The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2559 - The Tenth Round

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Chapter 2559: The Tenth Round

Wang Xiao… His name only became known recently. People who were already familiar with the Tianyan City Lord’s Manor might have heard of him. However, there were way too many outstanding and bright individuals in Tianyan City, so Wang Xiao’s presence wasn’t very noteworthy.

But some time ago, a piece of news came out of nowhere. Apparently, Wang Xiao was the heir of the Tianyan City and inheritor of Tianyan the Great. He was the number one prodigy of the City Lord’s Manor.

Without people even noticing, he had already entered the Tribulation Plane and was able to forge extraordinary Sub-divine Arms. He was far more outstanding than Wang Mian—the previously rumored heir of the Tianyan City.

Wang Mian could only possibly be his aide.

There was no sign of arrogance in Wang Xiao’s temperament. On the contrary, he appeared very amiable. He seemed to be just over 30 and wore a golden robe. He exuded an aura of wisdom and elegance, which made people feel that he was the heir of Tianyan City.

“Wang Xiao—the most outstanding Armorer of the younger generation of Tianyan City and the most outstanding cultivator. He perfectly received the inheritance of Tianyan the Great. When I retire, he will be the next Lord of Tianyan City. I hope everyone here will help him out a bit,” Tianyan City Lord announced. Not only did his voice land in the ears of the people inside the City Lord’s Manor, but it also echoed through the entire Tianyan City.

The Tianyan City Lord had formally announced Wang Xiao’s status to the world and unveiled his existence. Moreover, he had directly appointed him the head of Tianyan City and claimed that he had perfectly received the inheritance of Tianyan the Great.

Clearly, Tianyan City intentionally chose this day to reveal this news to the world on this grand occasion to create momentum for Wang Xiao.

With that, everyone throughout the land of the Divine Prefecture learned Wang Xiao’s name.

This was also a sign of his complete faith in Wang Xiao. He had formally appointed him the city heir before the tenth and final round of the Armorer Competition. This meant that the Lord of the Tianyan City thought that he would surely forge the most powerful weapon or ritual implement in the competition. There would be no accidents, regardless of who his opponents were.

All of the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture looked firmly at Wang Xiao. They understood that this person would become extremely important in the Divine Prefecture. He was already a Tribulation Phase cultivator now. If it weren’t for the deliberate concealment before this, he would have long made a name for himself.

“Being able to reach such a level of cultivation at such a young age and cultivate Sub-divine arms, the old City Lord has really hidden him well,” a cultivator said with a smile.

“Wang Xiao focused all of his attention on being an armorer, and he spent most of his time inside the City Lord’s Office, rarely contacting outsiders. That’s why he was unknown until now. But today, everyone would know him. Wang Xiao’s gifts in armoring are far greater than mine back then, and he will surely surpass me in the future,” the Tianyan City Lord said with a smile.

“If so, we’re all getting quite excited,” that person smiled as he replied. This tenth round of ultimate armoring would surely be magnificent.

“Go,” the Tianyan City Lord said. Immediately, Wang Xiao also walked forward. The old City Lord looked at them and said, “All ninth-level cultivators will take the tall platforms. Tribulation Plane cultivators will execute the armoring in the air.”

There were a total of seven Tribulation Phase cultivators, and they would be executing the armoring in the air.

While the other ninth-level cultivators each occupied one platform.

As his voice sounded, various cultivators immediately walked to the platforms corresponding to their cultivation level. At the same time, the seven Tribulation Phase cultivators levitated in the air and stood at seven different positions. One would have to raise his head to see them, but that made the competition even grander.

Armoring in mid-air, only the Tribulation Plane cultivators received such treatment.

On the nine tall platforms, there were ten cultivators. In the air, there were seven people. That made a total of 97 people.

“Announce the prize for the Armorer Competition this time,” the Tianyan City Lord said.

Immediately, an elder stood up from beside him and walked forward. He announced loudly, “For this armorer competition, regardless of cultivation level, if a contender can clinch top three, he can choose to enter the City Lord’s Office and receive powerful resources. Even if he is unwilling to do so, he can still go to the City Lord’s Office to choose a batch of materials for armoring. Furthermore, they will also receive a powerful armoring method. Lastly, the ritual implements forged by the top armorer of each cultivation level will be bought by the Tianyan City Lord’s Office at three times the usual price. In other words, whichever grade ritual implement you forge, you can exchange it for three ritual implements of the same level. On top of that, we will be giving out a divine weapon that is one grade higher.”

Everyone started to feel a little excited. This was certainly a grand prize, to say the least. The higher the cultivation level of the armorer, the greater his rewards when he obtained first place.

For example, if a ninth-level Renhuang plan cultivator got first place, he would receive three peak-renhuang level ritual implements and a one-tribulation sub-divine arm.

While a Tribulation level cultivator would already forge a sub-divine weapon, that meant that he would receive three one-tribulation sub-divine arms and one two-tribulation sub-divine arms. And that’s just the weaponry rewards, and there were still the armoring resources and methods.

These were all extremely precious to armorers.

Furthermore, they could also choose to enter the Tianyan City Lord’s Office. Even if they didn’t do that, they could enter any other top powers as they wished. As long as one could demonstrate his worth in this round of the Armorer Competition, their future paths would be bright and smooth.

But that wasn’t easy, especially if they were aiming for first place. It would be even more difficult.

“There is no time limit for armoring this time. Everyone will have two chances for failure. If you fail two times consecutively, you’re out,” the elder continued.

No time limit, and giving the competitors freedom to forge what they want. Even if they failed, they got a second chance.

Such lax rules allowed them to unleash their full potential and competencies in armory.

Of course, these rules are mainly set for the Tribulation Plane cultivators.

Individuals who had overcome the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path could require a very long time to forge sub-divine arms. It might not even be just one or two days, which was why this round of armory had no time limit.

“Seal the Armory Zone. Let’s begin,” the elder said. Instantly, magnificent lights shone and isolated the Armory Zone from outside of the City Lord’s Office. This was to prevent disturbances from the outside when the competitors were forging their weapons. This would ensure the best armoring conditions, as well as intentional jeopardy to those with malicious intent, although the chances of that happening were very slim.

When the sealing ring of light lit up and gleamed, all of the cultivators up at the nine tall platforms and the seven positions in the air started to move their hands instantly in preparation.

At this moment, the entire Tianyan City became very quiet. Countless people raised their heads to look toward the Sky Mirror Screen in the void. There, the armoring in the City Lord’s Office was being projected. The best armorers have gathered together for this final showdown.

The armorers that attracted the most attention were, of course, the seven cultivators forging their arms in the air, especially Wang Xiao, who had been the focus of the entire city since he was announced as the future heir of Tianyan City. Just how strong was this armorer who was capable of forging a sub-divine arm?

Some people were also paying attention to the ninth-level master armorer who had defeated Master Meng Yan. Could he clinch first place among the ninth-level Renhuangs, defeat the extraordinary genius armorer from the City Lord’s Office, and obtain the sub-divine arm as his prize?

Everyone held their breaths in suspense and anticipation over this grand showdown!

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