The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Yurou is Mine

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The atmosphere turned extremely cold. The initial laughter and merry atmosphere in the hall had all died down.

Su Wan was shocked by the sight of Gu Zihang and the woman in his embrace. Despite the huge blow, Su Wan’s mind was calm.

She shifted her gaze away from her fiancé and her cousin sister and her eyes started to sweep across everyone else in the hall.

Hah, it was indeed a family feast. Her grandparents, cousin sister, uncle, and fiancé were all there.

Su Wan’s heart was getting colder. Apparently, Su Yurou and Gu Zihang’s intimate relationship was one which had been approved by them. Maybe she was the outsider in the eyes of her loved ones?

Gu Zihang regained his senses and asked, “Wan, why did you come back so early? Weren’t you still in Dong Chen Country…”

Just then, Su Yurou interrupted quickly. Her smile had not changed and that instance, her eyes emitted a sense of yearning.

“Wan, why didn’t you inform us you’re coming home? Aren’t you too wayward? You didn’t give us time to get ready.”

Su Yurou’s voice was sweet and just with a few words, she had easily defined her behavior as wayward, irresponsible…

To Su Wan, only her grandfather and grandmother were staying in Jing Yuan. She didn’t want to trouble the old folks and hence came back herself, ready to spring a surprise on them but what she had in return was this kind of shock.

Su Wan’s chest tightened she and took a deep breath. She forced back the tears welling in her eyes.

“Sis Yurou, if I had informed you, would I have missed the exciting scene today? All of you are discussing your marriage with Zihang behind my back!”

Unexpectedly, her grandfather, Su Heng, was the first to stand up to reprimand her.

Su Heng looked at Su Wan in disapproval, with his cold face, he said “Wan, you’ve just reached home. Don’t make a scene here. We have guests, don’t let others see our family dispute.”

Su Yurou looked at Su Wan with concern and added, “Yes, Wan, I understand how you feel right now but this matter is complicated. We will explain to you later. Don’t make a scene now.”

Even Gu Zihang looked as if he didn’t approve of her behaviour, “Wan, don’t throw a tantrum like a child.”

Gu Zihang still had the voice of a broadcaster but now, Su Wan did not have the mood to admire it. She gawked at him with her pale look.

All her blood seemed to have frozen at that moment.

So, in their eyes, her return today was a joke and she was merely making a scene and throwing tantrum like a small kid.

As a bystander, Lu Qingyu smiled faintly. His amorous eyes were devilish, “I didn’t expect to watch such a family dispute. It’s worth my visit today.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan’s uncle, also Su Yurou’s father, Su Jiankai stood up. He said in his cold voice, “Mr. Lu, Sheng Ran Group and your Lu Group have been practicing mutual respect all this while. Whatever happens today is between the Su and the Gu family. You are an outsider, please do not step in.”

“What if I say I would like to step in?” Lu Qingyu took a glance at Su Jiankai, then at Su Wan who was standing in front of him.

He saw Su Wan’s trembling body. Her eyes glared at Gu Zihang and Su Yurou, who were leaning very closely to one another. She saw nothing but red, but was trying very hard to control her emotions, not allowing her tears to fall.

Seeing her like this, a slight sense of pity flashed through Lu Qingyu’s heart. He wanted to say something but suddenly, his phone vibrated. Lu Qingyu read the message on his phone and his expression changed.

Lu Qingyu looked helplessly at Su Wan, “There’s an emergency I have to settle. I can’t help you now. Su Wan, all the best.” Then, Lu Qingyu left.

Su Wan had never planned to seek the playboy’s help. She closed her eyes slowly, then reopened them when she was calmer. However, her hands were still tightly clung together.

“The unrelated person is gone. Now, Zihang, can you and Sis Yurou give me an explanation?”

Hearing Su Wan’s interrogation, Su Yurou bit her lips slightly and she looked helplessly at the tall and handsome Gu Zihang who was beside her.

Gu Zihang stroked Su Yurou’s hair as if to pacify her and looked apologetically at Su Wan, “I’m sorry Wan, Yurou and I did you wrong. I wanted to tell you the truth but didn’t know how to voice it out.”

Su Wan saw the little intimate gestures between Gu Zihang and Su Yurou and thought these scenes were familiar. There was a throbbing pain in her heart and unconsciously, her thumb dug into her palm.

“So, while you were courting my sister, you poured your heart out to me via emails?”

Gu Zihang looked at Su Wan’s dull eyes cautiously and didn’t know what to say.

Su Yurou could feel Gu Zihang’s stiffness. She bit her lips and a sense of struggle and sadness flashed through her eyes.

“Wan, don’t be overbearing. Zihang had wanted to explain to you clearly earlier on but he was afraid to break your heart. That’s why he has been pretending till now. We did not expect you to come back so early…”

She was the one who had been betrayed by her lover and relative, but why did she become the bad person?

Su Wan never knew the pain one could suffer. “If you truly care about me and are afraid to hurt me, you wouldn’t be together!”

Su Heng, who was silent initially, could bear it no further. He hit the table and his usual kind voice was now very unpleasant to the ears.

“Enough! Wan, don’t you find it shameful? Keep calm. What’s done is done. Zihang and Yurou love one another. You’d better not force the two of them anymore!”

They loved one another? What about her and Gu Zihang? Hadn’t they loved one another too in the past?

As if understanding Su Wan’s thoughts, Gu Zihang looked at her painfully. His voice was gloomy.

“Wan, you were young back then. I actually treated you as my little sister. It’s in the past now. Yurou is mine now…”

Upon hearing this, Su Wan’s body froze. Her glistening almond eyes lost their light.

What could she do? She was about to lose Gu Zihang, a fiancé who had promised to treat her well all his life.

Su Wan lowered her head and laughed bitterly. Just as everyone gazed at one another, Su Wan dashed out of the door.

Heavy rain finally poured mercilessly onto the apathetic world.

Before anyone could respond, they lost sight of the person who ran away in distraught.

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