The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 80 - Feigning Aloofness!

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Chapter 80: Feigning Aloofness!

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When Zhou Yun’er saw Su Wan this calm, the jealousy in her increased. Others might not know but she knew from Su Yurou that Su Wan had been chased out of the Su family.


She was no longer the young missy of the Su family. With her look without make-up and her plain dressing tonight, she must be facing financial difficulty and could no longer endure, right?


Yet, she was still sitting here leisurely, feigning aloofness!


Without an eminent family background, Su Wan was nobody! What right did she have to be so calm? Did she still think she was the goddess whom everyone admired?


Zhou Yun’er’s eye slanted upward. She looked at Su Wan deeply and her eyes had unnoticeable anger and jealousy.


“Class monitor, did you come together with Su Wan?”


Shen Lin shook her head and stared at Zhou Yun’er doubtfully. Zhou Yun’er had not been close with Su Wan in the past, so why did she offer Su Wan a drink and strike a conversation with her tonight?


Zhou Yun’er laughed and asked Su Wan, “Su Wan, did you come here by taxi?”


Su Wan nodded calmly. She was observing what Zhou Yun’er was up to.


Zhou Yun’er flipped her hair seductively and continued, “Now is the rush hour. It must have been difficult for you to hail a taxi, wasn’t it? You must have waited long?”


Zhou Yun’er kept stressing on ‘hail a taxi’ and people who were observant would be able to sense her disdain and contempt. However, how did Su Wan, the young missy of the Su family’s Sheng Yuan Group fall into a state where she had no private car to send and pick her up?


Su Wan’s mind was clear and she didn’t want to argue with Zhou Yun’er. With everyone’s doubtful vision, she continued drinking but did not explain.


Zhou Yun’er misunderstood and thought Su Wan had a guilty conscience. She made a low voice in disdain and looked around before showing her charming smile.


“We don’t know what time this will end. What if you can’t hail a taxi later? My boyfriend bought me a car recently. Do any of you need a lift home?”


There were a few girls who lived further and were short of money. Although they knew Zhou Yun’er was mocking Su Wan, they were hoping to save some money whenever they could and so, they reserved a place with Zhou Yun’er spontaneously.

The pure and beautiful high school era was gone forever. Each of them had a brand-new attitude towards life.


When Zhou Yun’er realized she was drawing a large audience, she cried out in alarm and threw Su Wan a look.


“Su Wan, do you want to go home with us? I heard that S City is not very safe recently and it’s night time now. You’re so pretty, you’d better be careful not to get abducted…”


Upon hearing this, a few boys went into an uproar.


“Goddess, I have a car! Let me send you home?”


“You’d better know your own limits. Goddess, why don’t you let me send you home?”


Su Wan swept a glance at Zhou Yun’er faintly and said softly to the other people, “Don’t worry, I do not wish to trouble any of you.”


Shen Lin who was sitting beside Su Wan, couldn’t sit still. Every word of Zhou Yun’er’s dripped with mockery. She was obviously against Su Wan.


“Zhou Yun’er, what do you mean by being abducted? Can’t you say something nice? I’ll send the beautiful Su Wan home tonight. All of you don’t have to be her guardian angles. With me around, Su Wan will be safe!”


Su Wan’s cold eyes looked at Shen Lin and knew she was helping her out of a difficult situation. She couldn’t help but smile gently. Then, she waved off her offer.


“Class monitor, I don’t want to trouble you. I’ll go home on my own.”


“No, it’s no trouble at all…”


In a haste, Shen Lin winked at Su Wan.

Zhou Yun’er was annoyed with Shen Lin for interrupting. When she saw Su Wan tuning down Shen Lin’s offer, she smiled coldly in her heart. Suddenly, she noticed a dim flash of light when Su Wan waved her hand.


That was a ring!


The ring was on Su Wan’s left ring finger!


In a split second, Zhou Yun’er grew tense. She screamed loudly as if having discovered a new piece of land. “Su Wan, are you married?”


Zhou Yun’er’s voice was sharp and when she increased her volume on purpose, there were suddenly towering waves in the private room.


Those who were toasting stopped and gazed at one another. Su Wan was married, but how could this be? Hadn’t Gu Zihang dumped her for her cousin sister, Su Yurou?


If Zhou Yun’er’s words were true, who did Su Wan marry?


Su Wan had not expected Zhou Yun’er’s eyes to be this sharp as she was sitting at an area where the lighting was dim. She nodded and didn’t want to explain further. She just wanted to sit aside quietly.


The audacious Zhou Yun’er tugged Su Wan’s delicate wrist and shook it openly.

“Everyone, come and take a look. Who married our goddess? No matter who it is, isn’t the diamond on this ring too small? I’ve seen Yurou’s engagement ring. The diamond on her ring is so much bigger than this!”


It was indeed a drama of sisters competing with one another. They fought over a man and now, people wanted to compare their diamond rings. Too bad Su Yurou and Gu Zihang were not here, or the scene would’ve been more marvelous!


Everyone, both the girls and the boys included, were curious and came closer to Su Wan. Very quickly, they had crowded the sofa she was sitting on.

Su Wan’s wrist began to redden. She glared coldly at Zhou Yun’er, who had gained attention by making that shocking statement. Her voice suddenly turned cold as if the cold wind had struck.


“Let go.”


Her voice was not loud but it was firm and in no time, it covered the uproar in the room. No one dared to push forward anymore.


Su Wan flung her painful wrist. Her voice was still calm and elegant but was colder than it had previously been.


“This is gifted to me from my husband. As long as I like it, other people’s opinion is none of my business.”


“Su Wan, you’re still defending your husband.” Zhou Yun’er laughed. She touched the ruby necklace on her neck and looked at Su Wan from head to toe without good intention.


“He has married our goddess but is not willing to buy you a big diamond ring. He’s not even willing to buy you better clothes. I feel the grieve in you.”


“Zhou Yun’er, what nonsense are you saying today?”


Feeling angry, Shen Lin wanted to stand up. She could no longer take this.


It was Su Wan who blocked Shen Lin and stood up slowly.


She looked into Zhou Yun’er’s eyes. Her pair of almond eyes swept across the ruby necklace on Zhou Yun’er’s neck.


“I’m the one wearing this set of clothes. As long as I feel comfortable, I don’t see any problem with it, just like how you are happy wearing the imitation Sevastik necklace.”


Upon uttering these words, everyone was surprised. Could the ruby necklace Zhou Yun’er had been showing off since she arrived be fake?

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