The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 55 - I Like To Cook For You

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Chapter 55: I Like To Cook For You

Su Wan screamed and suddenly felt like weeping but had no tears. Who on earth was more beastly than Jiang Xuecheng?

She was currently having her period and could not solve Jiang Xuecheng’s problem but why did he still want to make fun of her?

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng’s brows and eyes and thought this man’s good looks had no borders. It was as if that pair of dark eyes had blended in with the splendor of spring, it was so good-looking it seemed unreal.

When he saw Su Wan’s nervous and shy look, Jiang Xuecheng was satisfied. He smirked and let go of Su Wan.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you. Go get a shower first.”

Su Wan instantly let out of long breath and the alarm in her subsided.

Su Wan strode, wanting to leave the living hall immediately as the earlier scene was too awkward. She even felt that the air circulating that moment was terrifying.

Should she be rejoicing that she currently had her period as her protective amulet?

Jiang Xuecheng was a time bomb that would explode any time. She didn’t dare imagine how this beast would go after her after her period. The thought of this left Su Wan’s head feeling numb and sick.

Would Jiang Xuecheng eat her up leaving no bones behind?

Su Wan had an unknown fear within her. Her body trembled uncontrollably and she quickened her pace.

After Su Wan’s bath, she saw Jiang Xuecheng looking at his phone in the bedroom.

Jiang Xuecheng’s head was lowered and he was deep in thought. Looking at his cold and calm look, it was unbelievable that this man could act so shamelessly towards her.

Su Wan wiped her wet hair with a towel. She smilingly approached Jiang Xuecheng as she asked, “What are you looking at? Why are you so serious?”

Jiang Xuecheng took over Su Wan’s towel and started to dry her hair for her.

Su Wan enjoyed Jiang Xuecheng’s service and was so comfortable she narrowed her eyes. She started to close her eyes when she started feeling sleepy and she forgot about her question.

When he had dried Su Wan’s hair, Jiang Xuecheng suddenly said, “Take a look at this.”

Su Wan opened her sleepy eyes and took Jiang Xuecheng’s phone in surprise.

However, when she caught a look at content displayed on the phone screen, her sleepiness disappeared and her body trembled uncontrollably.

On the screen was news of Su Yurou and Gu Zihang’s engagement party. The party would be held on the 15th of the following month at Phoenix Hotel, the largest hotel in S City. Jiang Xuecheng was a guest they wanted to invite!

She thought she would be calm when she saw these two names, but reality was cruel. She had not been able to free herself from this.

Sensing her unnatural silence, Jiang Xuecheng put his phone down to look Su Wan in the eyes. “Don’t you have anything to say?”

Su Wan looked dull and tried to hide the pain in her eyes. She tried to answer calmly, saying, “They have nothing to do with me. If there’s anything, it will be the dispute of Sheng Yuan’s shares.”

Jiang Xuecheng understood Su Wan’s sorrow. He stood up and stroked Su Wan’s back to cool her down. “Wan Wan, do you want me to go?”

“I don’t understand…”

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng, puzzled. If Jiang Xuecheng were to attend the engagement dinner, it would make the party more perfect, but if he didn’t want to attend, there was nothing that both of them could do. Actually, this was not the core problem.

Jiang Xuecheng’s lips curled up a little and looked at Su Wan. His voice was like the devil hiding in the dark, mysterious with a bizarre charm.

“Of course, I won’t attend alone. Wan Wan, you shall attend too.”

Su Wan frowned slightly and widened her eyes. Her doubts had increased. “Why do I have to go? Xuecheng, are you trying to upset their party?”

She didn’t wish to see the two of them anymore and it was Gu Zihang and Su Yurou’s engagement party. They wouldn’t cancel their engagement just because she and Jiang Xuecheng attended…

Jiang Xuecheng’s smirk deepened and his eyes were moving like a cold abyss.

“Wan Wan, we won’t let those who hurt you have an easy time. Wan Wan, do you trust me?”

Su Wan didn’t know what Jiang Xuecheng was planning to do, but she didn’t know why she trusted this man’s decision.

Jiang Xuecheng had probably given her a feel of trustworthiness.

“Yes, I trust you.”

Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan. His original cold smile had now turned extremely gentle. “Alright, Wan Wan, let’s sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll go and get something for Grandfather and Grandmother.”

Su Wan nodded and was brought into a warm embrace. Su Wan couldn’t quite adapt to Jiang Xuecheng’s possessiveness.

This was especially so when they slept together at night. Su Wan was not used to it but when she turned sleepy, she accompanied Jiang Xuecheng into dreamland.

The night was getting darker and Su Wan felt herself at ease tonight, probably because the person sleeping next to her was Jiang Xuecheng, a man who cared for her attentively.

The next morning, the couple woke up early. As usual, Jiang Xuecheng was the one to prepare breakfast. It was a simple breakfast with a set of fruit jam sandwich, a sunny side up fried egg, and a glass of milk.

Breakfast was delicious but Su Wan was ashamed. She had never once prepared a meal for Jiang Xuecheng. Although her culinary skills were of no match for his, she could still learn!

“Xuecheng, shall I learn how to cook from you? You are a man and your culinary skills are much better than mine. I really feel ashamed.”

Jiang Xuecheng put his glass down smilingly, his eyes filled with affection. “You’re so stupid, are you sure you can learn?”

Su Wan rolled her dark almond eyes and said arrogantly, “I’m an outstanding graduate of an elite school. Don’t look down on me.”

“Yes, yes, yes, a graduate from an elite school,” Jiang Xuecheng touched her head when she didn’t notice and laughed. “But I like to cook for you, so don’t fight with me.”

In the past, Jiang Xuecheng had been cooking for himself. He used to sit at the cold Ebony Gold Nan wooden table alone and the air seemed lonely too.

However, since Su Wan moved into Fontainebleau, he felt a certain warmth watching her finish the dishes he prepared.

Suddenly, Su Wan felt like crying. It was as if she could see her parents through Jiang Xuecheng.

Su Wan’s mother, Xie Lan, was not good at cooking but her father, Su Jianyan, could cook well. When they were courting, he had won Xie Lan’s heart through his culinary skills.

As her mother liked her father’s cooking, they did not employ a chef and Su Jianyan was the one to cook their daily meals.

Her childhood when the three of them ate happily at the dining table was Su Wan’s most beautiful memory.

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