The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1198: The Real Murderer

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Chapter 1198: The Real Murderer

“No! It’s not me!” Elder Qin was shocked when he heard the words, and he shouted anxiously, “You can go check it out. I… I have never been in the dungeon and I’m not qualified to enter the dungeon. How could I kill these 2 people?”

Framing someone for cheating and killing someone to silence them were 2 different things. Even if it was confirmed that he had framed Xi Yue for cheating and disrupted the assessments of Miracle Healer Academy, he would at most be kicked out of the academy.

But if it was confirmed that he killed someone, he would definitely be severely punished by the Miracle Healer Academy. At that time, let alone the possibility of cultivation abolishment, he might not even survive the punishment.

Thinking of this, Elder Qin’s voice became even more anxious, “I’ve been refining pill in my room for the past few days. Ah Qing and my other disciples can testify. I definitely didn’t kill them!”

Zeng Shouyue and Li Chengqun confirmed from Ah Qing and others that Elder Qin did not leave the room or go to the dungeon.

He definitely couldn’t kill them.

However, it could never be Xi Yue?

Zeng Shouyue resolutely said, “Xi Yue has never done those things at all, so the reason for killing them is naturally untenable. Besides, if Xi Yue wants to kill them, wouldn’t it be more reasonable and less suspicious for Xi Yue to kill them in the practice match?”

Everyone nodded when they heard the words.

After so many things, a fool could see that Xi Yue was a victim.

Elder Ji, who was in charge of punishment, frowned and said solemnly, “Since it wasn’t done by Elder Qin, investigate one by one. Who had been in the dungeon during this time and who poisoned Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng? If someone is suspicious before and after Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng were poisoned, investigate that clearly. I don’t believe that I can’t find the real murderer!”

Saying that, Elder Ji snorted coldly with a fierce gaze, “Dare to commit murder in my Miracle Healer Academy, simply tired of living!”

Cai Yu’s face suddenly turned pale. He looked at Lu Zhixi with worry in his eyes.

But to his surprise, this time Lu Zhixi didn’t look at him. Instead, she looked indifferent like it wasn’t related to him. There was even a slight smile on her face.

Just when Cai Yu was astonished, a short man with a quirky appearance suddenly walked out from behind Lu Zhixi.

Cai Yu recognized him. He was Jiang Zhongcheng an officer who just joined the Academy Student Council last year.

Jiang Zhongcheng had the word “loyalty” in his name, but his personality was cunning. He was good at seeing the wind. He was somehow valued by Lu Zhixi half a year ago.

Although Cai Yu was not worried, he would not object to such a trivial matter.

So why does Jiang Zhongcheng want to do at this time?

Jiang Zhongcheng bowed to a few deans and elders before saying with a complicated look, “I don’t know if I should say this. It’s about the death of Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng.”

Elder Ji said immediately, “Say it!”

Jiang Zhongcheng glanced at Cai Yu, gritted his teeth and said unbearably, “The night before Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng died, I once saw Deputy President Cai went to the dungeon.”

“What?! Is this true?”

Jiang Zhongcheng looked at Cai Yu with guilt, “Deputy President Cai, don’t blame me. Just like Zhang Chong, although I don’t want to hurt you, but my conscience won’t let me lie. I can only be frank about this matter.”

Elder Ji’s eyes were shining as he glared at Cai Yu, “It’s really you who killed Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng?”

Cai Yu blurted out, “Of course not, I definitely didn’t kill anyone!”

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