The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1171: Who Else

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Chapter 1171: Who Else

As soon as Lu Zhixi said this, people, who had changed their minds due to Xi Yue’s strength, started to talk about her again.

The eyes looking at Xi Yue were not amazed and praised, but full of fear and rejection.

Qing Luan was trembling with anger, and she said angrily, “Miss Lu, you keep saying that my young master is heartless? Why didn’t you say it when Feng Yunqing wanted to kill my young master? When everyone felt that my young master would and even died in the previous battle, why didn’t you show your compassion? It turns out that Fairy Zhixi’s kindness and compassion also vary from person to person?”

Lu Zhixi was speechless again for a while. Her eyes turned dark and unsightly.

It wasn’t that she had nothing to refute, but she thought very highly of herself and felt that refuting a maid would lower her style. Ren Xueling, who could help her talk usually, was so frightened by Xi Yue that she let Zhixi be humiliated by a lowly maid.

Hexi sneered, stopped Qing Luan, who wanted to talk more, and said lightly, “Does me being heartless related to our core topic today? What I want now is for you to show evidence of my cheating. Who else is dissatisfied now? Stand out now, otherwise it will be my turn to settle the accounts with you!”

When Hexi said these words, she was looking at Elder Qin with mockery. The blue veins on Elder Qin’s forehead were twitching violently.

The boy in green clothes next to Elder Qin stepped forward and said angrily, “Xi Yue, so what if your strength is good? That doesn’t prove that you didn’t sneak in medicinal pills. You can defeat the black bear and Feng Yunqing because you took the secret medicine beforehand!”

Hexi was about to be amused by the nonsense of this group of people. She pointed at Chen Jiancheng and sneered, “You have also seen the fate of those who actually took the secret medicine. You said that I took the secret medicine? Hehe, forgive my ignorance. You can ask our president. Her father is the president of the Doctors Association and a doctor of the 10th rank. Can anyone answer if there is such a medicinal pill that can increase one’s strength by 2 realms without any side effects!”

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look at Chen Jiancheng.

Needless to say, his strength didn’t improve that much, and his miserable appearance was a solid proof.

Now, although Chen Jiancheng no longer groaned in pain, he was much weaker. Even his cultivation had degenerated to the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period. Obviously, the side effects were very serious.

In fact, the secret medicine Feng Yunqing gave to Chen Jiancheng was derived from cold eating pills. Although it would not be addictive, the side effects of taking it would be more serious and would occur immediately.

Everyone in the square fell silent. Several deans looked at each other and shook their heads.

Based on their medical level, it was reasonable to say that they were at the top in Miluo Continent, but they had never heard of such a medicinal pill that could improve one’s strength in a short period of time.

Among the people present, the faces of Elder Qin and the Heaven Medical Branch’s dean looked very unsightly.

At this time, Heaven Medical Branchdean even regretted his bowels. He knew that Xi Yue was such a genius, and he would not let anyone run away no matter what. Against the Gold Core Stage with the Foundation Establishment stage, this is even more terrifying than Lu Zhixi, a peerless genius that is rare for thousands of years!

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