The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 3033 - Seeing Wei Wucai Walk Over Towards Her

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Chapter 3033 Seeing Wei Wucai Walk Over Towards Her

Han Zhuofeng replied, “Wei Wucai is an involved party. He has the right to know!”

“Alright.” Shi Xiaoya also felt that this was somewhat reasonable.

Moreover, Han Zhuofeng had already told Wei Wucai about it, so there was nothing they could do about that now.

The most important thing was that this had played out precisely as Shi Xiaoya had told Han Zhuoling last night. She had predicted that Han Zhuofeng would tell Wei Wucai about Yan Zhiqing. This meant the current situation was not outside her expectations.

So, Shi Xiaoya was not particularly surprised.

As for Yan Zhiqing, when she heard Wei Wucai say “You know everything already?” and saw his hesitation to speak with a somewhat bashful expression…

She felt that those words were like sounds from the heavens.

Unexpectedly, she had truly guessed correctly!

She indeed had a keen insight that was akin to a torch in a dark place!

Yan Zhiqing was currently preparing to have a deeper conversation with Wei Wucai.

However, who knew that the car would come to a stop at this moment?

The driver said, “We’ve arrived.”

Wei Wucai glanced at Yan Zhiqing with a complicated expression and said, “We sure got here quickly. Let’s get out of the car then.”

After talking, Wei Wucai took a moment to appreciate the expression on Yan Zhiqing’s face. It was filled with regret, disappointment, and dejection from having to hold back the words that had clearly already reached her lips.

Wei Wucai turned away in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhiqing was already very depressed, so she did not notice Wei Wucai’s totally gleeful gaze.

Obviously pleased with Yan Zhiqing’s reaction, Wei Wucai was taking joy in her misery.

Yet Yan Zhiqing did not notice any of these things.

…Let alone the fact that Wei Wucai revealed a smile after turning around./ please keep reading on Myb0xn0vel(d0t)c0m.

Wei Wucai got off the car with a smirk and thought deeply for a moment regarding Yan Zhiqing’s terribly stifled expression.

His heart said, let her stay stifled!

He would have her restrain herself for a day to make her feel extremely bad!

Wei Wucai knew that if Yan Zhiqing was unable to ask him questions about the matter, she would definitely feel so stifled that it would be especially hard for her to bear it.

That would be the case right now in particular. She had just started finding out something from him but was ultimately unable to ask further questions about it.

Wei Wucai reckoned it must be making Yan Zhiqing extremely uncomfortable to be unable to either advance or retreat on the matter.

As expected, he had guessed right.

Yan Zhiqing was already feeling terribly stifled just during the morning, let alone for the whole day.

It did not affect her condition for filming, but that was because she was a very professional actor.

The moment she entered into work mode, she would do her best to refrain from letting her personal matters affect her mood.

She would first throw her personal matters to one side and do her job well.

However, once she emerged from filming mode, she would return to her usual self and think about the depressing matter she was keeping suppressed in her heart.

As she had been unable to get an answer and had to suppress the matter, she had now become even more depressed.

She completed the filming of the morning scenes with great difficulty.

It was now their break time for lunch.

The day before, Yan Zhiqing had already made an exception and eaten a round of good food. Today, when Fang Qiaohan gave her a diet lunchbox in the afternoon, he told her specifically, “Zhiqing, you must not eat anything else this afternoon. You can only eat these. Otherwise, I won’t help you keep it a secret anymore.”

Yan Zhiqing promptly promised, “Don’t worry. I definitely won’t eat anything else. I’ll just eat these.”

After taking the lunchbox, Yan Zhiqing looked around and saw that Wei Wucai was currently walking over towards her.

Yan Zhiqing’s eyes lit up. It was still very much on her mind that the matter from early in the morning was not over.

She originally wanted to go look for Wei Wucai and then initiate some heart-to-heart communication.

However, upon seeing that Wei Wucai was unexpectedly coming over on his own, it was clear to her that he had no intention of temporarily avoiding her because of the matter from early in the morning.

Furthermore, it also showed he did not regret what he had said to her then.

This made Yan Zhiqing very happy.

Nevertheless, she felt that it would not be very appropriate to talk with him about such a private and personal matter here as there were too many people around her.

What if Wei Wucai had qualms about it and did not want other people to know?

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