The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 44: Weal or Woe?

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Chapter 44: Weal or Woe?

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When Lu Li opened his mouth, his voice sounded hoarse. He said with strong emotions, "I, I… feel like I have endless power. I think my strength has increased by more than three times!"

"More than three times? Good heavens…"

Lu Ling collapsed and sat on the ground. Her eyes were full of extreme joy.

She did not know specifically what Bloodline Lu Li had awakened, but there was one thing that she was certain of, which was that the Bloodline awakened by Lu Li was not much weaker than the King Kong Bloodline of the Lu Family.

Lu Ren Huang had left behind many valuable ancient books. One of them had detailed description of Bloodlines. Lu Ling, therefore, had some knowledge of Bloodlines.

It was said that all humans had some Bloodline passed on from the ancient deities in them. Everyone had the chance to awaken Bloodline through the altar and get Bloodline Skills and become powerful Bloodline Warriors.

There were many types of Bloodlines, strong, weak, of various kinds, such as those to increase strength, speed, defense, or those enabling one to have special abilities and magic power.

The King Kong Bloodline of the Lu Family was known as the strongest defensive Bloodline in Central Plains, with Mystic Armor Skill came with it. After the Mystic Armor Skill was released, a layer of indestructible Mystic Armor would form around the body. Average attacks could never break it to hurt the physical body of the warriors of the Lu Family.

Take the Roaring Flames Bloodline Skill owned by the Family Patriarch of the Liu Family as another example. After the Roaring Flames was released, it could burn enemies to death or at least easily injure them, and turn them into ashes. Because of this Bloodline Skill, the Family Leader was able to dominate the Wu Ling County.

The more powerful the Bloodline was, the more abnormal the Bloodline Skill was. The Bloodline Skill owned by warriors of low rank Bloodlines were much weaker. Some Bloodline of the First Rank and Second Rank probably did not even have Bloodline Skills.

There was a clear record on the ancient book left by Lu Ren Huang. Lu Ling knew some Bloodline Skill, for example, the Third-rank Bloodline Skill Gale which could enhance the speed by 50% when released. The Steel Fist Bloodline Skill of the Third-rank Bloodline could increase the strength of one’s fist by 60%...

Even the Bloodline Skill Furious Power of the Fifth Rank Bloodline could only increase one’s strength by two times. Now, Lu Li had his strength up by three times, which meant that his Bloodline would definitely be of higher than the Sixth Rank!

"Sixth Rank, may as well be Seventh Rank, or even… Eighth Rank!"

Lu Ling’s eyes lit up. At first, she thought Lu Li did not awaken any Bloodline, and she could not see the hope of rescuing their parents. She was also about to give up all hopes. Now, she regained her vibrancy.

Sixth or Seventh Rank, as long as Lu Li lived on, would make him a Powerhouse in the future. By then, it would be easy to become the Guest Warrior of a Fifth Rank Royal Family. After that, they could go to Central Plains via the Teleportation Formation and go back the Lu Family to ask the powerful warriors of their family to come and save their parents.


While Lu Ling was deep in her thoughts, Lu Li showed signs of illness. Soon, the qi and energy decreased, his muscles contracted and his face turned pale and awful.

He could not even keep his eyes open. Lu Li waved his hands and said, "Sis, I am so tired. I need to get some sleep…"

With that said, Lu Li directly went to bed. He could not even wait to be tucked in the quilt. Lu Ling hurried to look at him. She was relieved after she made sure that there was nothing wrong with Lu Li, apart from being too tired.

"It seems there is going to be a period of fatigue after releasing this skill. My brother’s energy and physical body are too weak to stand the Bloodline Skill completely. Burning Blood? Is this Bloodline Skill really to burn the blood?"

Lu Ling mumbled to herself. She had her suspicion seeing the pale face of Lu Li. If it were really to burn the blood, then the Bloodline Skill could not be used often. It would consume his body.

Since Lu Li was deep in his sleep, Lu Ling could not get answers out of him. She went out to prepare something nice to eat after she observed for a bit. Lu Li was so weak. He needed something to build up his health.

Lu Li was sunk in sleep for more than two hours before he woke up, however, he now looked better, and his pupils went back to black. Apart from feeling tired, there was nothing wrong.

When Lu Li engorged down enough food, Lu Ling posed her question, "Lu Li, your Bloodline Skill needs to burn your blood?"

"It should be!" Lu Li tried to sense it and nodded. "When I released the Burning Blood Skill, I feel my blood was burning and boiling. I can only stand it for 15 minutes before I got too weak to keep my eyes open."

Lu Ling then seriously told Lu Li, "Then do not release the Bloodline Skill randomly. You have only begun cultivation lately. When you elevate in the realms, you will get stronger. I assume it will be better by then."

"Sis!" Lu Li asked in excitement, "I have… awakened a Bloodline?"


Lu Ling answered with certainty. "You have awakened your Bloodline, one of at least the Sixth Rank. As long as you put efforts into cultivation, you will definitely easily become the Guest Warrior of the Fifth Rank Royal Family after a few years."


Lu Li clenched his fist and nodded. "Sister, I will work hard. I will join the Guest Clan of a Fifth Rank Royal Family and get teleported to Central Plains to find the Lu Family. Then I will rescue father and mother."

The three Fifth-rank Royal Families were the most powerful ones of the Northern Desert. They were like giants standing at the peak of the Northern Desert.

To join the three Families were even more difficult than trying to climb up to heaven, not to mention wanting to be in the Guest Clan formally. Without awakening his Bloodline, Lu Li could probably not even have the chance to go to the cities of these three Families. Now, he had hope, and a very promising one at that!


Lu Ling once again said to Lu Li after some consideration, "Don’t tell anyone about you being able to awaken your Bloodline. Also, don’t release your Bloodline Skill unless it is absolutely necessary. When you are strong enough, you can show it. Besides… don’t tell others about our father’s name. I am afraid that there are foes here on the Northern Desert."

Lu Li felt what Lu Ling said made sense. He thought his Bloodline Awakening was strange as the Bloodline Mark was not on his neck but his back. He had never heard of something like this. What if the temple knew and captured him to study? Furthermore, the Zhao Family was in a good momentum. They were even about to suppress down the Liu Family. If words got out that he had awakened his Bloodline, Di Ba would do anything to encourage the Zhao Family to kill him.

He could only sustain his Bloodline Skill for 15 minutes now. Once he mobilized it, he could get very vulnerable. Now was not a good time to expose his Bloodline Skill.

Lu Ling said that when he was born, his father was fighting against some powerful warriors. Those warriors must have some background. This brother-sister pair would be in so much trouble once he was exposed.

"Crack, crack~"

Some weird noise came from the corner of the room. Lu Li and Lu Ling looked toward it. Small White was awake now and started chewing abandoned Xuan Artifacts again. Seeing that Lu Li was looking at it, it smiled and kept wagging its tail.

"The appetite of this little thing is getting bigger. It only eats, and we haven’t seen it defecate once."

Lu Li touched his nose and frowned. On average, this little beast ate two pieces of abandoned Xuan Artifacts a day. At this rate, the abandoned Xuan Artifacts he traded with 500 contribution points were not enough for it to eat for half a month. If he used up all his contribution points, where would he get more abandoned Xuan Artifacts for it to eat?

"Work hard on cultivation now!"

Lu Ling could tell that Lu Li was worried. She offered some consolation. "Things will eventually sort themselves out. When you are powerful enough, these should not be a problem for you."

Lu Li nodded and hunkered on his bed to cultivate his Xuan Energy and open up his energy channels. He shall mind other things when he made it to the later stage of the Xuan Wu Realm.

"What Bloodline is this on earth?"

Lu Ling quietly sat and recalled the ferocious silver dragon on Lu Li’s back. She looked towards the north after pondering for a while. Lu Ling mumbled in suspicion, "Father, you put the animal tooth pendant on my brother when he was born. Could it be that you knew the origin of the animal tooth and that my brother would awaken the Silver Dragon Bloodline? Is it weal or woe that he cannot awaken our family’s Bloodline but a strange one like this?"

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