The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 1193 - Jiang Qiran’s Evidence!

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Chapter 1193: Jiang Qiran’s Evidence!

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Xia Qianqian looked at the young man’s cold and handsome face. Her eyes turned red and she suddenly couldn’t breathe!

Why did Jiang Qiran still protect Ye Linlang?!

The palm print on her face was so clear. Did Jiang Qiran not see that Ye Linlang was the reincarnation of a shrew?!

“Evidence?! You are asking me for evidence? There are more than a dozen people in our class who came to this autumn excursion, and among them, Ye Linlang is the one who needs money the most and is the poorest!”

“She even uses a fake phone. Do you think that other than Ye Linlang, anyone would do such a shameless thing?!”

Perhaps it was because she could get a strange sense of satisfaction by belittling Ye Linlang to the dust, Xia Qianqian suddenly straightened her back and started chattering non-stop.

“And Xiaoya also said it! At that time, Ye Linlang was staring at the class fee in her wallet without letting go. It was obvious that he was motivated by money at that time. And you also know what happened after that. Ye Linlang and Xiaoya had an argument!”

“Judging from all the signs, Ye Linlang is the most likely person to steal the money!”

Facing Xia Qianqian’s stern look, Jiang Qiran was not moved at all.

His pitch-black eyes stared at Xia Qianqian, and his face was even colder than a river.

“Xia Qianqian, so to sum it up, your evidence is that there is no evidence! The logic is completely based on conjecture. Who said that the poor are thieves?”

Xia Qianqian was at a loss for words when she heard that. A thin layer of mist covered her bright eyes, making her look extremely pitiful.

“Student Qiran, do you mean that other people in our class would be interested in the class fee of more than three thousand yuan?!”

With Xia Qianqian leading the way, the rest of the class was soon in an uproar!

A girl wearing a latest Chanel pink dress raised her chin, her mouth full of disdain for Ye Linlang.

“That’s right! Young Master Jiang, just the dress I’m wearing alone costs more than 10,000 yuan, and my shoes cost more than 2,000 yuan. Who would be interested in that trifling 3,000 yuan!”

Then, a boy echoed.

“That’s right! Among them, only Ye Linlang can’t even afford an authentic phone. If she didn’t steal it, who else could it be…”

Ye Linlang was speechless when she heard their words!

Why did it feel like since she didn’t clarify that the phone was a real one, it had already become a stain on her life?

It was just a phone, was it that serious?

Just as Ye Linlang was feeling angry and amused, Jiang Qiran suddenly spoke up.

He indifferently swept his gaze over those people who were in an uproar. His face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, making people shudder.

“Do you really think that Ye Linlang uses a pirated mobile phone?”

“Doesn’t she?!”

Those people were instantly stunned. The rich second generation that had previously spoken ill of Ye Linlang was even more shocked as he directly asked!

The corners of Jiang Qiran’s lips curled up into a mocking smile. He tilted his head and glanced at Ye Linlang.

“Hand it over.”

Ye Linlang was stunned. Then, she instantly understood and handed over her light purple mobile phone.

Jiang Qiran raised the phone, and a trace of hostility flashed across his taut face.

“All of you, look carefully! I bought this phone for Ye Linlang! If you still don’t believe me, you can find someone to take the phone to the store and ask!”

When everyone heard this, they all looked at each other.

Now, no one was puzzled. They only felt that Ye Linlang was actually so low-key. Previously, she was wrongfully accused of using a fake product, and she didn’t say a word.

Meanwhile, a complicated expression appeared on Xia Qianqian’s face.

— Ye Linlang’s phone was also bought by Jiang Qiran!

From the looks of it, Ye Linlang was really like a giant baby!

Don’t think that just because Ye Linlang didn’t mention it, no one knew that Ye Linlang went to Jiang Qiran’s home for tutoring!

If it wasn’t for Jiang Qiran giving her special treatment, how could she have improved by leaps and bounds in such a short period of time!

Xia Qianqian clenched her fingers tightly. The hatred towards Ye Linlang in her heart only increased!

Why was Ye Linlang so lucky?!

Xia Qianqian was really unwilling to let a phone disrupt her original plan. Xia Qianqian took a step forward and bit her crimson lips slightly, as if she was extremely wronged.

“But Student Qiran, even if you bought the phone for Ye Linlang, what does that prove? Does it prove that Ye Linlang is innocent?”

Ye Linlang immediately retorted when she heard this.

“That’s right, Qiran bought the phone for me, and it doesn’t prove anything. On the other hand you are just casually slandering me, do you think you can prove that I’m a thief?”

Xia Qianqian’s face instantly flushed red!

Why did she feel that Ye Linlang was becoming more and more eloquent!

Just as both sides were in a heated argument, the homeroom teacher, Teacher Zhao, also walked over.

She looked at the crowd that had gathered around her, and her already stern face became even more stiff.

“What are you all arguing about so early in the morning! I heard it from afar!”

Xia Qianqian was overjoyed when she saw Teacher Zhao coming to save her!

She was so good at reading people’s expressions, so of course she knew that Teacher Zhao had always been biased towards her, the representative of the English class!

Xia Qianqian pouted. Her eyes began to shed tears again. She sobbed as she explained the matter to Teacher Zhao.

But of course, it was an exaggerated version. The meaning behind her words was to insinuate that Ye Linlang was the real culprit who stole the money.

Teacher Zhao also did not have a good impression of Ye Linlang to begin with. Under her black-rimmed glasses, her eyes swept over Ye Linlang with a hint of displeasure.

Why did Ye Linlang always get into trouble so easily?!

“Ye Linlang, the class lost over three thousand yuan. Did you steal it?”

Ye Linlang saw that Teacher Zhao did not question the truth and directly identified her as a suspect, and her heart immediately filled with a lot of unwillingness and grievance.

“Teacher Zhao, don’t tell me that even you think that because I’m poor, I’m a thief?”

Was such logic natural in the eyes of the rich?!

Faced with the young lady’s questioning gaze, Teacher Zhao’s face stiffened.

“However, everyone present felt that you were the most suspicious. Furthermore, you had an argument with Xiaoya yesterday, and you are the closest to their tent!”

Just as the atmosphere was getting more and more tense, Jiang Qiran suddenly spoke up.

“Last night, the rain was very heavy and the ground was very muddy. It was barely dry this morning.”

Jiang Qiran’s sudden change of topic made everyone confused.

Ye Linlang seemed to vaguely understand his deep meaning.

“Qiran, what do you mean?”

Jiang Qiran turned his head and suddenly smiled at Ye Linlang.

“Show everyone the soles of your shoes.”

Hearing Jiang Qiran mention her shoes, the students of grade one Class A suddenly reacted!

Yes, it rained heavily last night, and the mountain road was muddy. If Ye Linlang went out, the soles of her shoes would definitely be covered in mud, right?!

Ye Linlang didn’t do anything wrong, so of course she wasn’t afraid to show everyone the soles of her shoes. She supported Jiang Qiran and easily showed everyone the soles of her shoes.

It was just a little bit of dirt, it was obviously freshly printed this morning!

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