The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Pictures Must Be Deleted!

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After lunch, Su Wan’s stomach felt heavy. She smiled while touching her full stomach.

What could be more attractive than good food in this world?

However, Su Wan was only able to feel happy for a while before she heard Jiang Xuecheng asking for the bill.

Su Wan’s eyes twitched and suggested, “How could I let Mr. Jiang pay? Let’s go Dutch.”

Jiang Xuecheng shot her a sideway glance. He said in an elegant voice with intimidating power, “If you have the heart, why not treat me the next round?”

Su Wan smiled and dared not act rashly when she remembered Jiang Xuecheng had the protection of a bomb.

Treat him? Wasn’t that a joke? Who would one seek trouble for oneself…?

After Jiang Xuecheng foot the bill, Su Wan requested with a beam, “Mr. Jiang, we have finished our lunch now. Could you let me take a look at your phone?”

All the pictures must be deleted!

Jiang Xuecheng knew Su Wan’s intention and he raised his eyebrows. “Of course, but you have to pass me your phone first.”

Her phone was a newly-bought phone, what could be in there?

Su Wan didn’t know Jiang Xuecheng’s intentions. She quickly agreed as she wanted to delete all the photographs of her. So, she exchanged her phone with Jiang Xuecheng’s.

When she saw Jiang Xuecheng keying in numbers into her contact list, Su Wan had a headache. It looked like he was going to bother her.

Anyway, deleting the pictures was more important. Su Wan clenched her teeth and opened Jiang Xuecheng’s photo gallery.

However, there were only a few photographs in there and none of hers which Jiang Xuecheng had mentioned earlier.

“You lied to me!”

Su Wan was about to vomit blood, but then saw Jiang Xuecheng calling himself with her phone. A beautiful piano melody filled the air but Su Wan had lost her mood to appreciate the music.

The exasperated Su Wan declined it but saw Jiang Xuecheng smiling lightly and shaking the white mobile phone in his hand.

“There can never be too much deception in war.”

In a rage, Su Wan snatched her phone back. “At this very moment, I truly believe that Mr. Jiang is a businessman.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at her with his hands clasped together, his voice clear. “Why?”

Su Wan looked at him directly in his eyes, grabbed her handbag, and started to walk to the door, “All businessmen have the ability of deceit and you, Mr. Jiang, have proven this right.”

Jiang Xuecheng totally agreed with Su Wan’s theory. He chased after Su Wan and asked, “Do you want me to send you home?”

“No, thank you!” Su Wan continued walking without even turning back.

“Be careful!”

Following Jiang Xuecheng’s alarmed cry, Su Wan’s arm was knocked against by a stranger. Su Wan massaged her arm but realized her handbag was gone!

Su Wan was stunned as she watched the man hop onto a motorcycle and zoom away.

She had just gotten her purse back from Lu Qingyu yesterday. Money was not as important but her resident identity card was in the handbag!

Jiang Xuecheng walked speedily toward Su Wan. He grabbed her hand and said, “Why are you still standing here? Follow me, I’ll help you get it back.”

She was probably still shocked, allowing herself to be dragged up Jiang Xuecheng’s car without resistance. His car was the Koenigsegg Agera R.

Once she regained her senses, Su Wan fastened her seat belt. Jiang Xuecheng started his engine and stepped on the accelerator to go after the motorcycle.

The traffic was heavy at that time but Jiang Xuecheng overtook many cars with his skill and at all times, his driving was stable. Compared to the crazy car racer, Lu Qingyu, Jiang Xuecheng’s driving gave a lot more comfort!

The thief did not initially notice the Koenigsegg Agera R tailing him but after a few stretches of roads and passing through a few traffic lights, he saw Jiang Xuecheng’s car tailing closely and he sensed something wrong.

The thief turned into a remote, narrow lane where only pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles could pass through. It was impossible for cars to enter.

Jiang Xuecheng pursed his lips and instructed Su Wan, “I’ll go down and look for him. You stay in the car obediently and don’t move.”


Without waiting for her to reply, Jiang Xuecheng hopped out of the car and dashed toward the narrow lane. In just a while, he was out of sight.

Would Jiang Xuecheng be alright?

He was doing this just for the sake of a handbag. What if the thief had a knife or other weapons?

Su Wan was not at ease sitting in the car. Compared to the handbag, a person’s safety was more important, wasn’t it?

Su Wan clenched her teeth and dashed down the car. She grabbed the emergency hammer which was used to break through window glass in an emergency from the car.

Having a tool in her hand made Su Wan feel more at ease. She walked into the narrow lane and realized the lane was curvy and was difficult even for pedestrians to walk in.

The motorcyclist must be one who was familiar with this place. He could be hiding in a corner…

Su Wan held on to the emergency hammer tightly. Cold sweat broke out in her palms. The unusual silence in the surrounding gave her the feel of a terrifying spookiness…

The worries in Su Wan’s heart arose and she couldn’t help but shout, “Jiang Xuecheng…”

When she did not hear any response, Su Wan became more anxious. She took out her mobile phone from her pocket and was about to call the police. Hopefully Jiang Xuecheng was alright.

“Su Wan, I’m here.”

When she heard the cold and deep voice, Su Wan was overjoyed and it was the first time she felt so happy as though a soft and gentle flower was blooming in her heart, a joy she couldn’t ignore.

Su Wan turned around and saw Jiang Xuecheng standing under the roof. His figure against the light appeared to be tall, just like a deity, mysterious and majestic.

Su Wan ran toward him and unconsciously held his arm. “Are you alright, Jiang Xuecheng?”

As if it was rare to have this woman caring for him, Jiang Xuecheng’s eyebrows slightly curved and his heart was enjoying this feeling.

When she didn’t hear Jiang Xuecheng’s response, Su Wan’s pretty face turned pale and noticed a blood stain on Jiang Xuecheng’s left sleeve.

“Are you injured? There is a blood stain on your sleeve.”

“Silly girl, this blood stain isn’t mine. It belongs to the thief.”

Sensing that Su Wan was still worried, Jiang Xuecheng added, “I’ve learnt Taekwondo from a young age. This kind of thief isn’t my match.”

Su Wan let out a long sigh of relief. The, she realized she was holding on to his arm. She let go of his arm quickly.

In a split second, Jiang Xuecheng’s heart felt faintly upset. He should have lied to Su Wan that he was injured.

Jiang Xuecheng was shocked at his own thoughts. He moved his brows a little and shoved the handbag to Su Wan. “Keep it safe. Don’t lose it again.”

“Thank you.”

Su Wan lowered her head and dared not meet Jiang Xuecheng’s flaming eyes. This ‘thank you’ of hers was truly genuine.

Jiang Xuecheng got closer to Su Wan and purposely spoke in a soft, gentle, and bewitching voice which made Su Wan’s body froze.

“Just a thank you doesn’t show your sincerity. Why not…”

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