The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Fasten My Seat Belt

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Afraid that Jiang Xuecheng would put forth some shocking suggestion, Su Wan quickly placed a finger over his lips.

“Let me give you a treat next time.”

This woman was flustered—did she think he would put forth a great demand?

Su Wan’s long, jade-like finger gently touched Jiang Xuecheng’s lips. Although it was just for a short while before Su Wan removed it, that warm touch dilated Jiang Xuecheng’s pupils and put him in a trance.

When Su Wan said she would give him a treat, he regained his senses. He pursed his lips and forced Su Wan against the wall at the narrow lane.

The man’s body was so near…

Compared to his tall figure, she was like a bird which could easily be lifted.

In the narrow space, Su Wan could easily smell his bitter cold and clean breath. This breath was unique to Jiang Xuecheng.

This familiar smell burned Su Wan’s cheeks. When did she start to recognize this man’s breath so easily?

They had just met a few times and could not be considered friends yet, could they?

Su Wan fell into chaotic thoughts. Her fine almond eyes widened. She lost her focus and what she could see was like hazy mist. It was so annoying.

Su Wan had that ‘do whatever you want’ look and that made Jiang Xuecheng’s throat move a little. He bent down and felt an irresistible impulse to lower his head.

Just a bit more before his lips touched hers…

Su Wan tilted her head up slightly and saw Jiang Xuecheng’s perfect handsome face magnified.

What was Jiang Xuecheng going to do? Was he trying to kiss her?

Su Wan’s ears began to flush red but her mind was suddenly clear.

She raised her arm in a slightly angry manner and placed it between herself and Jiang Xuecheng, “Hey, don’t you dare think of taking advantage of me just because you helped me get my handbag back! I’m not a loose woman!”

Jiang Xuecheng was amused by Su Wan’s defensiveness. He couldn’t help gently tapping Su Wan on the nose.

“I know you’re not a loose woman. So, don’t forget to consider my proposal.”

Jiang Xuecheng’s usual clear voice now turned husky with a sense of unspeakable enchantment and a bit of doting which he himself did not realize.

What proposal?

Su Wan was muddled by Jiang Xuecheng’s sudden attack. She smacked Jiang Xuecheng’s uninvited right hand and frowned. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Although Su Wan kept giving him the cold-shoulder, Jiang Xuecheng thought her muddle-headed look was adorable.

He was not angry, instead he loosened his grip to free Su Wan from his imprisonment. He started to explain warmly.

“Since you lack a marriage partner but aren’t willing to settle for less, why don’t you legally be my wife?”

Be his wife? Marry Jiang Xuecheng?

Jiang Xuecheng had mentioned it casually but Su Wan shuddered with fear. She had really not thought of marrying a fine rich man like Jiang Xuecheng…

Su Wan’s maternal ancestors were well-educated. Her maternal grandfather, Xie Changfeng, had disapproved of her mother, Xie Lan, marrying into the Su family. He said rich families always had disputes. Since her mother had insisted, he had reluctantly agreed to her marriage but because of this, his relationship with her turned cold and they drifted apart.

Fortunately, her father was a person who loved her mother. Slowly, her mother and grandfather’s relationship gradually improved.

Reality proved that rich families had lots of disputes. Her parents were a lovable couple but she and her childhood lover, Gu Zihang, had proved what her maternal grandfather had said.

Jiang Xuecheng’s family background was more complicated than Gu Zihang’s. The Gu family was only involved in business, while Jiang Xuecheng was truly an authoritative and powerful person. With the lesson learned from her relationship with Gu Zihang, Su Wan did not dare go through it again.

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s dilemma and thought she was still thinking of that scumbag Gu Zihang. His face sank a little and he placed his hands on Su Wan’s shoulders. “Which part of me isn’t better than Gu Zihang?”

In a trance, Su Wan heard his question and blurted out, “You’re much better than him in all aspects.”

It was true—be it family background, appearance, or properties, Jiang Xuecheng was better than Gu Zihang. As for Jiang Xuecheng’s temperament and personality, she would not judge now as she needed more time to observe. However, in Su Wan’s heart, Gu Zihang had gotten negative marks.

Jiang Xuecheng did not expect Su Wan to say this. He nodded with satisfaction. “You are indeed honest.”

Looking at Jiang Xuecheng’s smiling face, Su Wan was remorse. Why had she forgotten that Jiang Xuecheng was a narcissist?

She should have said Jiang Xuecheng was good for nothing.

Su Wan had a faint smile. She couldn’t help but boost his morale. “Mr. Jiang, because you’re too outstanding, I won’t consider you as my spouse.”


Jiang Xuecheng looked puzzled but very quickly, his firmness returned.

“Don’t you have self-confidence? Are you afraid I’ll cheat on you like Gu Zihang? You don’t have to worry. I hate people who aren’t loyal to love, so I won’t be like him.”

The arrogant Jiang Xuecheng would never let go once he had chosen a person.

Su Wan was nervous at the sight of Jiang Xuecheng’s serious look. She swiftly shook her head. “Your loyalty doesn’t concern me. Mr. Jiang. Let’s talk about the incident. Where did the thief go?”

Other than changing the topic, Su Wan didn’t know what else she could do because she realized Jiang Xuecheng’s deep voice had a magical power that caused her heart to race and her mind to stop thinking.

Jiang Xuecheng knew very well that Su Wan was trying to distract him. He smiled and knew he shouldn’t force this woman too much.

He would guide Su Wan in getting used to him and believing in him until she became his woman.

“I borrowed a rope from a resident nearby and tied him up. We’ll let the police settle the rest. You don’t have to worry.”

S Wan let out a slight sigh of relief and showed genuine gratitude on her face. “Thank you for helping me today. I’m heading home now. Goodbye, Mr. Jiang.”

Jiang Xuecheng was surprised and quickly added, “I’ll send you home.”

These words coming from his mouth sounded like a decision nobody could object to. He was indeed the dictatorial CEO of Di Chen.

Su Wan knew she couldn’t get rid of this powerful man for now, so she nodded, “If you don’t mind, sure.”

They walked out of the narrow lane and saw the Koenigsegg Agera R. Su Wan went straight to the back door and was ready to get into the back seat once Jiang Xuecheng unlocked the car.

Jiang Xuecheng had not expected Su Wan to be unwilling to have close contact with him. He shot Su Wan a cold glance, which was self-explanatory.

Seeing his cold and threatening look, Su Wan, who had wanted to sit at the back, sighed and went up the front seat.

Once she got into the car, she fastened her seat belt.

Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s agile gesture and his dark eyes deepened. Subconsciously, he demanded, “Fasten my seat belt for me.”

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