The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 73: Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill Mastered

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Chapter 73: Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill Mastered

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Lu Li couldn’t care less about who would win the laurel in the fight over the Beast King, nor did he care about whether the Wu Ling County would fall into disorder or not. He also didn’t which family would win in the battle for supremacy, the Liu Family or the Zhao Family.

Whichever side won at the Ice Abyss, the Liu Family and the Zhao Family would start their war all the same. Once that happened, Lu Li would definitely get involved, and the Zhao Family would send someone to hunt him down and kill him.

Whether the Liu Family won or lost, if Lu Li could not deal with the attack from the Zhao Family, Lu Ling and he would all have their fate sealed. So why did he have to bother about whether the Liu Family would have victory or defeat?

For the Liu Family, Lu Li was not too emotionally attached. The treatment and attitude he got from the Liu Family made him bitterly disappointed. He promised Liu Yi that he could endeavor to help the Liu Family, but that was under the premise that he would do it within his capacity. If he could not save his own life and still think about saving the Liu Family, that would be unreasonable and hypocritical. Also, it would make him an idiot.

Lu Li meditated for a bit and said, "Sis, how about we evacuate earlier. Let us find a chance to get out of the County and then figure out a way to get to the Heaven Martial City."


Lu Ling wryly smiled. "We cannot leave now. If we leave, we are going to die. There are scouts of the Zhao Family both outside and inside of the County. No matter what approach we manage to devise, we will be detected."

Lu Li then said in a low voice after some thoughts, "So we have to wait until the war break out between the Zhao Family and the Liu Family? When things go sideways, we can get out of the city by taking advantage of the confusion. Eh… I have to find a map and figure out a way of retreat."

"You don’t have to worry about any of these."

Lu Ling waved her hand and said, "I will arrange everything. What you need to do is to cultivate with all your heart and try to enhance your ability for as much as possible before the big fight."


Lu Li remembered the battle at the Di Long Tribe. Lu Ling also arranged everything. With a sister wise as Lu Ling, what was there to worry about?

"I have a question."

Lu Ling suddenly thought of something and asked, "Brother, now that you have reached the Spirit Sea Realm, can your Bloodline Skill last longer?"

"I don’t know!"

Lu Li shook his head and released his Bloodline Skill on the spot. A surge of qi and energy spread out from his entire body like a beast. All his muscles swelled up and his eyes glowed with a silver light. He had transformed into a human-shaped huge dragon.

The two quietly started counting the time. After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, Lu Li did not feel any fatigue. They looked at each other and became excited.

Lu Li was still okay after the time it took for an entire incense stick to burn. The two got even more pleased. With the time passing by, Lu Li grew more and more high-spirited. It seemed that with the elevation in realms, the Bloodline Skill could last for a longer time.

After an hour, Lu Li finally felt a sensation of weakness in his body. He waved his hand and said, "Sis, I can’t do it any longer. I need to sleep."

"Go ahead."

Lu Ling waved her hand and gazed after him as Lu Li went back to his room. Joy was written all over her phenomenal face. Even though an hour was not exactly long, but it was enough for Lu Li to fight for some time. The chances of their survival in the upcoming war would increase markedly.

Lu Ling went out of their yard all the time for the next few days. She would ask for more information from Cheng Qu’s wife everyday and entrust her to buy all kinds of bizarre things.

Cheng Qu’s wife had no children. She adored Lu Ling very much. Naturally, she granted whatever little favor was requested.

The situation had degraded. The Liu Family had given order to prohibit any Liu Family disciples to go out if unnecessary. At the same time, the Liu Family started to secretly relocate the elders, females, children and the invalid and send people out for reinforcement.

The other four Families in the County, the Zhao, Lu [1], Chen, and the He Family had formed an alliance. Recently, the Zhao Family had solicited a great number of powerful warriors, and their family’s strength had gone up significantly.

But the Liu Family Patriarch was still in a coma, so the Liu Family dared not to initiate the fight. Of course, no family interfered in the Liu Family’s relocating the elders, females, children and the invalid. The Zhao Family clearly only had the Wu Ling County in consideration. If the entire Liu Family were to retreat from the Wu Ling County, the Zhao Family might not even start the fight.

A war was to harm others without benefiting oneself.

The fight at the Ice Abyss was waning to a close. The Beast King was powerful, a worthy match for the Human Sovereign of the mankind. However, the Beast King was old and accouchement sapped its vitality. It was already out of the ordinary that it could sustain for this long.

This time, several Iron-armored Ships and Ancient Chariots flew over from the southeast. Almost all the Super Families from the Cyan Plains mobilized their warriors. There were countless powerhouses over at the Ice Abyss. It was said that sieges had been initiated on several occasions. The Beast King was badly wounded and was now faced with impending death.

Super Families were now sharpening their weapons and preparing for the last round of strike. They aimed to kill the Beast King completely. After the spoils were divided among them, the fight at the Ice Abyss would end.

With the number of powerful warriors on the rise, the Xuan Beast Upheaval was completely suppressed down. The Xuan Beasts of low levels were cleaned out in large numbers. The big families cared about their dignity and reputation. They couldn’t just sit back and watch the civilians in the average tribes die in large numbers.

Three days later, the Chief Patriarch brought the team back. All the powerful warriors of the Liu Family that were at the Ice Abyss returned as well. At nightfall, Family Patriarch of the Zhao, Lu, Chen and He Families brought their teams back as well.

The atmosphere in the county now was even more intense. With the return of the top powerhouses of these Families in the County, the war could break out at any minute now.

Many small Families in the County sensed something was not right. They started relocating the elders, females, children and the invalid, but not far. They just were relocated to several small towns close to the Wu Ling County for fear that they might be dragged into the war.

When the small families started, civilians went into a fit of panic. When they heard about the rumor, many civilians moved their entire family out of the county. They planned to stay in a small town or tribe and come back when the war died down.

The Liu Family did not have any reactions regarding the agitation of the small families and the civilians. Many County guards were called back to the Liu Family Mansion. Zhao Family and the other families naturally wouldn’t worry about it either. There were so many general public that chaos was easily induced. It was better that some of them left.

The Liu Family was waiting for reinforcement and for their patron to make the move. The Zhao Family was also waiting. They waited for the fight at the Ice Abyss to be over and Lord Yu to give his command.

Lu Li held aloft from the affairs of the real world. He had been in closed-door cultivation for several days to cultivate his Xuan Energy and stabilize his realm. The more Xuan Energy he could cultivate, the more condensed the air whirl would be, and the less likely that it would collapse.

"I think it’s okay now!"

Lu Li cultivated for three days straight. The air whirl was noticeably larger. The Xuan Energy stored inside was vigorous and ample enough for him to sustain for a month or two.

"Cultivate the Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill!"

After the Xuan Energy cultivation was about done, Lu Li rested for an hour before he set off on cultivating the Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill. If the Xuan Skill could be mastered, his fighting capacity would be increased greatly.

He employed the method he used before. Lu Li mustered some Xuan Energy and tried to condense them into Xuan Power, however, for several times, the Xuan Power would fall apart as soon as it was condensed with no exceptions.

"Where did it go wrong?"

Lu Li did not know. He stopped cultivation and pondered about it for an hour. Suddenly, something came into his mind. The Xuan Power couldn’t be condensed in his energy channels, but how about in the Spirit Sea? Would it collapse there as well?

Lu Li set off trying immediately. He controlled his Xuan Energy to condense it into Xuan Power inside his Spirit Sea. When Xuan Power was successfully condensed, he moved it into the air whirl at once.

"I did it!"

All of a sudden, his body trembled. The Xuan Power entered the air whirl and the air whirl quickly rotated. This time, not only did the condensed Xuan Power not fall apart, it became more and more compact.


Lu Li shouted in his mind. Right away, he mustered the Xuan Power from his Spirit Sea and moved it to his palm. Lu Li swung his Heaven Kylin Sword and cut in front of him.


The Xuan Power spread through his right hand and Lu Li felt all at once the strength on his right hand greatly increased. The Heaven Kylin Sword made a sharp sound as it pierced through the air.

"Good, good!"

Lu Li could clearly feel that with the release of the Xuan Power, the strength on his right hand gradually went up. His had gained speed as well. Because of the Xuan Power, his strength was enhanced again.

Now that he could use the Xuan Power, it meant that the first stage of the Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill was done. Even though his strength was not increased by a large margin, Lu Li was now full of hope.

[1] Here Lu Family is the 鲁家, not 陆家 which Lu Li belonged to.

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