The Invincible Dragon Emperor - Chapter 87: Fire Phoenix Birth

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Chapter 87: Fire Phoenix Birth

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Lu Ling, who came over fast with the help of her walking stick, showed terror in her eyes. In recent years, she rarely showed this kind of emotion. She was truly freaked out this time. She was afraid that Lu Li was going to lose his life.

"Little bastard, I will tear you up!"

Zhao Gui stormed on like a fierce wind and rushed towards the stone fort where Lu Li landed. He clearly knew that Lu Li was still alive. The Heaven Kylin Sword helped to withstand some of his strength, and Lu Li was also wearing Zhao Rui’s Earth Grade armor which reduced the damage yet again. Otherwise, Lu Li would have been dead already.


Right around the time when Zhao Gui arrived outside of the stone fort, a sharp noise suddenly rang behind him. He looked back but his eyes were wide open because of what he saw. He saw a black crossbow bolt shooting at Zhao Rui’s neck. Before he could fully realize what it was, the arrow was buried in Zhao Rui’s neck.

The arrow glowed. Evidently, it had something toxic on it. It would kill a person immediately. Fury and regret surged in Zhao Gui’s heart as he watched Zhao Rui being killed.

He just glanced over to Lu Ling. She was no warrior so he paid no attention to a lame person. Little did he expect that Zhao Rui was killed by Lu Ling because of his negligence. Zhao Gui leaned back and roared in sorrow, "Rui, my dear Rui..."

He used his utmost strength in this roar which reverberated through Heaven and Earth. Even the warriors fighting desperately at the south yard could hear it so clearly.

Many people were shocked. Zhao Gui even personally came so how did Zhao Rui get killed on earth? Could it be that the Liu Family had warriors of the Soul Pond Realm ambushing over there?

Zhao Gui bellowed sadly. His eyes turned red. Without worrying about Lu Li anymore, Zhao Gui turned around, looked at Lu Ling with bloodshot eyes and screamed, "You bi*ch. I will tear you into pieces, I will tear you up!"

At this moment, Lu Ling, on the other hand, regained her calmness. Seeing that Zhao Gui was about to kill Lu Li, she knew that Lu Li was still alive so she was relieved.

The reason for her to kill Zhao Rui with her Death Seeking Crossbow was to attract Zhao Gui. She had gained her aim. She felt relieved and even put on a mocking smile. "Patriarch Zhao, I am so slim, you can’t get too many pieces out of me. Maybe four or five pieces at most. If I can trade my life with your son’s, it is worth it!"

Lu Ling’s mocking attitude and calm tone made Zhao Gui all the more riled up. He had the original intention to release Xuan Energy and kill Lu Ling directly, but he changed his mind.

Lu Ling said he could not tear her up into too many pieces? He then insisted on tearing Lu Ling bit by bit, putting her to death by dismembering the body to vent his anger.

Zhao Gui rushed over to Lu Ling as one of his hands formed the shape of a claw, trying to grab Lu Ling’s neck.

He was so fast that in the time for just a blink, he had made it to Lu Ling’s front. Lu Ling felt her eyes dizzy, then her neck was grabbed by an iron claw. She was lifted up.


The four girls onboard the Iron-armored Ship in the sky, Zi Lian, and Ye Yuhan all turned their heads for they could not bear the sight of it. The scene later on must be bloody violent. Tearing a blooming girl into more than a dozen pieces, just thinking about it would make people terrified.

"Brother, kill… him...!"

Lu Ling said something with great effort. Zhao Gui paused for a moment out of instinct. He had just turned around when he realized something was off. He did not hear anything behind him.

"I was tricked..."

He felt that Lu Ling suddenly waved her hand and then powders sprinkled in the sky. Without even thinking about it, he increased his strength on the hand that was grabbing Lu Ling and nearly crushed her neck into pieces.

"Ha, ha…"

When he looked back, Lu Ling uttered a laughter with difficult. Then she squirted out blood all over Zhao Gui’s face.


The strangest thing happened—

A blazing fire burst out on Zhao Gui’s body. This time, the flame was still blue in color. The fire started oddly. It just burst out.

"What the hell is this?"

Throwing Lu Ling’s dead body aside, Zhao Gui hurriedly tried to flap his head and body, but the flames just could not be put out. Zhao Gui then started rolling around on the ground, endeavoring to extinguish the fire. Still, he could not do it. Rather, the fire got bigger and bigger. Zhao Gui cried out in misery and rolled all around.


Liu Yi, who was hiding in the alley, trembled. She had seen the blue flames before. Di Ba was burnt to death just like this. She did not expect that Lu Ling could kill Zhao Gui in the same way.

Liu Yi looked towards Lu Ling and her expressions changed again because she saw Lu Ling was also covered in this white powder. As of this moment, her body was also caught on fire. Lu Ling was almost turned into carbon coke.


The bizarre situation on the ground naturally disturbed Zi Lian and others in the sky. One of the four girls on the Iron-armored Ship shouted in surprise, "What kind of flame is this? It is so strong. It can burn warrior of the Soul Pong Realm to death. Grandma, come out and see this."

An old lady with a snake-shaped walking stick walked out of the cabin. She glanced over and shock was written on her face. Surprised and bewildered, she said, "This flame… can it be the legendary Spectral Heaven Fire? How did these two catch on fire?"

The girl spoke earlier pointed over to Lu Ling that was turning into carbon coke and said, "This girl sprinkled some white powder. Then the two were on fire. Um… she seemed to spit out some blood."

"So it is the Spectral Heaven Fire."

The old lady nodded slightly. Then she looked at Lu Ling’s dead body and said with surprise, "In this small County, someone knew how to make the extinct Spectral Heaven Poison Powder? It is such a shame that the young girl is dead now. Otherwise, we could bring her back to our Palace of Goddess."

Seeing that the four girls were confused, the old lady explained, "The Spectral Heaven Poison Powder was studied and developed by Elder Heaven Spite. One hundred years ago, Elder Heaven Spite used the Spectral Heaven Poison Powder to burn an entire Sixth-rank Family with more than a million people to death. The news shocked the entire Great land of China. The Spectral Heaven Poison Powder will be ignited when there is blood. It can… even burn warriors at the peak of the Noble Lord Realm."

"However, preciously because the Elder Heaven Spite burned more than a million people to their deaths 100 years ago which was so vicious that a Powerhouse at the peak of the Human Sovereign Realm from Central Plains killed him personally. The production secret of the Nether World Heaven toxic powder vanished. I didn’t expect to see it again in this small county."

"Such a pity…"

The four girls sighed. If they had known that Lu Ling was capable of making such powder, they would have asked the old lady to do something to save Lu Ling so they could bring her back to their sect. Now that Lu Ling turned into carbon coke, it was too late.

"What is that flame?"

On the other side, Zi Lian and Ye Yuhan were alarmed. The fire was so powerful that it could burn a powerful warrior at the latter stage of the Soul Pond Realm to death.

Their escorts stood next to them with knitted eyebrows. They did not think of Elder Heaven Spite. Maybe they never even heard about it; they were just shocked.

"Eh? Something is off—"

A golden-armored powerful warrior next to Zi Lian suddenly shouted. He stared at Lu Ling’s body as his lips moved and his eyes were filled with astonishment. He murmured, "How can she come back to life?"

"Uncle, what is coming back to life?"

Zi Lian asked in confusion. The powerful warrior, however, did not answer her. She looked at the other powerful warriors and noticed that all of them looked like as if they had seen ghosts.

The powerful warriors by Ye Yuhan’s side were like this as well. Zi Lian’s uncle finally came to his senses and pointed to Lu Ling’s body and said, "The girl that was burned to death. Signs of life reappeared in her body. Also… her wound is healing quickly!"

"How is that possible?"

Zi Lian and Ye Yuhan looked towards each other and they were alarmed. Lu Ling was burned so severely so how could she come back to life? Even warriors of the Fate Wheel Realm or the Eternal Realm couldn’t stand a chance against the fire, let alone Lu Ling who wasn’t even a warrior?


The old lady with the snake-shaped walking stick on the Iron-armored Ship saw the strange thing that was going on down there. She tried to sense and perceive for a while before she mumbled in doubt, "She can survive the Spectral Heaven Fire? This doesn’t make any sense. Rebirth through fire! Reconstruct beyond nirvana! The girl… she must be of legendary Fire Phoenix Birth!"

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