The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage - Chapter 997

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Chapter 997: The Possessive Jiang Xuecheng

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This was clearly Ming Ye’s territory, but Jiang Xuecheng treated this place as if it was his own home. He carried his cup and went to pour water.

Su Wan was speechless.

She stared at the glass in Jiang Xuecheng’s hand and thought with tears in her eyes —

Hey! That was clearly a cup for me to use!

Forget it, forget it. Su Wan only felt that this was not her home after all, so she was more or less restrained. Who knew that Jiang Xuecheng would not treat her as an outsider at all!

Uh… or was it just to take her cup to drink water and announce their relationship to Ming Ye from the side?

It was not impossible.

Childish! How old was he, yet he was still jealous of something that did not exist!

Su Wan sighed in her heart, but a hint of sweetness silently welled up in her heart.

No matter what, to be able to make a man who usually looked like a monster have such childish energy, was this considered another kind of success?

On the other side, Jiang Xuecheng had already poured the water back. Su Wan originally thought that he would drink it up or put it down temporarily, but who would have thought that he would actually put the cup in front of her.

“Wan Wan, are you thirsty?”


What kind of strange direction was this!

Su Wan’s beautiful eyes slightly widened, but Jiang Xuecheng had already placed the cup in front of Su Wan. Su Wan was also embarrassed if she did not take it, but it was still awkward if she took it.

“I know you’re thirsty, so I specially poured a cup for you. Drink some water.”

Jiang Xuecheng said it casually, but his eyes were burning as he looked at Su Wan. It was obvious that he was threatening her.

If Su Wan dared not drink it, she would most likely be tortured to death when she went back

Sob, sob, why were men so jealous… Strange?

She had only taken a small sip of the cup of water that Ming Ye had poured for her, but Jiang Xuecheng had finished it in a few moments.

And now, he was forcing her to say that she was thirsty!

In the face of her Prince Charming’s burning gaze, Su Wan had no choice but to give in. She immediately took the cup that Jiang Xuecheng had brought over and slowly drank more than half of it.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw that Su Wan was so obedient, his originally gloomy face finally looked a little better. It was obvious that he was satisfied with Su Wan’s “tactfulness.”

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Ming Ye’s attitude towards Su Wan was a little subtle, yet that little lass still wanted to forcefully clear her name!

In any case, the person he fancied could only belong to him no matter what.

Facing her own man’s possessiveness that was so strong that it was somewhat exaggerated, it was indeed too brutal!

Su Wan felt an inexplicable pressure.

Fortunately, Jiang Xuecheng was still rational. Although Su Wan was being eaten alive, the two of them had a good relationship, so it was just like mixing oil with honey.

Ming Ye didn’t even frown when he saw Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng openly showing off their love.

However, seeing that the two of them were becoming more and more intimate, Ming Ye finally coughed lightly.

“So, are you two here to take Diya with you today?”

Ming Ye had always felt that with his status, he shouldn’t let people stay by his side, otherwise, it would bring endless danger to them.

Murder or escape was always on his path

Su Wan glanced at Jiang Xuecheng and spoke with uncertainty.

“I still don’t know how Diya is right now. I heard from you that her emotions are not very stable. I want to see her own thoughts first.”

Now that Diya had fallen to such a state, Su Wan felt guilty. She could not just watch as Diya fall to such a state.

She thought about whether she should find a psychiatrist to treat Diya first.

Getting out of the shadow of those things was the most important thing for Diya right now, right?

At the same time, in the bathroom, white smoke rose and curled up. It filled the narrow space, making people feel drowsy.

At this time, Diya, whose entire body was almost buried in the water, was exceptionally awake.

A sharp pain came from the inner part of her legs, as if someone had cut it open with a knife. There was also a faint smell of blood.

The warm yellow light in the bathroom shone on Diya’s face. Under the dim light, her face was deathly silent. Her palms were trying their best to scrape the red marks.

She was suffocated by despair. Her lips were trembling as she uttered some gibberish that others could not understand.

“Why can’t I wash it off… why can’t I wash it off!”

“So dirty… so dirty…”

Diya used all her strength to rub her skin. She used so much strength that she almost gouged her flesh off!

However, the red marks on her skin could not be washed off no matter what.

So dirty.

So dirty…

She had been touched by so many people, and she had been ridiculed by those people. Why did she still have to live in such a sorry state?

Diya let out a whimper that sounded like a dying little beast. She bit her lips and slowly closed her eyes.

Bit by bit, she sank into the water.

The rims of Diya’s eyes were red. She even buried her head in the water.

The water that had already become a little cold kept spreading from her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and mouth.

Her throat was blocked to the point of panic. Because too much water had entered her ears, there was already a faint sound of electricity.

The feeling of the water dripping down was very, very uncomfortable.

However, it was not even one-thousandth of the pain that Diya felt at this moment.

–How good would it be if she died now?

There was no one in this world who loved her anymore. Even if she was struggling to survive in this world, what was the point?

Diya held onto the thought of despair. Perhaps, Ming Ye would help collect her corpse. She could still retain a special impression in the heart of the person she liked.

She was tired.

That was it.

The bathtub was filled with water. Diya’s entire body was buried under the water. She felt very uncomfortable being stuck in the water. She could not help but choke.

At this moment, Diya suddenly heard a weak cat meow.

“Meow… meow… meow meow!”

That was–

Diya was stunned. She immediately looked in the direction where the sound came from.

She saw the shadow of a cat reflected on the highest small window outside the washroom.

Only then did Diya notice that the stray cat that she and Ming Ye had picked up in the rainy night was so agile that it actually climbed onto the high side window outside the washroom!

It was mainly because there were two strangers in the house that she had never seen before, and Jiang Xuecheng’s face was too cold, that was why Meow Meow secretly ran over here!

Who would have thought that she would see the scene where Diya was about to commit suicide!

Stupid master, don’t you know how painful it is to die holding your breath in the water?!

Meow Meow was anxious and screamed at Diya a few more times, trying to get her to give up the idea of suicide.

Seeing that Diya still had no intention to move, Meow Meow immediately jumped down from the high window and ran straight to the living room.

While Su Wan, Jiang Xuecheng and Ming Ye were talking about business, a black and gray kitten so recklessly rushed out.

It was biting Ming Ye’s pants, and wouldn’t let go!

No matter how clever a cat is, no matter how anxious it is, it can’t speak human language.

Therefore Meow Meow kept calling Ming Ye pitifully and desperately lead him to the bathroom.

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