The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 90 - Accidental Encounter

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Chapter 90: Accidental Encounter

To avoid collapsing, Su Wan straightened her back and adopted a sternness. “Master Lu, if I have lunch with you, can you not appear in front of me this afternoon?”

When Lu Qingyu saw that Su Wan had finally relaxed, he raised his brows and grinned. “Yes, of course!”

Wasn’t relationships built over meals? Lu Qingyu understood that ‘haste makes waste.’

“Let’s depart now! That Western restaurant is situated in a more remote place, so it’s very quiet, but they offer a great variety of food which I’m sure you’ll like.”

On the way there, Lu Qingyu talked non-stop. His words went into Su Wan’s left ear and out from her right ear. She did not register anything he said. However, Lu Qingyu was not angry. Instead, he happily talked to himself for a long time.

When they passed by a steep slope, Lu Qingyu grasped the opportunity to give Su Wan a hand.

Su Wan rolled her eyes and walked carefully down the slope without his help. When Lu Qingyu saw Su Wan declining his help, he lost face and stopped conversing with Su Wan.

Going through several winding lanes, Su Wan and Lu Qingyu finally found the main street and then saw the eye-catching sapphire blue Infiniti.

Lu Qingyu smiled and gentlemanly opened the co-driver’s door for Su Wan. However, Su Wan ignored him and went straight to the back seat. She opened the door and sat down quietly.

Lu Qingyu, who had received several slaps in the face, snorted lightly and closed the co-driver’s door but did not throw a tantrum. He went back to the driver’s seat.

As the place was far from town, the condition of the roads was good. Initially, Su Wan thought he might play the same old trick and speed race to scare her but never had she thought that he did not go beyond his bounds this time. He was driving conscientiously.

After a little more than ten minutes, they arrived at the Western restaurant Lu Qingyu recommended. Su Wan looked at the condition in the restaurant. Although it was lunch time, not many people were eating inside.

It was indeed like what Lu Qingyu said—the restaurant was situated at a place too remote for people to know. However, if Beitong was properly developed, it might increase the occupancy rate of this restaurant.

Lu Qingyu followed Su Wan to a place by the window and sat down. He smiled at Su Wan and said, “We are old schoolmates. Please feel free to order as you wish. This meal is on me.”

“Remember what you said.”

Su Wan shot him a glance and took the menu. She waved and summoned for a waiter, then ordered some of the most expensive dishes without hesitance. “I’d like to have one set of each of these, please. Thank you.”

Just as the waiter was about to say okay, his eyes swept across the dishes selected by Su Wan. His eyes widened.

He glanced at Su Wan and Lu Qingyu in surprise and couldn’t help but ask, “Are these for both of you? I don’t think you can finish this much food.”

The important thing was that Su Wan’s selection of dishes were all expensive. It was a bit too extravagant for two people to have such a meal.

Su Wan looked at Lu Qingyu and said faintly to the waiter, “If we can’t finish it, we’ll pack the leftovers. Anyway, he’s giving me a treat.”

Although she knew this meal would not harm his wallet much, she still wanted to make him feel uncomfortable, with the hope that he would retreat in the face of difficulty and stay far from her.

“Oh, alright.”

Upon hearing this answer, the waiter was shocked. He felt deeply that he didn’t understand the world of the rich. He made a sound of surprise and walked away with the menu.

“Su Wan, do you really wish to rob me clean?”

Although he had not looked at the menu, just by the waiter’s look, Lu Qingyu knew Su Wan had ordered expensive dishes. He laughed at her childishness in his heart and willed himself not to laugh out loud.

“To be treated by you, Mr. CEO—if I do not glut myself with delicacies, how could I live up to your social status?”

While Su Wan spoke, she tore open the plastic covering of the bowls and plates and wiped them with a wet tissue.

Lu Qingyu was slightly taken aback. He leaned against his chair and the brows on his devilish handsome face raised slightly. “So, you mean I should be happy?”

“Shouldn’t you?” Su Wan poured herself a cup of corn juice but did not look at Lu Qingyu’s expression.

Sitting opposite Su Wan, Lu Qingyu found out that Su Wan had the gift of the gab. He shook his head and couldn’t help laughing.

Lu Qingyu saw that Su Wan had a cold look since just now. At this moment, he wished to see some other expressions on her beautiful and fair face.

Hence, he chose a conversation topic that could most likely change Su Wan’s countenance.

“Su Wan, didn’t you like Gu Zihang for many years? Why did you find someone else to marry all of a sudden?”

His words had brought about a crack in her calm face but very quickly, her calmness returned and no one could see any unusualness in her.

“I didn’t expect you to behave like the women who gossip at the marketplace and be concerned about trivial matters like this.”

To compare him to women who gossiped at the market place was ridiculing him.

However, Lu Qingyu did not fuss about it with Su Wan. He paused what he was doing and there was a smile in his eyes.

“It all depends who the person is. If it’s any Tom, Dick, or Harry on the street getting married, I wouldn’t be interested.”

“Do you mean I should feel honored?” Su Wan stared at Lu Qingyu without blinking. There was warning in her voice. “I advise you not to spend so much effort on me. Thank you in advance.”

When both of them were about to start arguing, the waiter came, serving the food that they ordered. He had not noticed that his two customers were not on good terms. The dishes filled half of the table very quickly.

The food looked delicious and Su Wan could not be bothered to rebut him. Hence, she took a piece of tenderloin into her own bowl.

Su Wan chewed on the meat and thought that the chef’s culinary skills were good. She looked out of the window at the empty street view and feeling satisfied, she narrowed her eyes.

Just when Su Wan was about to shift her eyes back to the restaurant, she suddenly caught sight of a young couple’s figures.

Both of them were walking abreast, very near one anothe, and they looked intimate.

Why did the boy look like Li Peng?

Su Wan was stupefied. Lu Qingyu looked at Su Wan With uncertainty and asked, “What’s wrong? This tenderloin is a signature dish of this restaurant. Isn’t it to your taste?”

Su Wan did not look at Lu Qingyu. She shook her head swiftly but her eyes were fixed on the intimate couple.

They were walking towards Su Wan and the nearer they got, the more Su Wan was sure he was Li Peng!

Li Peng was tall and the girl beside him was petite and had short hair. Occasionally, Li Peng would bend down to speak softly to the girl.

Both of them were smiling and they looked happy. Their relationship seemed to be unusual.

Su Wan bit her lips and dashed out of the restaurant without second thoughts…

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