The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss - Chapter 1443 - Causing a Havoc (6)

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Chapter 1443: Causing a Havoc (6)

The wind was roaring, and the horses were neighing. Taotie was roaring, Taotie was roaring!

Moonshine City was enveloped by the roars of beasts.

For elves, this was a nightmare.

For Taotie, this was a party.

No one expected that Taotie, who had suddenly disappeared from the dungeon, would reappear in Moonshine City. However, it was different from the past. This behemoth had already broken out of the cage, and there were no longer any shackles that could restrain its footsteps!

The elves scattered around Moonshine City in search of Taotie were attracted by his roar and immediately began to swarm toward him.

Shen Yanxiao sat on Vermilion Bird’s back and looked down at the elves swarming in from all directions. While they were running, those elves had already grabbed their bows and were ready to attack at any time.

Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and said, “Vermilion Bird, don’t let them harm Taotie.”

She did not want her newly fattened foodie to become a porcupine by those elves.

All of a sudden, Vermilion Bird flapped his flaming wings, and a blazing whirlwind immediately wrapped around Taotie.

Not even elves could maintain the accuracy of their shots in such a gale.

The moment the elves approached Taotie, they subconsciously raised their bows and shot at him. However, as the arrows flew towards him, they were immediately scattered by the strong wind. Not to mention hitting the target, they were even on the edge of being swept off their feet.

At that moment, they discovered a huge magical beast in the sky!

“What’s that?” The elves looked at the fiery bird in surprise. Under the protection of the fiery bird’s whirlwind, they could not harm a single hair on Taotie.

One Taotie had already caused them to be in a flurry, and it was hard to deal with. Now, there was even a flying magical beast. The elves could only look on helplessly.

Vermilion Bird’s position in the sky had exceeded the range of many of the elves, and it was practically impossible to maintain accuracy at such a long distance. Furthermore, Vermilion Bird would not foolishly stay in the air without moving. The overlord of the sky could not be underestimated.

Coupled with the constant flow of air under the Vermilion Bird’s wings, the disturbance was much more terrifying than on the ground.

A massive beast on the ground and a massive flaming bird soaring in the skies. The elves of Moonshine City thought that a calamity was about to arrive.

Taotie roared on the ground, and his four thick claws angrily kicked around on the ground, venting his anger from being imprisoned for so many years. Due to Shen Yanxiao’s orders, Taotie did not really harm any elves. He was only pretending to flaunt his might, but that alone had caused many elves to turn pale from fright.

Soon, the Elf King arrived with Fen Chu.

Surrounded by a group of elves, the Elf King finally saw the chaotic scene in Moonshine City!

As soon as he saw the two huge beasts, the Elf King’s expression turned ugly. When he saw the familiar silhouette on the back of the fiery bird, the shock in his eyes could no longer be concealed!

“Wen Ya?”

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