The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 86 - Your Doing

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Chapter 86: Your Doing

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Since many people wished to have a finger in the pie, she would have a huge headache…


Su Wan walked slowly back to the planning department’s office. Some information which she knew about Beitong in the past flashed through her heart swiftly.


Although Beitong was a piece of land situated in an area with an underdeveloped economy, the ecology was good and there were many historic residential buildings there. Once developed, it would naturally become a money tree that everyone yearned for.


In the beginning of the year when the management of S City had put Beitong up for bidding, many businessmen’s jaws had dropped. No wonder everyone was going after it like a flock of ducks.


Competing with Lu Group and Gu Group, Su Wan was unsure as to how high her odds of winning were, but one thing was for sure—this was her first project and if she were to lose, she would become the laughing stock of Long Teng International.


Hence, she could not move backward and lose, only forward and win.


Agitation rose in Su Wan’s heart. She placed the information of the tender of Beitong on her desk before going to the washroom to wash her face. At least it would keep her mind fresh.


When she stepped into the washroom, Su Wan heard a gloomy and angry voice coming from the washroom.


“Su Wan! Did you come and make fun of me on purpose?”


Upon hearing, Su Wan raised her head and saw Ye Shanshan standing at the wash basin counter. She was staring angrily at her with a gloomy face.


Her huge black-framed sunglasses rested on the wash basin counter. A small cosmetic foundation box sat beside the sunglasses. Without the coverage of the sunglasses, Ye Shanshan looked terrible.


It looked like Ye Shanshan had been violently beaten up. Although she had tried to cover up with the foundation, the corner of her usually charming eyes had obvious scratch marks and was swollen.


Su Wan looked at the hideous looking Ye Shanshan calmly. Totally unconcerned, she walked toward the wash basin counter. “What’s so nice about you to look at? I’m here to wash my face.”


Then, Su Wan tapped her face with water and turned off the tap. She wiped her hands with a soft towel. She did all this without stopping and while doing so, she ignored Ye Shanshan, who was standing beside her.


When Ye Shanshan saw that Su Wan was not looking at her, she washed her face leisurely but the flame of fury was starting to burn in her heart. To her, what Su Wan did was obviously showing off in front of her!


“Su Wan, don’t be so pleased with yourself! Do you think passing the Beitong plan to you means promoting you? Let me tell you, you thinking you could win the bid for Beitong is an idiot’s daydream!”


Su Wan threw the paper towel into the dustbin and looked into the mirror. She took a deep breath. Her reflection in the mirror was young, calm, and smiley.


“Miss Ye, I’m sorry—indeed, I like to dream. If you have time to care about other people, you’d better care about yourself more.”


To Su Wan, Ye Shanshan was not someone she needed to worry about anymore.


Then, Su Wan marched out of the washroom. Ye Shanshan stood, frozen in place. Her expression was near crazy. How she wished she could tear Su Wan’s mouth apart. However, there was an inner voice telling her that what Su Wan said was right.


Rather than putting all her energy into envying and hating Su Wan’s arrogance, she’d better worry about her current situation…


At this thought, Ye Shanshan unconsciously looked at her reflection in the mirror. When had she been in such dire straits before?


The woman in the mirror was like a ridiculous clown. She was pale and the corner of her eyes had obvious red scratch marks. How could this woman be her?


Ye Shanshan’s hands gradually clenched. No, no, no, she was not resigned to her fate!


When Ye Shanshan got back to the planning department, everyone in the office was waiting for her to make threatening gestures so they could make fun of her again.


However, they had not expected her to go back to her own desk as if what happened earlier had not happened.


Her colleagues exchanged glances and some people started whispering to one another. Only Su Wan’s head was lowered silently, her focus was fully on the plan of the bid for Beitong.


Now, she wanted to put all her focus on the bid for Beitong. Her time was limited and precious and she could not waste her time on unrelated people and matters.


Su Wan knew very well, she was a newcomer at Long Teng International but her sudden promotion made it difficult for her to gain respect from her subordinates. Hence, she lacked a chance to show her performance.


Now, the opportunity was here and she would not miss it!




In the CEO office of the Di Chen Group headquarters, Jiang Xuecheng was sitting upright at his desk. He took a contract in front of him and was about to examine it when Ah Si entered.

Ah Si lowered his head slightly with respect and placed a stack of documents on Jiang Xuecheng’s table. Then, he reported softly, “Master, the officer from the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs said that someone came to inquire about your marriage.”


Jiang Xuecheng’s finger moved to the title of the document. His voice was calm and unhurried and his eyes did not move.


“It’s Gu Zihang of Gu Group?”


Ah Si was not surprised when Jiang Xuecheng hit the mark with a single comment. He nodded respectfully and said, “Yes, it’s Gu Zihang. Master, how should this be dealt with?”


Jiang Xuecheng put the file down and ordered Ah Si simply, “Tell the officer to say something to put Gu Zihang off.”


Ah Si received the documents Jiang Xuecheng passed to him. When he was about to leave, he turned around hesitantly.

“Master, I’ll ask the officer to say that young madam is married but it’s impolite for them to reveal who she married to. Is that okay?”


Jiang Xuecheng sneered coldly, sending goosebumps all over Ah Si. Ah Si thought that his master was not satisfied with his answer but a strange smile appeared on Jiang Xuecheng’s face.


“Let them guess wildly. Anyway, they will soon know the answer.”


Gu Zihang and Su Yurou’s engagement party would be on the fifteenth of April. To make Su Wan happy, he had done some preparation.


By then, Jiang Xuecheng wanted to see how those two would respond. Su Wan had long been bullied by the Su family and the Gu family. She would finally be able to feel proud and happy.




Su Wan flipped through the information related to the Beitong land the entire afternoon and felt dizzy.


She had decided to go to Beitong personally the next day to carry out an on-site investigation. She felt that by doing so, the plan will be more focused.


Su Wan looked around and found that she was the only one left in the office. She switched off her computer and stood up. She massaged her tired shoulders and neck and got ready to go home.


The moment she opened her house door, Su Wan saw Jiang Xuecheng leaning leisurely on the couch. In his hands was a brand new economy theory book.


Jiang Xuechen heard the sound of the door opening and raised his head immediately. “Wan Wan, why do you look so tired?”


Su Wan looked at him and with a faint voice, asked, “You were the one who arranged the Beitong project for me, weren’t you?”

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