The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2468 - Purge Their Souls?

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Chapter 2468: Purge Their Souls?

Ye Futian’s expression turned cold. When the other party asked him questions, the answers would naturally surface in his mind. He never imagined that his thoughts would be pried on.

Buddha’s Telepathy could pry into the minds of others. The monk before him had intentionally strung him along to pry into how many Great Emperor inheritances he possessed.

However, this was no secret in the Divine Prefecture. Many cultivators there knew about this. They also knew about his inheritance from Emperor Ye Qing. Ye Futian might as well not think much about it. After discovering the other party’s ability, he immediately controlled what he was thinking. He merely stared at the other party and said, “Master, you are an accomplished monk. It seems somewhat despicable of you to pry into the minds of others.”

Although his tone was calm, he was no longer as polite as before. No one would be comfortable after having their thoughts pried on like this.

“I was just curious, so I used Telepathy to take a peek. Benefactor Ye, please pay no heed to it,” the enchantingly handsome monk said as he smiled and put his hands together. “I will not mention what I have seen. Benefactor Ye, you need not worry.”

Ye Futian’s gaze was cold and indifferent. When encountering such a cultivator, who could pry into the minds of others, one had to control their thoughts all the time. This sensation was very uncomfortable. One had to be careful when coming in contact with such people.

“I wonder whether Saint Zhenchan is doing well,” the monk continued. He was still “curious.”

This time, Ye Futian controlled himself and did not think of the answer. He merely stared coldly and indifferently at the other party. He had already fallen for this trick once. He naturally would not be strung along by the other party anymore and have his thoughts pried on again.

Right now, he only had one thought in mind, and that was how to deal with this monk. When he read this thought, the monk placed his palms together, smiled, and said, “I am the disciple of Tongchan Buddha Lord. Benefactor Ye, I can understand that you are dissatisfied with me. However, in the Western Heaven, your way of thinking is somewhat absurd.”

This monk was actually Tongchan Arhat. His standing was extremely high and was comparable to that of Tianyin Arhat. Otherwise, he would not have stepped forward to pry into the secrets of Ye Futian’s mind. Right now, many of the people present were major Buddhist figures.

Ye Futian knew that the other party was speaking the truth. Yet alone in the Western Sacred Land, even elsewhere, it was almost impossible for Ye Futian to do anything to Tongchan Arhat.

Ye Futian shifted his gaze and looked at the other cultivators around them. Many of them came with ulterior motives. This was especially so for the cultivators in front of him from the same sect as Zhu Hou. They cultivated under Shenyan Buddha Lord.

Shenyan Buddha Lord was well-versed in Buddhist doctrine. He could observe the entire space and was one of the Buddha Lords of the World of Buddhism. His sect was one of the more powerful ones, and the cultivators under him were also outstanding. Zhu Hou was merely one of the many exceptional cultivators under him, and he already had a high status in the Great Brahma Heaven. However, he was killed in Jianan City by Ye Futian.

The crowd stared at Ye Futian’s group. Their gazes shone with the golden Light of Buddha, giving off an extraordinary vibe. They stared rudely at Ye Futian and his group. Just like Zhu Hou before, they were monitoring them without any scruples.

“Divine techniques, Method of Light…” they mumbled as they looked toward Fang Cun and then at Chen Yi. When their gazes landed on Hua Qingqing, they revealed strange looks and said, “You are a Buddhist yourself. Why have you joined this person’s side?”

Hua Qingqing looked at the person who had spoken and said, “The spirit of Buddhism is not found in cultivation but in the heart.”

When they heard what Hua Qingqing said, they frowned. Ye Futian also said, “Back in Jianan City when we encountered Zhu Hou, he acted unscrupulously. When he encountered my disciple, he immediately pried into my disciple’s cultivation. Seeing that he was stronger, he wanted to bully the weak and directly control my disciple. I rushed over in time and killed him. Originally, I thought that he was an outlier among the Buddhist sects. However, I never imagined that there were so many like him. It seems that I have thought too highly of all of you.”

“Humph,” a cold chide could be heard.

A person said in a cold tone, “If a disciple of ours breaks his vows, he will naturally be punished according to the laws of the sect. Since when was it your place to kill a disciple of our sect?”

“Such an overbearing Buddhist sect,” mocked Chen Yi. He then said, “Based on what you say, if a disciple of your sect tries to kill us, we can only bear with it. We cannot defend ourselves and should wait for your sect to settle the issue? However, by the way you handle things, why should we hope for you to settle things? What a joke.”

The other party was unmoved even after Chen Yi said this. They continued saying coldly, “After all of you killed Zhu Hou, you involved innocent people and massacred people of other clans. How dare such cruel and bloodthirsty people speak of Buddha!”

“If it weren’t All Buddhas Fest now, we would have purged your souls,” another monk added with a tone as cold as ice. His robe fluttered even though there was no wind blowing. The light that shot out of his eyes was extremely blinding.

Ye Futian looked at the other party and said, “I have broadened my horizons by coming to the Western Sacred Land. A while ago, I encountered cultivators from the Dark World. Although the way they acted was cruel and merciless, at least they did not act under the guise of compassion and use Buddha as an excuse. From my point of view, all of you, who practice Buddhism but bring harm to others, are worse than the cultivators from the Dark World.”

Ye Futian had always treated others politely. However, these people were not being courteous at all and actually claimed they would purge the souls of Ye Futian’s group. If that were the case, he naturally did not need to hold back. He lashed out with his words, not giving the other party any face.

As expected, as soon as he finished speaking, streaks of golden Light of Buddha shone and enveloped the entire space. Ye Futian could sense a faint murderous intent amidst this Buddhist aura. Even the supposedly peaceful Light of Buddha became eerie at that moment.

“What Qingqing said is right. The spirit of Buddhism is not founded on cultivation. Even though all of you cultivate the powers of Buddhism, you’re not worthy of being called Buddhas,” commented Ye Futian calmly. His body glowed radiantly as he was surrounded by divine light. Pressure similarly emanated from his body to fight against the domineering Light of Buddha.

“It is currently All Buddhas Fest. We still need to wait a few days more before we can engage in fights,” Tongchan Arhat said with a smile. His interruption caused the tension between the two powers to come to a halt.

“Buddha is merciful. If today weren’t All Buddhas Fest, I would have purged all of your souls here in Western Heaven. That would have prevented you from continuing to be a scourge to all,” said a cultivator who was a disciple of Shenyan Buddha Lord. Golden beams shot out from his eyes as he stared at Ye Futian and his group. The Light of Buddha emitted by this cultivator was piercing.

“Is that so?” Chen Yi cast a glance at the other party and unleashed the power of Light. Light beams emitted from Chen Yi’s eyes as he glared at the other party and said, “If it weren’t All Buddhas Fest today, you would most likely only be able to purge yourself even after you borrow the power of your seniors.”

The cultivation of these newly arrived cultivators was ordinary. Even the strongest were merely at the peak of the Renhuang Plane. Chen Yi was not afraid of them at all. It was only wishful thinking for them to want to kill Ye Futian’s group with their cultivation level.

“Everyone, don’t forget about the ordeal in Six Desires Heaven and Saint Zhenchan,” Tongchan Arhat spoke again. He seemed to be motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos. Back then, quite a few Lord-level figures had perished in the fight in Six Desires Heaven. Saint Zhenchan was a top figure among the cultivators from the Buddhist sects, yet he had also died in that commotion.

Right now, even though Ye Futian had lost the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, his own combat ability was surely very powerful as well. If the two parties were to engage in a fight, it was still uncertain as to whose souls would be purged!

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