The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 42 - Are You Willing To Marry Me?

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Chapter 42: Are You Willing To Marry Me?

Then, Su Yurou continued talking about Su Wan. She mentioned taking pity on her little sister while announcing about Su Wan’s change of temperament and newly adopted bad temper due to the loss of her parents.

Su Yurou!

Su Wan clung onto her right hand and flames of anger kept burning in her eyes.

Agony filled her. Today, she had seen clearly the true nature of her relatives.

The reason the Gu family had turned to Su Yurou so easily was due to their greed for her shares, wasn’t it?

Su Wan swore that one day, she would want all these people to pay the price!

A drop of tear dropped silently from Su Wan’s eye. She shut her eyes gently, trying to cover all the pain and sadness.

On the television screen, Su Yurou with her feminine face was smiling as she kept mentioning Su Wan’s parents’ past in disdain.

She had even defamed Su Wan’s parents by claiming they had borrowed a huge amount from her family that they had yet to repay. As they pitied Su Wan, they did not ask for the money from the orphaned girl.

Su Wan took the remote control and switched off the television.

However, Su Yurou’s words were still buzzing in Su Wan’s mind.

Su Wan curled herself up on the couch and stared blankly. She hugged herself. Su Wan didn’t know she could be this weak and helpless.

When she slowly opened her eyes, the blooming blue roses in the living hall caught her attention.

In a trance, Su Wan walked toward the vase. She smiled bitterly and her delicate finger swept past the fragile but beautiful blue rose petals.

If it wasn’t for Su Yurou dishonouring her late parents, she would probably never have made this decision…

However, that moment, there was firmness in Su Wan’s eyes with a sense of desperate determination.

She knew she couldn’t do what she wanted to in the short term of the upcoming few years if she were alone.

For now, she could try to take another path. Although it might be a one-way ticket, she could try, couldn’t she?

Su Wan’s hands trembled and with great effort, she picked up her mobile phone from the coffee table.

She was at a loss for several minutes before she dialed a number on her phone.

The screen of the phone lit up and the call got through.

Su Wan cleared her throat. She didn’t know what to say.

“What happened?”

The male voice which was as sweet as the sound of nature sounded on the other end when he did not hear Su Wan’s voice, and his voice seized the strings at the bottom of her heart.

Hearing the familiar voice, Su Wan’s eyes became hot all of a sudden and the words the man had uttered the other day kept ringing in her ears.

…if you are looking for someone to marry in a hurry, you may look for me.

Su Wan took a deep breath and tried to sound normal.

“Jiang Xuecheng, are you willing to marry me?”

It seemed this was the first time she was calling him by his full name…

On the other end, Jiang Xuecheng was stunned by Su Wan’s seriousness. When he heard the second half of her sentence, he tightened his grip on his phone.

What did Su Wan just say? Did she say she wanted to marry him?

Did he hear wrongly?


At the same time, Su Wan held on to her phone very tightly too, afraid she would miss any word uttered by Jiang Xuecheng. However, Jiang Xuecheng was silent.

Su Wan smiled wearily. Her heart felt painful and ill. Her voice was husky and her words divulged weakness that was hard to hide.

“Mr. Jiang, I understand what you mean. I’m sorry I disturbed you this late. Goodbye.”

Su Wan ended the call and lay on the soft couch. Her face was pale and she endured the pain in her heart.

She ought not to put her hopes on others. After all, it was just her wild hope…

Just then, Su Wan’s phone kept vibrating. Su Wan saw the name that appeared on the screen. It was Jiang Xuecheng. She was slightly shocked.

Su Wan thought for a while and sighed softly. Then, she accepted the call.

Jiang Xuecheng’s usual calm voice was now hasty, as if a turbulent tide was rushing out from his heart. Su Wan listened in disbelief.

“Su Wan, did you just say you want to marry me?”

Su Wan had some doubts. She looked down and answered softly, “Yes.”

“Where are you now?” The man’s magnetic voice held unconcealable excitement.

Su Wan didn’t understand why he was asking her. She reported her location. “I’m at Lin Fei’er’s house, the same place you had gone to the other day.”

“Don’t move. I’ll come and look for you now!”

Su Wan had wanted to ask further but Jiang Xuecheng had already ended the call. Su Wan’s hands tightened.

Did it mean that Jiang Xuecheng had agreed to marry her?

Su Wan widened her puzzled eyes. This was the second time she was on tenterhooks waiting for someone.

The previous time was when she had waited outside the operating theater for her parents’ fate…

If Jiang Xuecheng were to marry her, was she going to spend the rest of her life with this man?

Su Wan bit her lips. She had decided firmly to take a gamble on the rest of her life.

Jiang Xuecheng arrived faster than Su Wan would’ve thought. While Su Wan was waiting in agony, the doorbell rang. The clear sound of the bell came from all directions and she was unable to ignore it.

Su Wan collected her complicated thoughts and after she was sure her expression was normal, she slowly opened the door.

Then man at the door was wearing a grayish beige handmade suit and black casual pants. He still looked tall and handsome. Even when he was not speaking, his body emitted an unusual charm.

This man would be her life partner from now on.

“You’re here…”

Su Wan let out a smile but her slightly trembling fingers revealed the faint uneasiness within her.

Before Su Wan could complete her sentence, Jiang Xuecheng stretched out his arms and pulled Su Wan into his embrace.

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan who was in his embrace. His eyes sparkled like stars in the night. “Say it again.”


What did Jiang Xuecheng want her to say? Su Wan was hugged so tightly that she could hardly breathe. Unconsciously, she wanted to push Jiang Xuecheng away but then realized she had no more reasons to decline this man now.

Jiang Xuecheng tapped Su Wan on the nose and said, “You said you wanted to marry me over the phone. Say it again.”

Su Wan’s cheeks were slightly hot. She didn’t expect Jiang Xuecheng to want to hear this. The current situation did not allow Su Wan to feel shy. She looked up at Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes and said each word slowly.

“Jiang Xuecheng, are you willing to marry me?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s eyes were flaming. That usually cold and indifferent handsome face had a beautiful but rare smile in that instant, as if it was melted snow and it settled into the bottom of Su Wan’s heart.

This was the first time she had seen Jiang Xuecheng smiling so happily…

“Let’s register our marriage!”

Wasn’t the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs closed?

Su Wan was taken aback. Before she could ask him further, she was being carried by Jiang Xuecheng by the waist and they headed downstairs.

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