The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Why Are You So Noisy?

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After pouring the water into the basin upstairs, Jiang Xuecheng took out the first aid kit from the living hall and carefully cleaned the wound on Su Wan’s palm.

Although Su Wan was still unconscious, she could feel the pain when Jiang Xuecheng applied medicine on her palm. She wriggled a little and took in a breath of cool air.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan indifferently. He sniggered. She finally knew that it hurts. Why did she clench her fist so tightly then?

Although he was frustrated over how this woman did not love herself, Jiang Xuecheng’s gesture became gentler. After applying medicine on the wound, he stuck a water-resistant adhesive bandage on her wound.

When all had been done, Jiang Xuecheng noticed that Su Wan’s clothes was still dripping wet and that the water was seeping into the couch and cashmere carpet.

The fastest Aunty Fang could get here was in fifteen minutes. That won’t do…

Jiang Xuecheng thought for a while. He first removed the light grey coat wrapping her body. Then, he walked around to the other side of the couch. He bent down and started to unbutton Su Wan’s coat.

He placed Su Wan’s wet coat on the coffee table. Then, Jiang Xuecheng tilted his head and saw Su Wan’s beige body-hugging camisole. Suddenly, his mouth felt dry.

Beige was a very light color in itself. Now that it was wet, it stuck tightly to Su Wan’s body. Her exquisite curves were visible at a glance.

Jiang Xuecheng suppressed his restlessness within. He simply folded Su Wan’s sleeves and pants higher. Then, he dried Su Wan’s hair, cheeks, arms, and ankles with a towel.

After all that was done, Jiang Xuecheng finally heard the sound of the doorbell.

Aunty Fang and Ah Si walked in and saw the woman with wet clothes lying on the couch in the living hall.

Ah Si was taken aback. Wasn’t this woman the one he had seen in the morning?

Her name sounded something like Su Wan. Luckily, he did not throw the set of ladies clothing away. He could pass it back to Su Wan now.

When he saw Ah Si’s eyes fixed on Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng was not happy. He moved forward and blocked Ah Si’s view. “Alright, pass me the clothes and shoes. You may leave now.”

With his many years of working experience under Jiang Xuecheng, Ah Si could hear his young master’s tone of displeasure. It couldn’t be true, was his young master feeling jealous because of this woman? Gosh…

Ah Si looked away. He placed the bag of clothes and shoes on the table and was about to leave. Whether his young master was jealous or not, he had to leave now or he would be the one to suffer.

Just at that moment. Jiang Xuecheng stopped him.

Ah Si was puzzled. He turned around and saw Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes following the woman Aunty Fang was carrying up the stairs. His eyes were bright and clear.

“Find out the woman’s identity for me. I want all her personal information starting from the time she was young.”

First, it was the phone location, now it was information searching!

When had his young master ever cared about a woman like this before?

Ah Si stared in alarm. He finally understood Su Wan’s position in his young master’s heart.

However, should he tell Senior Madam? She had been waiting to have great grandchildren. A few days ago, Senior Madam had secretly asked him if Jiang Xuecheng liked men.

Cough! It looked like Young Master got the idea straightened out later than others. Senior Madam didn’t have to worry about her grandchild’s sexual orientation anymore.

After Aunty Fang bathed Su Wan and cleaned the living hall, she went to inform Jiang Xuecheng.

“Young Master, that young missy is still unconscious. I’ve placed her in the guest room. Young Master, do you have other orders?”

Jiang Xuecheng took a glance at Aunty Fang and said, “Nothing else. I’ve asked you to come over in a rush today. Thank you for your effort.”

Aunty Fang had taken care of Young Master for more than ten years. Young Master had always liked to live alone without disturbance. He looked elegant and indifferent but was well-mannered, unlike those rude and unreasonable rich men’s sons.

Aunty Fang smiled genuinely and said, “It’s my pleasure.” Then she left. Her house was not far from Fontainebleau so if Young Master were to call her again, it would be convenient.

After Aunty Fang left, he took a shower. Today, he had been in the rain and his forehead felt a little hot. He hoped he would not fall sick.

After a shower, he felt a lot more comfortable. Jiang Xuecheng wore a black silk night robe and was about to go to the living hall to read a magazine. Suddenly, a sharp shrill scream came from the room.

Jiang Xuecheng frowned unhappily. Why was the woman so noisy when she woke up while she was likeable when unconscious?

Su Wan just woke up and found herself lying down in an unfamiliar room. Her clothes had been changed!

Most importantly, the house’s furnishing was luxurious. Just by the look of the crystal chandelier, she knew this could not be Lin Fei’er’s house!

After the scream, she kept trying to recall how she got here but her memory was unclear…

She could only remember seeing a tall man and being carried into a car. Then, the man fastened her seat belt and his cold breath lingered on his sleeves.

The bathrobe she was wearing was huge and it was obviously a man’s bathrobe. Did the man bathe and dress her?

Su Wan’s face turned red and she dared not think further…

“Why are you so noisy? It’s irritating…”

A cold magnetic voice entered Su Wan’s ears. Su Wan raised her head and saw a tall man leaning against the door, looking at her. His eyes had an obvious sense of displeasure.

When she saw that handsome face, Su Wan was stunned. How could it be him? Wasn’t this Jiang Xuecheng?

Jiang Xuecheng looked like he had just taken his shower. He was wearing a black silk night robe and the belt was loosely tied, showing a large part of his firm skin.

This sight had undoubtedly added a danger signal to Su Wan.

Su Wan held on to the edge of the blanket tightly and her voice was trembling. “Are you the one who brought me here? Did you also change my clothes?”

When he saw Su Wan trembling with fear, a sense of unprecedented evil arose in Jiang Xuecheng’s heart.

He raised his brows cryptically. “What do you think? There is no one else in this house now…”

Su Wan went ghastly pale. Her body tightened and she forced herself to calm down. “Mr. Jiang, thank you for nursing my wound. Let’s regard today’s incident as if it has not happened. Anyway, thank you very much. I have to leave now.”

While saying that, Su Wan jumped down from the bed and wanted to dash out of the room like she was avoiding a pestilence.

He was not the devil, could he have frightened her?

Jiang Xuecheng stared at the alarmed Su Wan and said in a deep voice, “Are you sure you want to leave now?”


Su Wan was walking down the stairs hurriedly and suddenly, the belt on the huge male bathrobe she was wearing loosened and the bathrobe fell to the ground.

Oh god, she was wearing nothing underneath the bathrobe…

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