvermoon Guards, we also hope that you can increase your strength to the extent you can enter the Silvermoon Guards within half a year after entering the advanced training camp.” Mo Feng walked to Shen Yanxiao as he sincerely hoped. His heart was filled with expectations for this little elf.

Perhaps it was a blessing from the heavens for the elves to have such an outstanding little lad at this worrying time.

With her, perhaps that matter could…

Shen Yanxiao’s perfect ‘performance’ had won the admiration of Mo Feng and the other three elves. With no more objections, they swiftly voted and decided to send Shen Yanxiao into the advanced training camp together with Mo Yu.

With their guarantee, it was almost certain that Shen Yanxiao would enter the advanced training camp.

However, entering the advanced training camp was only the beginning of Shen Yanxiao’s journey to the Moon God Continent. The moment she stepped into the advanced training camp, everything had just begun.

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