The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 3322 - Do You Think Xiao Cai Had

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Chapter 3322: Do You Think Xiao Cai Had Forgotten About Her As Well?

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“Zhiqing, don’t bother with him. Your grandpa was overthinking,” Old Mrs. Yan said, “However, your grandpa said some reasonable things as well.”

Old Mr. Yan felt furious at the side.

If he had said something reasonable, why did this old woman complain about him?

“You are alone on set and we are not there with you. As a girl, you do have to be more careful.” Old Mrs. Yan said.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He thought that Old Mrs. Yan liked him.

With this, Old Mrs. Yan smiled and said, “Xiao Cai, I am not talking about you. I believe that you are definitely not someone who only knows how to say sweet nothings and lie to girls. You are not someone who can’t control himself when you are alone with a girl.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

According to what Old Mrs. Yan said, if he were to lose control of himself, would he be considered a beast?

Old Mrs. Yan was much more cunning than Old Mr. Yan!

She was so cunning!

“Grandma, don’t worry. I promise you I won’t,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing couldn’t say a single word.

She wanted to tell the two elders that they should worry about her losing her self-control instead of Wei Wucai not being able to hold himself back.

She wasn’t certain as to whether Wei Wucai could hold himself back or not.

However, Yan Zhiqing knew that she would struggle to control herself if Wei Wucai, with his good looks, were to appear in front of her every day.

Old Mr. Yan and Old Mrs. Yan finally hung up.

It was unknown as to whether they had truly felt reassured.

Anyway, Wei Wucai no longer had to hide from the two elders. In Yan Zhiqing’s words, he had passed the grandparents’ first test.

Why did she say the first test?

It was because both grandparents had a good impression of him and had agreed to let him date Yan Zhiqing.

His future prospects still depended on how well he performed.

If not, he would still be kicked away.

Wei Wucai felt like he still had a long way to go. The journey ahead was difficult.

The grandparents’ words still rang in their ears even after the phone call.

Initially, Wei Wucai had been thinking about doing something, but he didn’t even dare to have such thoughts anymore.

After being threatened and instructed by Yan Zhiqing’s grandparents, Wei Wucai didn’t dare to conjure such thoughts anymore.

Wei Wucai even felt as though it was outrageous to even be holding Yan Zhiqing.

Seeing how well-behaved he was, Yan Zhiqing wondered if the grandparents had scared Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself. Why not give Wei Wucai some time to process this?

And so, Yan Zhiqing said, “It’s late. I will go back first and we can meet tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Wei Wucai didn’t think it was late because of what the grandparents said. He truly thought so, hence, he didn’t ask Yan Zhiqing to stay longer.

However, Yan Zhiqing misunderstood.

She blinked. She totally did not expect Wei Wucai to let her go without a single complaint.

He didn’t even try to get her to stay.

Yan Zhiqing felt a little disappointed.

She stood up silently and saw that Wei Wucai stood up as well, sending her to the door.

Yan Zhiqing placed her hand on the door handle before she suddenly turned around.

She faced Wei Wucai who had been standing behind her.

“Are you doing this because of what my grandparents said?” Yan Zhiqing suddenly asked.

“What?” Wei Wucai didn’t realize it in the beginning.

After a few seconds, Wei Wucai finally understood.

Wei Wucai smiled and stared at Yan Zhiqing. The little girl actually felt puzzled that he had allowed her to leave easily.

Did she not want to leave?”

“Do you not want to leave?” Wei Wucai asked with a smile.

“It’s not that,” Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said.

Wei Wucai chuckled when he saw how nervous she looked. “I just thought that it was really late and you do need to rest early as you have to wake up early.”

“However, your grandparents did influence me,” Wei Wucai said, “However, it’s not what you are thinking. I just thought that I might not be able to control myself if you continued to stay here. I would then break the promise I made to your grandparents.”

Yan Zhiqing felt as though he had read her mind.

Immediately, she felt embarrassed to even set eyes upon him.

If he knew that she didn’t like that he didn’t try to get her to stay…

That.. would be so embarrassing.

“I… I wasn’t thinking of anything,” Yan Zhiqing immediately responded, “I’m leaving. Goodnight.”

With this, Yan Zhiqing turned to open the door.

But when she was just about to turn, Wei Wucai grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

Simultaneously, he kissed her on the lips.

He pressed her on the door.

Wei Wucai was much taller than Yan Zhiqing. He lowered his head and arched his back down, kissing her in a rather tiring position.

As such, he subconsciously carried Yan Zhiqing.

After a while, Wei Wucai freed her mouth and said, “Are you saying that you’ll allow me to proceed to the next step?”

“No. That’s not what I meant.” Yan Zhiqing hastily asked Wei Wucai to let her down.

After she could stand firmly, she said, “I’m going back.”

This time, Wei Wucai didn’t stop her.

Yan Zhiqing quickly opened the door and ran out.

Wei Wucai followed her at a moderate speed to her door.

When he saw that she had gone into the room and closed the door, he then went back to his room.

Wei Wucai had no idea that Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai didn’t go back to their own rooms after they had left.

Yuan Jiangyi went with Hao Donghuai to his room.

Hao Donghuai thought it was weird and asked in a disgusted tone, “Why are you following me back to my room?”

He wasn’t a girl. Why was Yuan Jiangyi being so clingy?

Yuan Jiangyi could instantly tell what Hao Donghuai was thinking.

He rolled his eyes and said, “What nonsense are you thinking?! You are a rough old dude. Don’t think too highly of yourself!”

Hao Donghuai pursed his lips and said, “Then, why are you coming back with me to my room? You should know that you have your own room. We don’t share a room!”

“F*ck you.” Yuan Jiangyi rolled his eyes again with an annoyed attitude as he said, “I am here to discuss some serious matters with you. It was difficult for me to talk about it in front of Zhiqing in her room.”

It was rare for Hao Donghuai to see Yuan Jiangyi being so serious.

As such, he stopped joking.

Yes. Hao Donghuai had been joking with Yuan Jiangyi.

“What is it?” Hao Donghuai was curious. “Why are you being so mysterious about it?”

“It has nothing to do with my mysteriousness.” Yuan Jiangyi said, “Did you forget about Hu Kaiyin?”

Hao Donghuai shuddered in shock, “F*ck! I forgot!”

“Isn’t she out completing a mission? If I remember correctly, she has been away for a year.” Hao Donghuai said, “Because she has been away for too long, I forgot about her.”

“Do you think Xiao Cai had forgotten about her as well?” Yuan Jiangyi lowered his volume.

They were the only ones in the room, but Yuan Jiangyi was still whispering like he was mentally ill or something.

However, at this point, Hao Donghuai couldn’t bother to roast Yuan Jiangyi.

“Don’t even mention Xiao Cai. I almost forgot her. The members of the Hidden Light Unit usually do missions outside Mount Lan Compound. They usually leave for a minimum of 6 months to a year,” Hao Donghuai said.

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