The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2467 - Prying

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Chapter 2467: Prying

As Ye Futian watched the silhouette of Tianyin Arhat leaving, his eyes revealed a curious look.

Tianyin Arhat had actually come just to have a few words with him. It seemed as though he had no other ulterior motive. Ye Futian had also obtained a lot of information from his conversation with the other party.

The changes of the world would originate from the Original Realm. This prophecy had actually first come from the Western Heaven—the World of Buddhism that had not joined the conflict in the Original Realm.

According to the other party, only one or two individuals in the World of Buddhism could make such a prophecy. They should be one of the Buddha Lords who stood at the top of the realm. Which Buddha Lord would it be?

It would certainly not be difficult to investigate. Ye Futian even suspected that it might be a Buddha Lord who mastered one of the six Buddhist superpowers.

Donghuang the Great had come to the World of Buddhism centuries ago and had sought the guidance of a Buddha Lord. He had also cultivated one of these six superpowers. As for which one he had cultivated, Ye Futian did not know.

In the Divine Prefecture, it was only known that Donghuang the Great had come to the World of Buddhism to seek the Path. No one knew what Path he had sought.

All this provided much food for thought. It was worth pondering on.

“Tianyin Arhat’s cultivation is not high, but he can already hear the various voices across the Western Sacred Land. Having cultivated Clairaudience, his master, Tianyin Buddha Lord, must be able to hear across even greater distances. What will happen when Tianyin Arhat reaches the Great Emperor Plane?” Ye Futian mumbled.

“He might be able to hear all the voices in the Western Heaven,” said Chen Yi in a low voice.

“It might be possible,” Ye Futian nodded his head. Donghuang the Great might be able to do the same. It was just that he did not know which superpower Donghuang the Great had cultivated. Regardless of which one it was, at the Great Emperor Plane, his might would be extraordinary. It would be unparalleled.

“From Tianyin Arhat’s tone, I suppose he bears no ill will,” commented Blind Tie. Although he could not see, his senses were sharp. Tianyin Arhat claimed that his master, Tianyin Buddha Lord, had long known that Ye Futian would come to the Western Sacred Land. Tianyin Arhat paid Ye Futian a welcome visit.

The other party had even taken Donghuang the Great as an example. He claimed that Donghuang the Great had also come here centuries ago. He wondered what Ye Futian would gain from coming here. If one thought about it, this was a very high evaluation of Ye Futian. Tianyin Arhat held Ye Futian in high esteem, comparing him to Donghuang the Great centuries ago.

Why did Tianyin Arhat look so highly on Ye Futian? Was this related to the prophecy?

In Four Corner Village, why had Master viewed Ye Futian highly to the point that he did not mind standing out on Ye Futian’s behalf and allowing Four Corner Village to join the world?

The more he came in contact with Ye Futian, the more Blind Tie felt that Ye Futian might have come from an extraordinary background. He would have an outstanding life. Perhaps in the future, Ye Futian would come in contact with some secrets of the world.

“Are you Ye Futian from the Divine Prefecture?” someone asked Ye Futian inside the tavern. The crowd had heard Tianyin Arhat and Ye Futian’s conversation before this. Some of their hearts were stirred.

Tianyin Arhat was an extraordinary figure. Zhu Hou, who was killed by Ye Futian, could not be compared to him. Zhu Hou was just a disciple of a Buddhist sect, yet he already had a high standing in Jianan City as a middle-level Renhuang. On the other hand, Tianyin Arhat was a Buddhist arhat. His cultivation was unparalleled and was at the peak of the Renhuang Plane.

“The War of Six Desires Heaven shook the entire World of Buddhism. Brother Ye, do you know whether Saint Zhenchan is alive or dead now?” someone asked. There were rumors from Zhenchan Temple that Saint Zhenchan had yet to perish. However, after so long, Saint Zhenchan had not made an appearance. This caused many cultivators to be suspicious.

“I could barely protect myself in that battle. How would I know how Saint Zhenchan is?” Ye Futian replied with a smile. He indeed did not know whether Saint Zhenchan was dead or alive.

“Brother Ye, you stirred up quite a storm in Six Desires Heaven and even caused Saint Zhenchan to go missing. I fear that your journey here to the Western Sacred Land will not be peaceful,” someone said. However, Ye Futian himself had probably imagined that there would be a day like this. Hence, he had waited for All Buddhas Fest to come here.

Otherwise, he would certainly not have dared to act so presumptuously.

Of course, it might be that Ye Futian believed no one would know about his arrival. However, Ye Futian never imagined that he would be found by Tianyin Arhat just as he set foot in the Western Sacred Land. News of his arrival had also spread. The various cultivators would certainly all know about it soon.

“Thank you for the reminder,” Ye Futian replied. He then got up and said, “Let’s go.”

He also realized that many people would certainly come looking for him once news of his arrival got out. It would be difficult for him to have any peace. Although it was All Buddhas Fest, and he was currently in no danger, it did not mean that no one would come to him looking for trouble.

A group of people got up and walked out of the tavern. They headed outside and then flew up into the sky.

The cultivators in the tavern watched as Ye Futian left. They then lowered their heads and continued enjoying their tea. The fact that Ye Futian was here was already exposed. It was impossible for him to enjoy peace. In this holy land of Buddhism, there were countless powerful figures. It was impossible for Ye Futian to keep himself hidden.

Ye Futian’s group rode on the back of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird. They looked down on the scenery of the Western Heaven below. The entire world was bathed in the peaceful and divine Light of Buddha. It was very comfortable, yet Ye Futian was not at ease. It was as though he was being monitored.

However, when he unleashed his will, he could not sense the presence of people monitoring him. This made Ye Futian realize that the person monitoring him had higher cultivation than he had or was proficient in extraordinary superpowers.

For instance, they might be proficient in one of the six Buddhist superpowers, Buddha’s Clairvoyance.

This sensation persisted for a long while. Ye Futian knew that it was impossible for him to enjoy peace. He also sensed that more and more people were monitoring him. It was no longer just an individual.

“If you all wish to meet me, show yourselves. Why do you need to monitor me from the shadows?” Ye Futian proclaimed loudly. His voice reverberated in the space, causing many cultivators down below to look up at him.

At the same time, the figure of the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird dove down. The group of figures landed on the ground, deciding not to continue their journey.

In the distance, Ye Futian seemed to see a pair of eyes appear on the horizon. The eyes pierced the endless space and looked towards them. This ability was similar to that of Zhu Hou, whom he had killed. It must be the members of Zhu Hou’s force.

Tianyin Arhat knew that Ye Futian had arrived in the Western Sacred Land. Ye Futian never imagined that the Buddhist cultivation force that Zhu Hou belonged to would manage to find him so quickly as well.

Besides that, figures appeared far in the distance. Some of them were monks; some weren’t. All of them had extraordinary auras. Their gazes were all turned towards him. Ye Futian did not know who these people were.

Right then, a figure walked over towards them from afar. This monk was extraordinary. His temperament was similar to that of Tianyin Arhat. He was very young, and it was difficult to get a read on him. His eyes even gave off a faint, enchanting vibe.

“Benefactor Ye,” the monk greeted with his hands together as he bowed towards Ye Futian. He seemed very polite.

“Master,” Ye Futian replied as he returned the gesture.

The monk asked, “I have heard much about Benefactor Ye. You are famous in the Divine Prefecture. You obtained a divine body, cultivated divine techniques, and obtained the inheritances of several Great Emperors. I am curious: how many Great Emperors has Benefactor Ye obtained inheritances from?” Ye Futian felt somewhat strange. As to what was strange, he could not pinpoint it. In his mind, the inheritances of the Great Emperors that he cultivated surfaced naturally. Although he did not verbally reveal them, he naturally would think about them when asked by the other party.

At that moment, Ye Futian sensed that the other party was smiling. When he saw this smile, Ye Futian felt even stranger. He felt a faint sense of discomfort. It was as though he was being pried on.

“This man is a practitioner of Telepathy. He can read the thoughts of others. Layman Ye, do not fall for his trick,” said a voice from afar. It was a transmitted thought of Tianyin Arhat. He was listening to all that was happening in the Western Sacred Land. He had heard that something was happening over here, so he reminded Ye Futian.

“You really enjoy meddling in the affairs of others,” the strange monk said with a smile. On the other hand, Ye Futian’s expression changed. No wonder he felt as though he was being pried on. It turned out that his thoughts were read by the other party.

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