The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 3321 - What Comes Out of a Guy’s Mouth

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Chapter 3321: What Comes Out of a Guy’s Mouth Cannot be Believed!

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“He pondered for almost half a day and finally said that Wei Wucai was too old,” Old Mrs. Yan wanted to laugh as she thought about Yan Beicheng’s tone of speaking.

“He was just faking it; he was clearly rather satisfied with Xiao Cai,” Old Mrs. Yan said.

Wei Wucai heard what Old Mrs. Yan said.

At this moment, he stretched his hand toward Yan Zhiqing, gesturing for her to give him the phone so that he could speak a few words to Old Mrs. Yan.

Yan Zhiqing was so impressed at the fact that Wei Wucai wasn’t even nervous.

She had been so nervous when she was talking to Dong Muping on the phone.

But Wei Wucai actually asked to talk to Old Mrs. Yan.

“Even if I am nervous, I still need to say a few words to the elders so that they can feel assured and would let me take care of you,” Wei Wucai said.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing felt that Wei Wucai was so reliable.

Wei Wucai didn’t try to lower his volume. Therefore, Old Mrs. Yan heard what Wei Wucai said through the phone.

Old Mrs. Yan nodded to herself, sharing the same thought as Yan Zhiqing.

She also felt that Wei Wucai was really reliable.

In this situation, he was still able to take the initiative to ask to speak to the elders. This showed that he was extremely reliable.

Simultaneously, it was because Wei Wucai was confident. He didn’t think he was someone who couldn’t face the elders of his partner.

The Old Mrs. Yan really admired these qualities.

Old Mr. Yan was watching at the side and saw Old Mrs. Yan nodding in agreement.

He thought that Yan Zhiqing had said something.

And so, before Old Mrs. Yan hung up, Old Mr. Yan asked in a hurry, “What happened? What did Zhiqing say?”

Old Mrs. Yan covered the phone and whispered to Old Mr. Yan, “It’s not Zhiqing. It’s Xiao Cai. He wants to talk to us. This child is very reliable. He’s not scared at all. That’s good. Zhiqing has good taste!”

When Old Mr. Yan heard this that Wei Wucai was the one being complimented…

He immediately showed the same disgusted expression that had appeared on Yan Beicheng’s face as he said, “He just has a slick mouth and likes to say sweet things. You are normally very smart. You fell for it just because he said a few good words?”

Knowing that it was just Old Mr. Yan being petty, Old Mrs. Yan simply ignored his words.

Old Mr. Yan was just like Yan Beicheng.

He felt as though someone had taken away Yan Zhiqing from him.

“Where is Xiao Cai? Pass the phone to him,” Old Mrs. Yan quickly said to Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing didn’t expect Old Mrs. Yan to have such a good hearing at this old age.

She wasn’t like other old people with difficulty hearing.

“I will pass the phone to him.” Yan Zhiqing said.

And she then handed the phone to Wei Wucai and even raised her brow at Wei Wucai.

It was you who said that you wanted to talk to Old Mrs. Yan.

You can’t back out from this now.

Of course, Wei Wucai wasn’t thinking about backing out.

He quickly took the phone and placed it next to his ear. He then called out, “Grandma, I am Xiao Cai.”

Yan Zhiqing’s jaw dropped; shocked.

She wasn’t shocked because Wei Wucai referred to Old Mrs. Yan as ‘Grandma’.

Considering Wei Wucai’s shamelessness, Yan Zhiqing had totally expected this.

And so, she wasn’t surprised when she heard him say that.

She was surprised to hear Wei Wucai introduce himself as Xiao Cai.

It had to be known that only people close to him could call him Xiao Cai.

No one else was allowed to call him that.

And when Yuan Jiangyi and the others first started calling him that, they were beaten up a few times.

And now, Wei Wucai had accepted this nickname.

Yan Zhiqing was the only exception. He had asked Yan Zhiqing to call him Xiao Cai.

As for the others, he could take it if others called him Xiao Cai as well.

However, for the longest time being, Yan Zhiqing had never heard him introduce himself as Xiao Cai.

Clearly, he was trying to create a good impression for Old Mrs. Yan.

Wei Wucai was really trying very hard.

As expected, when Old Mrs. Yan heard what he said, she responded in a very approachable manner.

Old Mrs. Yan obviously knew about the origin of the nickname Xiao Cai and was aware of what Wei Wucai’s attitude indicated.

Seeing that Wei Wucai was taking the initiative, she knew that he wanted to leave a good impression.

Wei Wucai was doing this because he liked and cherished Yan Zhiqing.

This made Old Mrs. Yan happier than ever.

Old Mrs. Yan chuckled and said, “Your grandpa is at the side as well. Should I turn on the speaker so we can all talk together?”

When Old Mr. Yan heard this, he wondered what magic potion Wei Wucai had brewed through the phone to make Old Mrs. Yan smile from ear to ear and hope that Wei Wucai could become her grandson-in-law right now.

“Is Grandpa still awake? If that’s the case, then, of course, we should,” Wei Wucai’s voice sounded surprised and cheerful. “I will turn on speaker as well and have Zhiqing join our conversation, too”

“Alright.” Old Mrs. Yan obviously didn’t object to this.

She immediately turned on the speaker.

Wei Wucai did the same as well.

Yan Zhiqing first called out, “Grandpa, can you hear me?”

“I hear you.” Old Mr. Yan changed the topic and said in an annoyed tone, “What time is it now? Why are you two still together?”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing had to explain, “Grandpa, what are you thinking? You should behave like a respectable old man.”

Old Mr. Yan didn’t know what to say.

This naughty girl…

How was he not being a respectable old man?

“We had just released the announcement tonight, so we still have a lot to do. That’s why we are still together. We received a lot of blessings and are replying to all the messages and checking for other people’s reactions. Anyway, there are a lot of things to do and before we knew it, it was already really late,” Yan Zhiqing explained.

“Grandpa, please don’t worry. Zhiqing and I know our boundaries. We didn’t break any rules or tradition.” Wei Wucai said, “And we just started dating. We are not… this liberal.”

Actually, he wanted to be liberal.

He was just worried that Yan Zhiqing might not like it.

Old Mr. Yan humphed. He didn’t believe a single word that Wei Wucai said.

Words from a guy’s mouth couldn’t be believed!

He didn’t care if Wei Wucai could hear him as he said to Yan Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, I am telling you that you have to protect yourself well on set since we can’t be there with you.”

“Don’t fall for the sweet lies that a guy feeds to you. You have to be careful,” Old Mr. Yan said, “What comes out of a guy’s mouth cannot be believed. You have to remember this! To achieve their goals, they can say any lies.”

The corner of Wei Wucai’s eye twitched uncontrollably.

Did Old Mr. Yan forget that he was a guy as well?

Why the double standards?

He had no idea that Yan Beicheng was the same as Old Mr. Yan.

Hearing what Old Mr. Yan said, Yan Zhiqing felt embarrassed.

“I know,” Yan Zhiqing, feeling embarrassed, said, “Grandpa, how can you tell me these things! That’s inappropriate.”

“What did I say?” Old Mr. Yan was very confused.

Old Mrs. Yan pushed Old Mr. Yan to the side and scolded him, “Look at you worrying for nothing!”

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