The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Job Interview

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The line ‘in a life with you, you’ll have me as your companion’ touched Su Wan’s heart and she resonated with the lyrics.

Several scenes flashed through Su Wan’s mind and these include Gu Zihang who had vowed solemnly to love her, her kind-looking paternal grandparents, her maternal grandparents whom she seldom saw but truly loved her, and her parents who had treated her as the apple of their eyes.

She looked down, not wanting Jiang Xuecheng to see her surge of emotions.

Who could spend the rest of his life with her?

Even if there was no betrayal between couples, who could avoid birth, old age, sickness, and death?

Since the day her parents left the world due to the accident, Su Wan knew that if God wanted to take something away from you, you might not even have time to prepare before you’re notified of the result.

If one did not want to suffer grievances and pain, then one should not love someone else too deeply.

When he saw Su Wan’s head down and her spirits dying, Jiang Xuecheng asked gently, “You don’t like this song, do you?”

Su Wan raised her head slightly and forced a smile, “No, this song is lovely. I’ve just recalled some incidents from the past.”

Jiang Xuecheng could obviously detect some redness in the corners of her eyes. His look turned cold.

“Your downcast look isn’t attractive at all. Weakness is the most useless thing in this world.”

Su Wan was taken aback as she did not expect to be lectured by Jiang Xuecheng. She couldn’t help but laugh. This man was not much older than she was but when he exhorted her, he seemed to have had some experience.

People like Jiang Xuecheng had pride and indeed would not have moments of weakness.

Su Wan flicked the messy strains of hair on the sides of her cheeks and couldn’t help but ask, “Let’s talk about you then. With a family like yours, why would they allow you to learn Taekwondo?”

In rich and noble families, children were usually pampered by parents. Wouldn’t these parents have heartaches if they allowed their children to learn Taekwondo and their children were injured?

Since Jiang Xuecheng could tame the thief, his skills were obviously quite good. When he learnt Taekwondo, his coach must have been strict with him.

Jiang Xuecheng’s brows shifted slightly as if he did not expect Su Wan to ask a question like this. However, his look was calm and he explained in a casual tone.

“When I was young, I did not have good health. When I was twelve, I got a weird illness so my grandfather signed me up for Taekwondo lesson in hopes of building up my health and strength.”

With this man’s impressive appearance, it was difficult to imagine him as a sickly man in the past…

However, Jiang Xuecheng must have had some serious sickness when he was young or his family would never have been willing to send him for Taekwondo lessons.

As if absorbed in thoughts, Su Wan nodded. Both of them were quiet from then on until they arrived at the road across from Lin Fei’er’s apartment.

When they were at the cross road, Su Wan hastily called out to Jiang Xuecheng, “Please drop me off here. I don’t wish to be seen.”

“Isn’t the person staying here your good friend? What are you afraid of?”

His words caused a sudden switch of mind in Su Wan and her tone of voice had a sudden vigilance. “Did you check on me?”

Jiang Xuecheng smirked. “Of course I have to find out more about future wife.”

Su Wan was so angry she almost vomited blood. She had indeed not seen another man more narcissistic than Jiang Xuecheng. He sounded as if it was only right and proper to do so.

Su Wan sulkily threw him her words, “Mr. Jiang, your feel-good factor is too strong. I did not even say yes.”

Jiang Xuecheng was not angry. He smilingly stopped his car by the road side and pulled the handbrake. The stopping of the car was steady, giving others a feeling of trustworthiness.

Jiang Xuecheng folded and placed his arms behind his head as he looked around Su Wan. Then, he uttered each word slowly: “You will agree.”

This man’s composed tone was not pleasing to the ears.

Su Wan rolled her eyes and didn’t want to continue on this topic of conversation. She beamed as she pulled open the car door and waved goodbye to Jiang Xuecheng.

“Goodbye, Mr. Jiang!”

In her heart, she was wishing that they would never meet again…

Jiang Xuecheng nodded with a smile and drove away. The black Koenigsegg Agera R disappeared from Su Wan’s sight in a while.

Su Wan recollected herself. After chatting with Jiang Xuecheng, her melancholy mood was much better.

She went upstairs and took out her keys to open the door. She saw Lin Fei’er doing yoga in the living hall.

Lin Fei’er was from the north. She was much taller than other girls but in her yoga clothing, she looked even more exquisite.

Su Wan changed into slippers and teased, “It’s so nice being a freelancer. You can stay at home every day and have lots of free time!”

When she heard Su Wan’s voice, Lin Fei’er stopped her yoga pose in surprise and shot her a glance.

“You don’t know the pressure of a freelancer. We have to pay for our insurance and housing loan. Who says it’s good? It’s boring to be alone at home.”

Su Wan walked toward Lin Fei’er and teased her, “Aren’t you going to marry Li Peng? You won’t be lonely by then.”

At the mention of Li Peng, Lin Fei’er blushed and tried to steer away from that topic. “Why talk about that mannequin? Wan, how did your blind date go today?”

Su Wan took a deep sigh and curled herself up on the couch.

“I’m pissed at the mention of him. The dating website is not reliable. Luo Jian’s personal particulars were fake. He’s indeed a lawyer, but other than his career, nothing else is true. He’s an arrogant man and a chauvinist.”

Lin Fei’er held Su Wan’s shoulders. “Ah? What do you plan to do next?”

Su Wan was perplexed and shook her head before saying slowly, “I think it’s difficult to find a blind date partner in the short term. I plan to look for a job to earn a living for myself first.”

She couldn’t keep relying on Lin Fei’er and living off her, could she?

Once she was able to get a job, she would be in touch with more people and things, and she believed it would be easier for her to find a marriage partner by then.

Lin Fei’er wanted to advice Su Wan to look for a job later but when she thought of her own situation, she couldn’t offer a place to Su Wan to stay after her marriage with Li Peng.

Lin Fei’er patted Su Wan’s shoulder. “I support you. Things will eventually sort themselves out. It’s said that if you fail in love, you’ll be successful in work. Wan, you can do it!”

Su Wan smiled and nodded. “I must!”

In two days, Su Wan searched for employment information and finally decided on three different companies. The first company in her mind was Long Teng International.

Su Wan went for the test and interview at Long Teng International and everything went smoothly. Beyond her expectations, she had very quikcly come to the final stage. Lin Fei’er’s words had probably come true.

Su Wan wore a neatly tailored black business suit and was able to answer the interviewer’s various questions smoothly.

The interviewer was a middle-aged man with a square face. He looked about forty years old and looked like a good person.

“Miss Su, you have just graduated. How do you see yourself competent to take on the role of assistant planner?”

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