The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 70: Changing Destiny

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Chapter 70: Changing Destiny

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Once again, Lu Li had eaten the bitter fruit of a cold-blooded and ruthless big family. For a family, sentiment was nothing. If one could create value and interest for a family, then the family would treat one with utmost respect. Conversely, if one had no use for the family, they wouldn’t grant one even one penny even if one kneeled down and begged for it.

Lu Li had to spend another 2000 contribution points against his will since there was some unique explanation on condensing Spirit Sea on this cultivation attainment records. Lu Li thought that if he could comprehend what was written on it, he could at least have some sense on how to condense Spirit Sea, even if he could not successfully condense it for now.

He read the Secret Warrior Book over and over. He had ample time now so he continued to find other booklets to verify if that one was valid.

Lu Li went out after two hours. He found three books on condensing Spirit Sea with similar descriptions. Now, he had completely understood how to do it.

For fear that he might forget about it, Lu Li went back to his house and wrote down the method of condensing Spirit Sea quickly.

Lu Ling noticed that Lu Li was gone for four hours but he returned with no abandoned Xuan Artifacts so she asked in doubt, "What is going on?"

Lu Li explained everything and said with some concern, "I thought that the contribution points were enough and that we didn’t have to worry about Little White’s food anymore, but the Liu Family is now targeting me. I don’t think the remaining 1000 contribution points can stay in my hands for long."

Even though Little White did not grow in size, its appetite had grown. If Lu Li were to trade for some abandoned Xuan Artifacts, he probably would have to go out of the county to finish some mission in less than a month’s time.

Lu Ling thought about it and said, "Don’t trade for abandoned Xuan Artifacts now. Go to the Hall of Mystical Materials. There should be some food Little White needs. Regular mystical materials are much cheaper than abandoned Xuan Artifacts. If you can find suitable substitute, your contribution points can last for several months."


Lu Li went out in search for the Hall of Mystical Materials. He randomly asked someone and found it. The Hall of Mystical Materials was huge. It was one of the largest halls in all the families.

Of all the Mystical Materials that the warriors of the Liu Family collected, the unnecessary ones would be handed over to the Hall of Mystical Materials. This was the treasure house of a family. If one needed any mystical materials, one could trade for them here using contribution points.

The scope of Mystical Materials was wide, for example, mineral stones of various sorts, all kinds of beast cores, fur, and horns of Xuan Beasts, mystical herbs and other extraordinary things. As long as they were useful for warriors, they could be regarded as mystical materials.

The Hall of Mystical Materials was so huge that it was like a castle. There were more people on garrison duty here consequently. Five were guarding the place. When Lu Li came in here, he noticed by the first glance that this place was also of two floors. There were more than a score of rooms just on the first floor.

Entering the place required a check on the token. As soon as Lu Li presented his Token, the several deacons here looked displeased. One of them said in a cold voice, "You don’t have the access to the second floor. If you want to trade for any Mystical Materials on the first floor, you need to pay four times the original price!"

Lu Li was not surprised at all. Guest Warriors were supposed to pay double the price. Now that the Liu Family was targeting him, it was normal to pay four times the price.

He got his token back and glanced over to the rooms. Lu Li entered one that was marked mineral stones.

Little White was fond of the abandoned Xuan Artifacts. Before they were abandoned, the intact Xuan Artifacts were built by fusing and refining various minerals, therefore, Lu Li guessed that what Little White really liked were the mineral stones.

After he got into the room, Lu Li realized that it was more of a great hall than a room. Mineral stones were stacked here and there. Lu Li looked at them and took Little White out of his sleeve, telling it, "Is there any food in there you like?"

Little White glanced over several piles of mineral stones next to it but despised those. Little White walked on while observed. When it spotted a fire red spar, its eyes lit up. Little White rushed to it and was ready to eat it.

What Lu Ling and Lu Li assumed was right. What Little White truly liked was not the Xuan Artifacts, but the fire-red spar used to build Xuan Artifacts.

Lu Li picked Little White quickly and he smiled after he looked at the note next to the spar. The spar was called the Fire Jade Spar. It was a very common kind and of many uses. The spar was a must in making Xuan Artifacts.

The most important thing was—the Fire Jade Spar was cheap. It only cost one contribution points for ten of those spars. Even though Lu Li needed to pay four times the price, he could afford several thousand of those since he had more than 1000 contribution points left.

Lu Li hid Little White and walked out. He asked the deacon outside to trade 1000 Fire Jade Spars for him.

Lu Li paid with 400 contribution points. He carried the Fire Jade Spars back home in a jute bag. After he put the Fire Jade Spars in the corner, he let Little White out. Lu Li said with a grin, "Eat away. Just don’t get too stuffed."

"Squeak, squeak~"

Little White cried out in joy. It sneaked into the jute bag and gripped one of the Fire Jade Spars with its teeth. It chewed it a bit and swallowed one. After it ate five whole Fire Jade Spars, Little White fell asleep with satisfaction.

"Okay, Lu Li. You don’t have to worry about Little White anymore. There is plenty of food now." Lu Ling nodded and looked towards Lu Li, "Now, you try to find some ways to condense Spirit Sea. Put the cultivation of the Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill aside for a moment. Realm rules all. After dinner, you can go back to your closed-door cultivation."

It was almost dinner time. Lu Li engaged in chitchat with Lu Ling for a bit. Soon, someone delivered them their food. Lu Li took a look at the food container and realized that the quantity was much less than before. Previously, the two would have four dishes and a soup, but now, there was no soup and only two dishes…

"The Liu Family is so mean!"

Lu Li grumbled. But Lu Ling said with a smile, "I am not a Guest Warrior of the Liu Family. The Liu Family is now supporting me for free. That is giving you face."

It didn’t bother Lu Li much as long as he could keep his stomach full. It didn’t matter to him whether the food was good or not. After he ate, he went directly back to closed-door cultivation. Now that he had mastered the method of condensing Spirit Sea, he wanted to give it a go.

It was quite simple to condense Spirit Sea.

It was more of creating than condensing in the sense that there was no Spirit Sea within one’s body. It must be built.

Everyone had 12 main energy channels that ran through the entire body. Warriors could make the Xuan Energy flow through the body to increase their abilities in defense and speed.


Energy channels were small. They couldn’t contain too much Xuan Energy. Therefore, if warriors aspired for endless Xuan Energy, then they must create Spirit Sea and store the Xuan Energy in the Spirit Sea.

When warriors had Spirit Sea within them, the amount of Xuan Energy that could be stored inside their bodies could increase by hundred or even thousands of times. They would never experience Xuan Energy shortage.

Also, the Spirit Sea had one other freaky capability, which was to condense Xuan Energy and promote its power. That was why warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm could be so strong and could defeat all warriors at the Xuan Wu Realm.

Condensing Spirit Sea, in essence, was to squeeze a room by force using Xuan Energy inside one’s body—a magical room that could store Xuan Energy.

The idea was simple. Lu Li also understood the method, but he dared not to condense Spirit Sea rashly.

He started cultivating Xuan Energy for many hours and allocated his Xuan Energy to the place where two energy channels converged around his abdomen after all the 12 energy channels were full of Xuan Energy.

"Begin condensing!"

Lu Li took a deep breath and put a wooden stick between his teeth. Lu Li closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He had put a stick in his mouth because he was afraid that it would be too painful later on and that he might bit off his own tongue.

Condensing Spirit Sea was equivalent of forcefully creating a mysterious room inside the body. Without the help of special pellets, it would be excruciatingly painful. If it was not done right, his body could explode.

Lu Li had no pellets. He had to endure the pain, with his willpower, and create the Spirit Sea.

The cultivation of Wu Dao was to go against destiny!

If anyone could be a powerful warrior, then destiny was too easy to be reversed.

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