The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 996 - Indirect Kiss?!

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Chapter 996: Indirect Kiss?!

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Who could it be?

To come here all of a sudden…

Thousands of answers appeared in Ming Ye’s mind, and his jade monster eyes suddenly darkened.

However… no matter who it was, there was no way to avoid it now.

With his skills and abilities, it was not difficult for him to save his own life. However, the situation now was different.

Ming Ye pursed his lips and looked in the direction of the washroom.

Diya was still taking a bath inside.

If it was because of him, it would implicate that young girl again.

A trace of killing intent flashed across Ming Ye’s long and narrow eyes. That trace of viciousness disappeared in a flash. It almost made people wonder if they were hallucinating.

In just a few breaths’ time, the person who knocked on the door outside knocked on the door three more times.

However, judging from the way the person knocked on the door, they did not seem to be anxious at all. They seemed to be quite calm.

No matter who it was.

Ming Ye had already met too many mercenaries sent by the high priest to kill gods and buddhas. Therefore, he was not too worried about this kind of situation.

Ming Ye took a deep breath and walked towards the door.

He placed his hand on the door handle and looked at the peephole.

He thought he would see a few unfamiliar faces.

However, when Ming Ye saw them clearly, he was stunned.

The killing intent in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by shock!

He saw a pair of well-matched men and women standing outside the courtyard door.

The man had a high nose and thin lips. He was slim and tall, and his pair of sharp phoenix eyes were cold and cold, making people feel that they could not stare at him directly.

And the girl standing next to him was beautiful and delicate.

Although these two people had completely different temperaments, when they stood together, they were like a painting, making people subconsciously feel that they were pleasing to the eye.

They were undoubtedly Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng.

Ming Ye did not expect to meet Su Wan here.

That’s right, he only saw Su Wan at first glance. When he came back to his senses, he only noticed the man standing next to Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng, who was similar to him in many ways.

Ming Ye was expressionless, but many thoughts had already crossed his mind, and in the end, he suppressed them all.

He gently turned his hand over the door handle, and there was not a hint of emotion in his eyes.

“Su Wan, why are you here?”

For some reason, Ming Ye had almost no good impression of Jiang Xuecheng.

It was not because Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan were a couple. Although Ming Ye had some unexplainable feelings for Su Wan, he had never thought of pursuing Su Wan, and it was impossible for him to ruin the relationship between Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan.

Jiang Xuecheng disliked Ming Ye’s feeling that he only had eyes for Su Wan and completely ignored his existence.

Jiang Xuecheng frowned. His expression was cold. He immediately took a step forward and stood in front of Su Wan, blocking Ming Ye’s line of sight.

“Diya is here with you?”

Noticing Jiang Xuecheng’s small actions, Ming Ye’s slender brows furrowed.

It was only when he heard Jiang Xuecheng mention Diya that his expression eased up a little.

So Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan were here to look for Diya. No wonder…

“That’s right.”

Ming Ye said faintly and then took a step back, letting Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan walk into the room before closing the door.

Seeing that Ming Ye was willing to let them in, Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng also generously found an adjacent sofa seat and sat down.

Ming Ye stood up and poured a cup of water for Su Wan, but the coffee table in front of Jiang Xuecheng was empty.

Although he was not very hospitable to Su Wan, he still poured a glass of water. In this contrast, the coldness toward Jiang Xuecheng was very obvious.

“Thank you.”

Su Wan looked at the glass of warm water awkwardly, and her face suddenly looked a little embarrassed.

Meanwhile, the face of Jiang Xuecheng, who was sitting next to her, instantly darkened!

Su Wan rubbed the corner of her shirt. She felt a headache in her heart!

Jiang Xuecheng had always been a jealous person. Moreover, because she had a life-and-death relationship with Ming Ye before, Jiang Xuecheng was always unhappy with Ming Ye.

Now that the two of them were sitting here, it was obvious that their auras were incompatible!

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, Su Wan immediately picked up the glass and took a sip. Then, she looked at the black-haired young man next to her.

“Xuecheng, are you thirsty? Do you want me to pour you a cup of water?”

“No need.”

Xuecheng lowered his eyes and raised his eyebrows. However, his expression was cold.

Sob, sob. Although Xuecheng said it so easily, he must’ve been angry!

Su Wan felt that there was no one in this world who knew this guy better than she did!

Su Wan looked at Xuecheng ingratiatingly and carefully asked again.

“You really don’t want it?”

Just as Su Wan was feeling nervous, she suddenly saw a long and slightly white hand come over and pick up the glass in front of Su Wan.

His expression was natural. Before Su Wan came back to her senses, he had drunk about one-third of the water in the glass!

This was a glass for her!

Su Wan was shocked. She suddenly realized something that was not important, but it was a little awkward!

She had just used this cup to drink water!

Although it was only a small sip…

But did this count as an indirect kiss with Jiang Xuecheng?

This was fine at home, but this was Ming Ye’s territory, and they were still openly showing off their love here, wasn’t that a little bad…

The corner of Su Wan’s mouth twitched. She was conflicted and couldn’t help but glance at Ming Ye.

The man with the jade monster eyes was sitting upright. His expression was indifferent, as if she and Jiang Xuecheng didn’t exist.

Probably no one in this world would like a second person who was too similar to them, so Ming Ye and Jiang Xuecheng almost hated each other.

During this process, she would probably be the one to adjust the atmosphere.

Facing two icebergs, no, to be precise, the one next to her was an active volcano that looked like an iceberg on the surface, but would erupt at any time due to jealousy.

Su Wan felt that she had been wronged, and a bitter feeling surfaced in her heart.

Su Wan coughed lightly twice and immediately brought up the important matter of visiting Ming Ye today.

“Ming Ye, it was you who kidnapped Diya, right? Why was she… Diya… is she alright now?”

After all, it was such an embarrassing matter. Su Wan, as a young lady, did not have the face to continue speaking. There was even a worried expression on her face.

She believed that Ming Ye could understand what she was saying.

Ming Ye could not help but frown when he heard that.

“How did you know about this?!”

At that time, the few people who had humiliated Diya were all killed by him. Even if someone found their bodies after the incident, they would not know that such a tragic incident had happened to Diya at that time!

Su Wan was stunned.

She had originally thought that Ming Ye was not the kind of person who would allow others to bully the weak. However, from what Ming Ye had said, did he not know that the internet had already stirred up a storm?

Of course, the posts had already been deleted by the people sent by Jiang Xuecheng.

Su Wan looked at Jiang Xuecheng hesitantly. Jiang Xuecheng stood up gracefully and explained the matter to Ming Ye directly.

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