The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss - Chapter 2134 - This Isn't True (3)

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Chapter 2134: This Isn’t True (3)

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Logically speaking, the current situation should be to Shen Yanxiao’s liking.

“It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I can’t immediately accept what is suddenly happening.” Shen Yanxiao liked dwarves, but she honestly felt that her adventures in the Storm Continent were getting awry.

She first saw Ouyang Huanyu’s test subject, and then she inexplicably became the chieftain of the Momo Tribe…

There was no connection between the two at all!

Furthermore, she had only landed on the Storm Continent for less than half a day!


And she had already become the chieftain of a tribe!

“Take things as they come.” Xiu comforted Shen Yanxiao.

“It’s not as bad as I thought. At least… it’s much better than when I first went to the Howling Abyss.” After making the comparison, Shen Yanxiao instantly felt better about the situation.

Momo Li blinked his eyes, tilted his head to look at the struggling “Chieftain”, and timidly asked, “Chieftain?”

“Momo Li.” Shen Yanxiao came back to her senses.

“Momo Li is here!”

“Lead me there…”

Momo Li skipped toward the assigned house of the chieftain with Shen Yanxiao. Vermillion Bird and the others also followed behind them, but their expressions were very absent-minded. They were no less shocked than Shen Yanxiao about her suddenly becoming the chieftain of the Momo Tribe.

The house of the chieftain was larger and taller than other small houses surrounding it, but even so, the Dragon God and Bian still had to bow down when entering.

“For the first time, I feel fat.” The Dragon God was almost crying. He was almost stuck at the door just now.

“Who allowed you to come in! Hurry up and get out!” When Momo Li saw the Dragon God coming in, he immediately flew towards the Dragon God like an angry hedgehog.

“…” The Dragon God wanted to die. In such a small house where he had to bend his waist and bend his knees, he almost lost his balance being pushed around by a little hedgehog.

“Momo Li…” Shen Yanxiao could not stand it anymore.

“Chieftain?” The moment Momo Li turned his head, the anger on his face turned into an adorable smile.

Shen Yanxiao felt her heart twitch.

“They are my friends. Let them in.” Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms.

Momo Li hesitated for a moment before he nodded and reluctantly let the Dragon God come inside.

The house was small, and so was the furniture…

The Dragon God and Bian could not find any chairs in the room for them to sit on.

According to their size, they could sit on the table directly…


Seeing Momo Li eyeing them like a hawk, the two strong men could only silently find a corner to sit on.

“Chieftain, please take a rest. I’ll get someone to prepare a dress for you. Because the previous chieftains were all men, we don’t have any women’s dresses prepared. I ask for the Chieftain’s forgiveness.” Little Momo Li spoke very politely and obediently, not at all like an angry little hedgehog.

“You don’t have to be so polite. Just go do your thing.” Shen Yanxiao felt that even if Momo Li spoke to her as a little hedgehog, she would never be angry.


He was really cute!

This was simply a copy of the tsundere Vermilion Bird!

Of course, her tsundere little bird was still the cutest!

Momo Li skipped away. He even said that he would send someone to fill their chieftain’s stomach.

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