The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 50: Your Burial Ground

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Chapter 50: Your Burial Ground

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The Death Seeking Crossbow was made by Lu Ling according to the ancient books. Its shooting range was not far. It was the most deadly within a 6.5 feet radius. The farthest it could reach was just more than 20 feet.

Lu Li had to go on quietly. He asked Little White to clear out a path by controlling the Black Scorch Snakes. He himself arched his back and moved closer noiselessly like an animal.

Lu Li hided in a col and looked coldly at Di Huo and the other warriors while they tried to break through the encirclement and move closer to him.

Sixty-five feet, 32 feet, 23 feet!


A slight sound pierced through the sky. A black arrow was shot. Since the Black Scorch Snakes were attacking all around, and Di Huo and the warriors were waving their weapons, the noise of the arrow was barely audible.

The night was as dark as ink. A warrior of the Zhao Family facing Lu Li did not even notice the black arrow coming his way. Only when the arrow was merely about two feet away from him did he realize about it. He quickly used his weapon to defend, but he was still too late. The arrow shot into his neck right away.


There was toxin of Underleaf Pearl on the arrow. That was highly toxic. The warrior of the Zhao Family covered up his neck with his hand and fell to the ground before he could even scream.


"Eighth Brother, what is happening to you?"

The death of the warrior of the Zhao Family scared all of them. Their formation was disturbed. One of the young warriors even kneeled down on the ground and cried out holding the body on the ground regardless of the Black Scorch Snakes all around them.

"Hiss, hiss~"

The death of the warrior was not of the concern of the Black Scorch Snakes. Several snakes moved closer and spit out black venom again and again. Three warriors of the Zhao Family shouted in pain. One warrior’s face came in touch of the venom. Instantly, his face was as if on fire, and he rolled around on the ground in pain.

The formation was completely broken by now. It was messed up in their own hands. Black Scorch Snakes were at all sides. One could image what kind of disaster it would bring about when the formation was broken.

"Don’t panic~"

Di Huo shouted. He wielded his sword and dodged from side to side and tried to defeat the Black Scorch Snakes one by one. The rest of the warriors started to pull themselves together and commenced their desperate attack on the Black Scorch Snakes. They knew very well that if they were to continue in this disorderly state, all of them would die here.


Another noise came up. An arrow came and shot into the neck of another warrior. A noise of body hitting the ground startled everyone.

The one died before had time to cover his neck. Di Huo then had the chance to throw a glance over and he saw the black arrow on his neck. A glimpse of fury emerged in his eyes. Di Huo shouted, "Someone is attacking us sneakily. It is Lu Li. That is the crossbow of Lu Ling!"

Di Han dying because of this arrow left a deep impression on Di Huo. While defeating the Black Scorch Snakes with his sword, Di Huo glanced around and shouted, "Lu Li, if you are a man, come out and let us have an aboveboard fight. What sort of man are you sneaking around like this?"

"Lu Li, get out of here!"

"Lu Li, don’t you want to revenge for your sister? Come out and fight with me!"

Di Huo was shouting constantly, but Lu Li paid no heed. He put the last arrow on and coldly started looking for his next target.

Lu Ling once told him that in battle, bravery and strength were not enough. Intelligence was also needed. Di Huo was clearly trying to enrage him to go out, so Di Huo could have Lu Li killed.

How could Lu Li fall for it?

Two people were dead out of the 11, and one of the warriors got his face hurt by the venom and could no longer fight. Another two got their legs and hands injured from the venom, so they became weaker as well.

Therefore, there were only six people who had the complete ability to fight now. Of course, these six had been on the road for a day and a night. They were so tired that their capacity had to be influenced for sure.

Lu Li dared not to take any risks. He would not make his move rashly or risk his life. If he were dead, Lu Ling would definitely not live by herself.

He sneaked around in the valley like a poisonous snake and quietly waited for his opportunity. Di Huo, on the other hand, was getting a bit agitated since he had been shouting for a while and Lu Li had not shown himself.

Looking at the warrior rolling around on the ground and the two warriors of the Zhao Family enduring their pain with great difficulty, Di Huo clearly knew that if this went on much longer, all of them would die at the hands of Lu Li.

He could not figure out why the Black Scorch Snakes were not attacking Lu Li though. However, he did not have the time to ponder about it either. He thought about it and said, "Let us break out of the encirclement, or we will all die here. Bring Third Brother Song and retreat."

One warrior hurriedly helped the warrior whose face was spilled on by the venom and tried to get out with hardship under the protection of Di Huo and the other warriors.


Lu Li shot out his last arrow which hit right at the warrior who was helping Third Brother Song. That man died in an instant as well and fell down. Third Brother Song was already in pain, so he fell down with that dead warrior and bumped against two warriors behind him…

"Hiss, hiss~"

The formation was once again disturbed. Poisonous snakes swarmed toward the warriors. In the moment of chaos, two other men were hit by the venom of the Black Scorch Snakes and cried out in pain.

Only this time, Di Huo saw the direction the arrow came from. He cared no more about the warriors of the Zhao Family and pointed to the direction in rage. "Lu Li is over there. Go with me and kill that bastard."

On hearing this, the two warriors of the Zhao Family were eager to kill. They carried their sword and rushed over together with Di Huo regardless of the survival of the rest people. They had precisely one idea in their heads, i.e. chopping Lu Li into pieces.

"Good timing!"

Lu Li sneered in secrecy. He put down the bundle on his back and ran out of the col while holding his Heaven Kylin Sword. He waved his sword high and aimed at the head of Di Huo who was at the forefront. Lu Li then coldly shouted, "Di Huo, there is an easy way out, but you have forsaken it and chosen the hard way. Go to hell!"

"Hiss, hiss~"

Lu Li was so furious. Naturally, he gave his full strength. Light of Xuan Energy shone around Lu Li whose momentum instantly went up. He already had more than 30,000 pounds of physical strength, and with the mark-up from the Xuan Energy, he now had more than 40,000 pounds of strength. How loud would that noise be when the sword was piercing through the air?

The noise was so loud that Di Huo’s eardrum hurt. He was so frightened and horrified. He didn’t even need to try to defend to know how powerful the cut would be; he already knew just by looking at the black gigantic sword coming at him.

Perhaps it was because Lu Li was so brave during the fight in the tribe that Di Huo was a bit fearful out of his instinct at this moment. He dodged the cut without thinking as he did not have the guts to face Lu Li directly.

There was one warrior at Di Huo’s back. Now that Di Huo dodged the cut, the Heaven Kylin Sword naturally came at him. The warrior, however, did not know how good Lu Li was, so he used his sword and attempted to fend it off, even preparing to cut Lu Li’s stomach open as well.

Yet, he was so naïve. The warrior just felt a stream of enormous strength and his sword was knocked out of his hand. The Heaven Kylin Sword cut directly him into two half and even cut open the armor he was wearing.


Another warrior of the Zhao Family at Di Huo’s back was scared to death. So, which Realm was Lu Li at on earth? The Xuan Wu Realm or the Spirit Sea Realm? How could he just cut a person into two pieces with one move?

The warrior was dumbfounded but not Lu Li. The latter held his sword up high and swept the sword at the warrior’s neck.

That warrior finally came to his senses and tried to block it with his sword out of instinct. Needless to say, his sword was knocked off, then he was beheaded. A large quantity of blood spilled out.

"What, what, what…"

Di Huo’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Lu Li who was enraged and looked like a God of Murder. Was he the Lu Li, the loser that was picked on by Di Hu and the other guys in the tribe, back in the days? He killed the warriors at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm like he was cutting up vegetables, and clearly, there were signs of Xuan Energy on Lu Li.

"Di Huo!"

Lu Li turned around to Di Huo with the blood-dripping Heaven Kylin Sword. Lu Li smiled, but to Di Huo, he was even more terrible than the devil.

Lu Li put on a chilly smile and said, "What do you think about the Feng Shui here? Are you satisfied to use it as your burial ground?"

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